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2014  Average Velocity of Solitary Coarse Grain in Flows over Smooth and Rough Beds

2014  Slope Correction for Calculation of Bedload Sediment Transport Rates in Steep Channels

2013  Experiment Study of Bed Load Particle Velocity

2013  Experimental and Physical Modeling of Bed Load Heterogeneous Sediment Transport

2013  Experimental Study of the Coarse Surface Development Effect on the Bimodal Bed-Load Transport under Unsteady Flow Conditions

2013  Grain-Scale Nonequilibrium Sediment-Transport Model for Unsteady Flow

2013  Influence of Suspended Load on 3D Numerical Simulation of Flow and Bed Evolution in a Meandering Channel Bend

2013  Modeling Bed-Load Transport by a Three-State Continuous-Time Markov Chain Model

2013  Removing Systemic Bias in Bed-Load Transport Measurements in Large Sand-Bed Rivers

2013  Sediment Entrainment Probability and Threshold of Sediment Suspension: Exponential-Based Approach

2013  Simple Method for Calculating Reach-Averaged Bed-Load Transport

2013  Velocity of Rolling Bed Load Particles

2011  Application of Incomplete Self-Similarity Argument for Predicting Bed-Material Load Discharge

2011  Assessment of Methods Used in 1D Models for Computing Bed-Load Transport in a Large River: The Danube River in Slovakia

2011  Depositional Patterns in Steep Mountainous Streams under Low Relative Submergence (LRS) Regime

2011  Effects of Lifting Force on Bed Topography and Bed-Surface Sediment Size in Channel Bend

2011  Evaluation of ADCP Apparent Bed Load Velocity in a Large Sand-Bed River: Moving versus Stationary Boat Conditions

2011  Evolution of Gravel Beach Profiles

2011  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Bed-Load Transport under Unsteady Flows

2011  Investigating the Role of Clasts on the Movement of Sand in Gravel Bed Rivers

2011  Measuring the Statistics of Bed-Load Transport Using Indirect Sensors

2011  Modes of Bed-Load Movement on a Smooth Rigid Surface

2011  Multiple Time Scales of Fluvial Processes with Bed Load Sediment and Implications for Mathematical Modeling

2011  Near-Bed Sediment Concentration Distribution and Basic Probability of Sediment Movement

2011  Three Dimensional Model for Particle Saltation Close to Stream Beds, Including a Detailed Description of the Particle Interaction with Turbulence and Inter-Particle Collisions

2011  Three-Dimensional Modeling of Nonuniform Sediment Transport in an S-Shaped Channel

2011  Total Sediment Load from SEMEP Using Depth-Integrated Concentration Measurements

2011  Validation of Bed-Load Transport Measurements with Time-Sequenced Bathymetric Data

2010  Case Study: Movable Bed Model Scaling for Bed Load Sediment Exclusion at Intake Structure on Rio Grande

2010  Characteristics of Velocity and Excess Density Profiles of Saline Underflows and Turbidity Currents Flowing over a Mobile Bed

2010  Effects of Bed Load and Suspended Load on Separation of Sands and Fines in Mixed Sediment

2010  Evaluation of a Novel Approach to Determine the Critical Shields Stress

2010  Experimental Investigation of the Hydraulic Erosion of Noncohesive Compacted Soils

2010  Experimental Study of Particle Motion on a Smooth Bed under Shoaling Waves Using Particle Image Velocimetry

2010  Nonintrusive Method for Detecting Particle Movement Characteristics near Threshold Flow Conditions

2010  Sediment Transport on Arbitrary Slopes: Simplified Model

2009  Application of Radio Frequency Tracers to Individual and Group Particle Displacement within a Laboratory

2009  Bedload Composition and Development of 2D Stream Sediment Model for Stream Restoration Design Applications in Urbanizing Watersheds

2009  Berm and Dune Erosion during a Storm

2009  Concentration Profiles and Solids Transport above Stationary Deposit in Enclosed Conduit

2009  Stochastic Non-Equilibrium Bedload Transport Model

2008  Bed-Load Sediment Transport on Large Slopes: Model Formulation and Implementation within a RANS Solver

2008  Bed-Load Transport Equation on Arbitrarily Sloping Beds

2008  Bed-Load Transport Flume Experiments on Steep Slopes

2008  Computation of the Particle Basset Force with a Fractional-Derivative Approach

2008  Effect of Seepage-Induced Nonhydrostatic Pressure Distribution on Bed-Load Transport and Bed Morphodynamics

2008  Modeling Bed-Load Rates from Fine Grain-Size Patches during Small Floods in a Gravel-Bed River

2008  Modification of the Einstein Bed-Load Formula

2008  Numerical Simulation of Contraction Scour in an Open Laboratory Channel

2008  One-Dimensional Model for Transient Flows Involving Bed-Load Sediment Transport and Changes in Flow Regimes

2008  Performance of Bed-Load Transport Equations Relative to Geomorphic Sitnificance: Predicting Effective Discharge and Its Transport Rate

