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2014  Bottom Profile Evolution of a Perched Nourished Beach

2014  Cross-Shore Redistribution of Nourished Sand near a Breaker Bar

2011  Dade County, Florida, Beach Nourishment and Hurricane Surge Protection Project

2011  Keynote Address: Some Notes on Beach Nourishment

2011  Longshore Transport of Sand and Beach Nourishment

2011  Predictability of Beach Nourishment Project Performance in Florida

2011  Sediment Nourishment at Orchard Beach, the Bronx, New York

2011  Turbidity and Other Effects Resulting from Trafalgar Sandbank Dredging and Palmar Beach Nourishment

2010  Case Studies on Negotiation and Mediation for Coastal Zone Conflicts

2008  Application and Integration of Science in South Carolina’s Grand Strand Renourishment Project

2008  Back Matter

2008  Coupled Longshore and Cross-Shore Models for Beach Nourishment Evolution at Laboratory Scale

2008  Front Matter

2008  Inverse Estimation of Sand Transport Rates on Nourished Delaware Beaches

2008  Performance of Experimental Low-Volume Beach Nourishment with Clay-Cored Dunes, Jefferson County, Texas

2008  Restoration of an Urban Beach Using a Mixed Sediment Nourishment Material

2008  Solutions to Coastal Disasters 2008

2007  Assessing Beach Fill Compatibility through Project Performance Evaluation

2007  Beach Nourishment Evolution in the Cancún Beach, Quintana Roo, México

2007  Beach Renourishment through Spoil Disposal Downdrift of a Dredged Entrance Channel

2007  Presence of Beach-Compatible Sediments in Offshore Borrows: New Challenges and Trade Offs in Developing Codifications

2007  A Rapid Compatibility Analysis of Potential Offshore Sand Sources for Beaches of the Santa Barbara Littoral Cell

2007  Sediment Analysis for Habitat Restoration: Adaptation of Open-Coast Beach Nourishment Principles

2006  Morphodynamic Evolution Analysis of Beaches Adjacent to L’ Hospitalet Marina after Nourishment Project

2006  Morphological Impacts of Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne (2004) on Nourished Florida Beaches

2006  Nourishment of the Slope of a Tidal Channel: From Experiment to Practice

2006  Shoreface Nourishments as a Natural Laboratory with Emphasis on the Egmond Case

2006  Shoreline Variability of Barcelona City Beaches in Response to Storms and Artificial Nourishment (2001-2003)

2005  Hurricane Ivan: Storm Impacts to Beach Nourishment Projects – Gulf Shores, AL to Pensacola Beach, FL

2005  A Preliminary Estimate of the Regional and Federal Economic Benefits of Nourishment at Waikiki Beach

2004  Designing an Outfall Extension Through a Beach Renourishment for Deal Lake, New Jersey

2004  Groin Notching in Spring Lake, New Jersey

2004  Nearshore Impacts of Dredging for Beach Nourishment

2003  Biological Monitoring of Beach Nourishment Operations in Northern New Jersey, USA: Linkages between Benthic Impacts and Higher Trophic Levels

2003  Portable Meter System for Dry Weight Control in Dredging Hoppers

2002  Beach Nourishment Planning Using Internet Mapping

2002  Eleven Things an Engineer Thinks a Geologist Should Know About Carbonate Beaches

2002  Erosional Hot Spot Prediction through Wave Analysis

2002  Evaluation of the Suitability and Efficacy of Oolitic Aragonite Sand for Beach Nourishment

2002  Geotechnical Aspects of Beach Restoration

2002  Sea Level Rise in the New York CIty Metropolitan Area

2001  Coastal Steepening in Denmark

2001  Compatibility of Borrow Material for Beach Fills: A Revised Formulation

2001  Effects of Beach Nourishment on Equilibrium Profile and Depth of Closure

2001  Fifty Years of Experience with the Implementation of Artificial Sand Nourishment Techniques on the East Frisian Barrier Islands, Germany

