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2015  3D Finite-Deformation Beam Model with Viscous Damping: Computational Aspects and Applications

2015  Analytical and Numerical Observations on the Hetényi Solution for Buckling of Beams on Elastic Foundations

2015  Applicability of a Fuzzy Genetic System for Crack Diagnosis in Timoshenko Beams

2015  Cable Replacement Method for Cable-Stayed Bridges Based on Sensitivity Analysis

2015  Deterioration Modeling of Steel Moment Resisting Frames Using Finite-Length Plastic Hinge Force-Based Beam-Column Elements

2015  Experimental Response of Beam-Slab Substructures Subject to Penultimate-External Column Removal

2015  Experimental Validation of Viscoelastic Coupling Dampers for Enhanced Dynamic Performance of High-Rise Buildings

2015  Lapping Pattern, Stock Length, and Shop Drawing of Beam Reinforcements of an RC Building

2015  Memetic Algorithm Approach to Designing Precast-Prestressed Concrete Road Bridges with Steel Fiber Reinforcement

2015  Nonlocal Equivalent Continua for Buckling and Vibration Analyses of Microstructured Beams

2015  Plastic Hinge Rotation Capacity of Reinforced HPFRCC Beams

2015  Refined 1D Finite Elements for the Analysis of Secondary, Primary, and Complete Civil Engineering Structures

2015  Rotational Behavior of Bolted Beam-to-Column Connections with Locally Cross-Laminated Glulam

2015  Seismic Performance of Wide-Beam Infill-Joist Block RC Frames in Turkey

2015  Shear Strength of FRP Reinforced Concrete Members with Stirrups

2015  Stress Intensity Factors for Cracked Steel Girders Strengthened with CFRP Sheets

2015  Torsional Analysis of Multicell Concrete Box Girders Strengthened with CFRP Using a Modified Softened Truss Model

2014  Analytical Solution for an Infinite Euler-Bernoulli Beam on a Viscoelastic Foundation Subjected to Arbitrary Dynamic Loads

2014  Beam Damage Localization Method Considering Random Uncertainty Using Mid-Span Displacement Data

2014  Beam Design Force Demands in Steel Plate Shear Walls with Simple Boundary Frame Connections

2014  Beam Response to Longitudinal Impact by a Pole

2014  Beam-Truss Model of Steel-Concrete Composite Box-Girder Bridges

2014  Behavior of Composite Beam-Column Joints in a Middle-Column-Removal Scenario: Experimental Tests

2014  Bracing of Wood Composite I-Joists to Resist Lateral Buckling from Walking Loads

2014  Correlation between Cohesive Crack-Tip Local Fracture Energy and Peak Load in Mortar Beams

2014  Dynamic Fracture Toughness of Sandstone Masonry Beams Bound with Fiber-Reinforced Mortars

2014  Dynamic Impact Analysis of Double-Tower Cable-Stayed Maglev Bridges Using a Simple Model

2014  Dynamic Response of High-Speed Railway Bridge Decks with Beams Transverse to the Direction of the Track

2014  Exact Analysis of Postbuckling Behavior of Anisotropic Composite Slender Beams Subjected to Axial Compression

2014  Experimental Analysis of Bending Resistance of Bamboo Composite I-Shaped Beam

2014  Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Ductile Top-Flange Beam Splices for Improved Buckling-Restrained Braced Frame Behavior

2014  Experimental and Parametric Investigation of Response of NSM CFRP-Strengthened RC Beams

2014  Flexural Strength of Posttensioned Timber Beams

2014  Full-Scale Tests on Embankments Founded on Piled Beams

2014  Heavy Laminated Timber Frames with Rigid Three-Dimensional Beam-to-Column Connections

2014  Identification of the Short-Term Full-Section Moduli of Pultruded FRP Profiles Using Bending Tests

2014  Identifying Magnitudes and Locations of Loads on Slender Beams with Welded and Bolted Joints Using Strain Gauge-Based Force Transducers with Application to a Portable Army Bridge

2014  Mechanically Based Nonlocal Euler-Bernoulli Beam Model

2014  Modeling the Beam Deflection of a Gantry Crane under Load

2014  New Fire Resistance Test for Loaded Unrestrained Beams

2014  Nonlinear Random Vibrations of Beams with Fractional Derivative Elements

2014  Novel Method for Improving Shear Capacity of Slabs with Intermediate Beams using FRP

2014  Optimum Design of Intermediate Support for Raising Fundamental Frequency of a Beam or Column under Compressive Axial Load

2014  Predicting Long-Term Deflection in Large-Span Beam Bridges Based on Creep Self-Identification

2014  Restrained Torsion of Thin-Walled Beams

2014  Seismic Rocking Isolation of an Asymmetric Frame on Spread Footings

2014  Self-Centering Beams with Resilient Seismic Performance

2014  Shear Behavior of CFRP Prestressed Concrete T-Beams

2014  Shear Behavior of Ultrahigh Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Beams. I: Experimental Investigation

2014  Shear Behavior of Ultrahigh Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Beams. II: Analysis and Design Provisions