2008  Transition between Two Bed-Load Transport Regimes: Saltation and Sheet Flow

2008  Transport of Sand and Partly Cohesive Sediments in a Circular Pipe Run Partially Full

2008  Two-Dimensional Total Sediment Load Model Equations

2007  Critical Shear Stress of Bimodal Sediment in Sand-Gravel Rivers

2007  Deconvolution Technique to Separate Signal from Noise in Gravel Bedload Velocity Data

2007  Effect of Coarse Surface Layer on Bed-Load Transport

2007  Erosion of Cohesive Sediments: Resuspension, Bed Load, and Erosion Patterns from Field Experiments

2007  Field Assessment of Alternative Bed-Load Transport Estimators

2007  Improved Estimation of ADCP Apparent Bed-Load Velocity Using a Real-Time Kalman Filter

2007  Machine Learning Approach to Modeling Sediment Transport

2007  One-Dimensional Modeling of Dam-Break Flow over Movable Beds

2007  Simulating Bed-Load Transport in a Complex Gravel-Bed River

2007  A Total Load Formula for the Nearshore

2007  Two-Dimensional Simulation of Flow Hydraulics and Bed-Load Transport in a Mountain Gravel-Bed Stream: The Upper Spanish Creek

2007  Unified View of Sediment Transport by Currents and Waves. I: Initiation of Motion, Bed Roughness, and Bed-Load Transport

2007  Unified View of Sediment Transport by Currents and Waves. III: Graded Beds

2006  Approach to Separate Sand from Gravel for Bed-Load Transport Calculations in Streams with Bimodal Sediment

2006  Bed-Load Transport under Steady and Oscillatory Flow

2006  Formation Processes and Configuration of Channel-Flow Dominated Alluvial Deltas by Numerical Simulation

2006  Laboratory Measurements of Bed Load Sediment Transport Dynamics

2006  Performances of Hydraulics and Bedload Sediment Flushing in Rigid Channel using Surge Flows

2006  Prediction of Equilibrium Flow and Bed Load Transport in a Curved Bend

2006  Reanalysis and Correction of Bed-Load Relation of Meyer-Peter and Müller using Their Own Database

2005  Application of Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers for Measuring Three-Dimensional Flow Fields and as a Surrogate Measurement of Bedload Transport

2005  Three-Dimensional Modeling of Sediment Transport in a Narrow 90° Channel Bend

2004  Effect of Sand Movement on a Cohesive Substrate

2004  Efficient Algorithm for Computing Einstein Integrals

2004  Measurement of Coarse Gravel and Cobble Transport Using Portable Bedload Traps

2004  Microforms in Gravel Bed Rivers: Formation, Disintegration, and Effects on Bedload Transport

2004  Probabilistic Modeling of Bed-Load Composition

2004  Sand Transport in Nile River, Egypt

2004  Sediment Transport in Some Eastern United States Streams

2003  Bed-Load Transport Equation for Sheet Flow

2003  Bedload Transport in Alluvial Channels

2003  Bedload Transport in Gravel-Bed Streams with Unimodal Sediment

2003  Closed-Conduit Bed-Form Initiation and Development

2003  Experimental Study of Bed Load Transport through Emergent Vegetation

2003  Influence of Turbulence on Bed Load Sediment Transport

2003  Measurements of Sediment Erosion and Transport with the Adjustable Shear Stress Erosion and Transport Flume

2003  Particle Densimetric Froude Number for Estimating Sediment Transport

2003  Role of Wave Pressure in Bedload Sediment Transport

2003  Urban Storm Sewer Design: Approach in Consideration of Sediments

2003  Validation of Existing Bed Load Transport Formulas using In-Sewer Sediment

2002  Bedload Layer Thickness and Disturbance Depth in Gravel Bed Streams

2002  Bedload Predictions by Using the Concept of Particle Velocity: Applications

2002  The Development of an Automated System for the Measurement of near Bed Turbulence and Grain Motion

2002  Evaluation and Improvement of Bed Load Discharge Formulas based on Helley–Smith Sampling in an Alpine Gravel Bed River

2002  Exponential Formula for Bedload Transport

2002  Fluctuations of Bed Load Solid Discharge and Grain Size Distribution at Equilibrium Steep Slopes