2001  IENCE — A Case Study — The Northern Gold Coast Beach Protection Strategy

2001  Innovative Erosion Control Technology in Florida

2001  Malagueta Beach Case: Nourishment Characteristics, Field Surveys and Numerical Simulation

2001  Moving Layer Thickness and Transport Rate of Graded Sand

2001  Numerical Modelling of Morphological Changes due to Shoreface Nourishment

2001  Performance of Gravel Nourishment for Erosion Control at Fuji Coast

2001  Shoreface Sand Supply to Beaches

2001  Storm Damage Reduction Potential via Beach Nourishment

2001  Systematic Coastal Monitoring: The S. Carolina Coast (USA)

2001  Vertical Grading of Mixed-Size Grains in Sheetflow Regime under Oscillatory Flow

2000  Brief Review of Florida’s Beach Program

2000  Bringing Back the Beaches: A Return to Basics

2000  Construction Slopes for Beach Nourishment Projects

2000  The Economics of Beach Nourishment in Delaware

2000  Environmentally Friendly Transport of Reservoir Sediment for Beach Nourishment with EDDY Pump

2000  Low Cost Sand Re-Nourishment to Combat Chronic Beach Erosion: Long Beach, California

2000  Optimal Sand Nourishment Decisions

2000  Possible Sand Resources on the Reef Front Around Oahu

2000  Potential Effects of San Mining and Debris Basins on Coastal Sediment Supply in Los Angeles County

2000  Retired Coastal Engineer Splashes into Hall of Fame

2000  San Diego Regional Beach Sand Project

2000  Sand Rights: A Case Study of the Hamptons’ Beaches

1999  Application of Shore Protection Schemes in Hornbæk

1999  Assessment of Depth of Closure on a Nourished Beach: Terschelling, The Netherlands

1999  Beach Fills in Europe—Projects, Practices, and Objectives

1999  Beach Nourishment: A Limited Review and Some Recent Results

1999  Beach Nourishment Practice at Mesotidal Coast

1999  Beach Recharge Design and Bi-Modal Wave Spectra

1999  Changing of Local Wave Climate due to Ebb Delta Migration

1999  Coastal Erosion at Keta Lagoon, Ghana—Large Scale Solution to a Large Scale Problem

1999  Coastal Erosion Caused by Construction of an Artificial Island and Performance of Beach Nourishment

1999  Coastal Impacts of the Pensacola Pass Entrance, Florida, U.S.A.

1999  Depth of Closure: Improving Understanding and Prediction

1999  Design Considerations for Coastal Zone Exposed to Hurricane-Induced Wave Action

1999  The Economic Analysis of “Soft” Versus “Hard” Solutions for Shore Protection: An Example

1999  Environmentally Friendly Coastal Protection—The ECOPRO Project

1999  Erosion Control at the Entrance to Willapa Bay, Washington

1999  Evaluation of the Effect of 20 Years of Nourishment

1999  The Importance of Inlet Littoral Budget Variability

1999  The Influence of Marina Construction in Beach Stability: El Milagro Case Study

1999  Inlet Induced Shoreline Changes, High Energy Flank of the Cape Fear Foreland, Southeastern North Carolina

1999  Integrated Dune/Beach Nourishment on Cacela Peninsula, Portugal

1999  Long Island’s South Shore Beaches: A Century of Dynamic Sediment Management

1999  Long-Term Morphological Development of the Accumer Ee Tidal Inlet and Its Impact on Island Beaches and Engineering Responses

1999  Management of Beach Nourishment in an Open Sand System

1999  Mitigation of a Beach-Fill Hot Spot, Monmouth Beach, New Jersey

1999  Model Tests for Evaluating Beach Nourishment Performance

1999  The Morphological Changes along the Northern Coast of the Nile Delta

1999  Periodic Shoreline Morphology: Fire Island, New York

1999  Preventing Natural Breaching of the Major Sand Spit Protecting the Port of Walvis Bay

1999  Profile Development under Storm Conditions as a Function of the Beach Slope

1999  Project Performance Analysis and Monitoring for the Coney Island, New York, Storm Damage Reduction Project

1999  Prospecting for Sand: Offshore New Jersey

1999  Relationship between On-Offshore Sediment Transport Rate on the Beach Face and Wave Energy

1999  The Role and Time Scale of Cross-Shore Sediment Exchange for a Barrier Island Shoreface