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2014  Computational Modeling of Bed Material Shear Stresses in Piston-Type Erosion Rate Testing Devices

2011  Application of Incomplete Self-Similarity Argument for Predicting Bed-Material Load Discharge

2010  Suspended Wash Load Transport of Nonuniform Sediments

2009  Maximum Level and Time to Peak of Dam-Break Waves on Mobile Horizontal Bed

2008  Surface-Based Fractional Transport Predictor: Deterministic or Stochastic

2008  The Use of Physical Modeling to Design Kootenai River White Sturgeon Spawning Habitat

2007  Effect of Coarse Surface Layer on Bed-Load Transport

2007  Influence of Sediment Gradation on Scour Downstream of Block Ramps

2006  Multiple Linear Regression Model for Total Bed Material Load Prediction

2006  Preliminary Study of Water Pollution Due to Re-Suspension of Bed Materials Adsorbing Pollutants

2005  Case Study: Bed Stability around the East Caisson of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

2005  Measurement of Fluctuating Pressures on Coarse Bed Material

2005  Wash Load and Bed-Material Load Transport in the Yellow River

2004  Bed-Material Load Computations for Nonuniform Sediments

2004  Designing Channel Bed Materials for Low Flow Stability around Refugia

2002  Bedload Layer Thickness and Disturbance Depth in Gravel Bed Streams

2002  Measurement of the Bed Material of Gravel-Bed Rivers

2001  Accuracy of Cross-Channel Sampled Sediment Transport in Large Sand-Gravel-Bed Rivers

2001  Modeling Contaminated Sediments in a Shallow Bay

2001  Optimization of Bed Material Height in a Submerged Biological Aerated Filter

2001  Simulation of Scour Process in Plunging Pool of Loose Bed-Material

2000  Measuring the Structure of Mixed-Grain-Size Sediment Beds

2000  New Capabilities of the CCHE1D Channel Network Model

2000  Riprap Protection of Bridge Abutments under Clear Water Conditions

1999  Calculation of Bed Changes In Mountain Streams

1999  Turbulence and Secondary Flow over Sediment Stripes in Weakly Bimodal Bed Material

1999  Ultimate Bed Slope in Calabrian Streams Upstream of Check Dams: Field Study

1998  Bed Material Discharge Prediction for Nonuniform Bed Sediments

1998  Bedload Transport in Cobble-Bed Rivers

1998  Cross-Shore Sand Transport and Bed Composition

1998  Effect of Size Gradation on Transport of Sediment Mixtures

1998  Global Identification of Surface Irrigation Parameters

1998  Incipient Motion Under Shallow Flow Conditions

1998  Local Scour at Bridge Piers in the Cohesive Soil in the Yellow Sea

1997  A Low Shear Stress Gravel-Bed River

1997  Modeling Separation of Flocculant Particles in a Horizontal-Flow Gravel Bed

1997  New Conversion Model for Areal Sampling of Fluvial Sediments

1997  Study on Incipient Motion of Bed Material with a Wide Size Distribution

1996  Channel Restoration of Incising, Mixed Grain Size Streams: Lessons Learned

1996  Estimation of Bed Material Transport Capacity

1996  Fish Passage Pool Bedding Analysis

1996  Optimal Fitting of a Model to Observations of Sediment Concentration in the Irish Sea

1996  Scour Protection in Bottomless Culverts

1996  Sediment Transport in the Yellow River

1995  Contraction Scour at Bridges: Clear-Water Conditions with Armoring

1995  Effects of Exposed Pile Foundations on Local Pier Scour

1995  Measurement and Prediction of Bed Material Load on Goodwin Creek, A DEC Subwatershed

1995  Modeling Non-Uniform-Sediment Fluvial Process by Characteristics Method

1995  Ridding Airports of Runway Overruns

1995  Statistical Approach to Bed-Material Surface Sampling

1994  Bed Material and Numerical Modeling in a Gravel/Cobble Bed Stream

1994  Coarse Sediment Transport and the Maintenance of Fish Habitat in the Upper Colorado River

1994  Critical and Supercritical Flows in two Unstable, Mountain Rivers, Toutle River System, Washington

1994  Design Relationship for Filters in Bed Protection

1994  Fluvial Hydraulics of Streams and Mountain Rivers with Mobile Bed

1994  Particle Dynamics and Bed Level Adjustments in a Mountain Stream

1994  Sediment Transport Analysis Rio Grande Floodway at San Marcial Gauge

1994  Some Features of the Initial Stage of Sediment Motion in Water Flows

1994  Streamflow Related to Channel Geometry in Northern New England

1994  Width Adjustment: Relative Dominance in Unstable Alluvial Streams

1993  An Artificial Neural Network for Computing Sediment Transport

1993  Bed Sediments Size Changes, Atchafalaya River

1993  n Values for Shallow Flow in Rough Channels

1993  Prediction of Bedding Intrusion into Low-Strength Subgrades

1993  Problems with Numerical Modeling of Gravel-Bed Rivers

1993  Riprap Coverage Around Bridge Piers

1993  Scour Analysis at Highway Structures

1993  Surface Sampling in Gravel Streams

1993  Top Width of Pier Scour Holes in Free and Pressure Flow

1992  Erosion of Steep River Banks and Time Evolution Towards Equilibrium Channel Shape

1992  Properties of Various Sediment Sampling Procedures

1992  Routing of Heterogeneous Sediments over Movable Bed: Model Development

1992  Routing of Heterogeneous Sediments over Movable Bed: Model Verification

1992  Sediment and Aquatic Habitat in River Systems

1991  Comparisons of Selected Bed-Material Load Formulas

1991  Effects of Fine Sediment Intrusion on Spawning Gravel in Southeast Alaska

1991  Incipient Motion Criteria Defining “Safe” Zones for Salmon Spawning Habitat

1991  Sediment Problems Associated with Dam Removal, Muskegon River, Michigan

1990  Bed Sediments and Bed Forms of the Lower Mississippi River

1990  The Effect of Aeration on Scour

1990  Flow Transitions Around a Single Large Bed Element

1990  Geomorphic and Sedimentologic Evaluation of a Proposed Flood Control Project, Truckee River, Reno, Nevada

1990  Scour in Non-Cohesive Beds at Culvert Outlets

1990  Sediment Transport and Aquatic Habitat in Gravel-Bed Rivers

1989  The Area of Scour Hole Around Bridge Piers

1989  Bed Topography and Sorting in Alluvial Channel Bends

1989  Estimation of Unsampled Sediment Discharge

1989  Flushing Flow Analysis Concepts

1989  Mechanics of Mud Flows in Curved Channels with Uneven Beds

1989  Scour-Depth Prediction Under Armoring Conditions

1989  Sediment Transport in Hyperconcentrated Flows in Sand-Bed Streams

1989  Sediment Transport Modeling Considerations

1989  Sediment Transport Rate for Non-uniform Sand

1989  Selective Erosion: A Key Problem in Numerical Modelling of River-bed Changes

1988  Analysis of Onsite Measurements of Scour at Piers

1988  Analytical and Numerical Modeling at High Sediment Concentrations

1988  The Effects of Sediment Transportation Changes on Aquatic Habitat

1988  Entrainment of Bed Sediment by Density Underflows

1988  Ultimate Sediment Concentration

1987  Bed Topography and Sorting in Bends