2014  Stability Analysis of a Deep Cantilever Beam with Laterally Distributed Follower Force

2014  Study of Arch and Beam Rigidity of Long-Span V-Shaped Rigid Frame Composite Arch Bridges

2014  Three-Dimensional Cyclic Beam-Truss Model for Nonplanar Reinforced Concrete Walls

2014  Transient Beam Response due to Point-Load Impact and Estimation of Onset of Yielding in Bending

2014  Transient Response Beam Buried Partly in a Nonlinear Foundation

2014  Using a Lumped Mass, Nonuniform Stiffness Beam Model to Obtain the Interstory Drift Spectra

2014  Vehicle-Guideway Interaction in Maglev Systems Using a Continuously Coupled, Deformable Model

2014  Vibration of Conducting Two-Layer Sandwich Homogeneous Elastic Beams in Transverse Magnetic Fields

2014  Wave Propagation in a Timoshenko Beam Building Model

2014  Web Buckling in Pultruded Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Deep Beams Subjected to Concentrated Loads

2014  Why Change the Code? Comparing the Strut-and-Tie Procedure to ACI 318-99

2013  Analysis of Elastic Support Beam on Dynamic Load

2013  Analysis of Three Thin-Walled Box Beams Connected at a Joint under Out-of-Plane Bending Loads

2013  Analytical Model for Beams on Elastic Foundations Considering the Coupling of Horizontal and Vertical Displacements

2013  Analytical Solution for Initial Postbuckling Deformation of the Sandwich Beams Including Transverse Shear

2013  Approximating Frequencies of Tall Buildings

2013  Approximations of Lateral Displacements of Reinforced Concrete Frames with Symmetric Haunched Beams in the Elastic Range of Response Using Commercial Software

2013  Beam Bridge Structural Evaluation Based on Rapid Nonlinear Finite-Element Modeling and Deflection Testing

2013  Beam on Nonlinear Winkler Foundation and Modified Neutral Plane Solution for Calculating Downdrag Settlement

2013  Beams on Elastic Foundations: Analysis and Design of Shallow T-Footings on Clays in the San Francisco Bay Area

2013  Behavior of RC T-Beams Strengthened in Shear with CFRP under Cyclic Loading

2013  Buckling of Generic Higher-Order Shear Beam/Columns with Elastic Connections: Local and Nonlocal Formulation

2013  Buckling of Timoshenko Beams in Frictionless Contact with an Elastic Half-Plane

2013  CFRP Anchor for Preventing Premature Debonding of Externally Bonded FRP Laminates from Concrete

2013  Composite Action of Concrete-Filled Rectangular GFRP Tubes

2013  Development of Emergency Track Beam Alignment for Rapid Track Beam Replacement of Straddle Monorail Transit

2013  Dynamic Response of a Cracked Beam under a Moving Mass Load

2013  Effect of Inertia Forces on Support Reactions of Beams subjected to Uniform Blast Loads

2013  Effects of Fire Following Earthquakes on Steel Frames with Reduced Beam Sections

2013  Equivalent Strip Width for FRP Superstructure Design Using Timoshenko Beam Approximation

2013  Exact Vibration Solutions for a Class of Nonuniform Beams

2013  Experimental Study of Cold-Formed Ferritic Stainless Steel Hollow Sections

2013  Flexural Behavior of a Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Prestressed Decked Bulb T-Beam Bridge System

2013  Flexural Strength and Rotation Capacity of I-Shaped Beams Fabricated from 800-MPa Steel

2013  Flexural Strength of Cement Paste Beam under Chemical Degradation: Experiments and Simplified Modeling

2013  Free Vibration of Axially Loaded Shear Beams Carrying Elastically Restrained Lumped-Tip Masses via Asymptotic Timoshenko Beam Theory

2013  Generalized Beam Theory to Analyze the Vibration of Open-Section Thin-Walled Composite Members

2013  Large-Span Rock-Anchored Beam Safety Pre-warning Method and Its Application in Underground Powerhouse

2013  Modeling of Very Large Interacting Multiple-Beam Systems with Application to Suspension Bridge Cables

2013  Out-of-Plane Buckling of Microstructured Beams: Gradient Elasticity Approach

2013  Parameter Estimation for a System of Beams Resting on Stone Column-Reinforced Soft Soil

2013  Performance of an AASHTO Beam Bridge Prestressed with CFRP Tendons

2013  Research on Strengthening T-Beam Transverse Connection in the Highway Bridge Reinforcement Design

2013  Response of Infinite Beams on Geosynthetic-Reinforced Granular Bed over Soft Soil with Stone Columns under Moving Loads

2013  Seismic Behavior and Detailing of High-Performance Fiber-Reinforced Concrete Coupling Beams and Coupled Wall Systems

2013  Seismic Behavior of a Modern Concrete Coupled Wall

2013  Seismic Performance of Steel Self-Centering, Moment-Resisting Frame: Hybrid Simulations under Design Basis Earthquake

2013  Seismic Testing of the Slotted Beam Detail for Reinforced Concrete Structures

2013  Self-Centering Beams for Seismically Resilient Moment Frames

2013  Semianalytical Calculation of the Collapse Load of Eccentrically Compressed, No-Tension Beams with an Annular Cross Section