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2014  Comprehensive Field Study of Swash-Zone Processes. I: Experimental Design with Examples of Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport Measurements

2013  Is the Intensifying Wave Climate of the U.S. Pacific Northwest Increasing Flooding and Erosion Risk Faster Than Sea-Level Rise?

2011  Assessing Long Term Regional Flood and Coastal Erosion Risk in Southern England

2011  Coastal Flood and Erosion Damage Functions for Mid- and High-Rise Buildings

2011  Earth’s Changing Climate and Enhanced Erosion of the U.S. Pacific Northwest Coast

2011  Experimental Investigation of Cylindrical Floating Breakwater Performance with Various Mooring Configurations

2011  Regional Shoreline Change and Coastal Erosion Hazards in Arctic Alaska

2011  Wave Climate and Trends Along the Eastern Chukchi Arctic Alaska Coast

2009  Modeling of the Wave Setup Inshore of an Array of Submerged Breakwaters

2009  Numerical Simulations of Coastal Floods and Morphological Changes Due to Sea Level Rise and Hazardous Storm

2008  Applications of a Large Scale Coastal Observation Network in Coastal Flood and Erosion Management — Southern England

2008  Coastal Erosion Responses for Alaska

2008  Geologic Effects and Coastal Vulnerability to Sea-Level Rise, Erosion, and Storms

2008  Impact of Anthropogenic Modifications of a River Basin on Neighboring Coasts: Case Study

2008  Impacts of Climate Change on Coastal Erosion and Flood Probability in the US Pacific Northwest

2008  Inverse Estimation of Sand Transport Rates on Nourished Delaware Beaches

2008  A Practical Approach to Mapping Extreme Wave Inundation: Consequences of Sea-Level Rise and Coastal Erosion

2008  Recent Developments in Modeling Coastal and Estuarine Morphological Processes and Applications to Coastal Flood Management and Erosion Protection

2007  Broward County Beach Demonstration Project: From Beers to Beaches

2007  Changing Orientation of Ocean-Facing Bluffs on a Transgressive Coast,Cape Cod, Massachusetts

2007  Coastal Protection against Wind-Wave Induced Erosion Using Soft and Porous Structures: A Case Study at Lake Biel, Switzerland

2007  Erosion and Channel Migration at the Shoalwater Bay Reservation, Willapa Bay, Washington

2007  Intertidal Multiple Sand Bars in a Low-Energy Environment

2007  Limits of Beach and Dune Erosion in Response to Wave Runup Elucidated from SUPERTANK

2007  Linking Coastal Evolution and Super Storm Dune Erosion Forecasts

2007  The National Academies Report on Mitigating Shore Erosion along Sheltered Coasts

2007  Sediment Dynamics in the Meghna Estuary, Bangladesh: A Model Study

2007  Temporal and Spatial Change in Equilibrium Beach Profiles from the Florida Panhandle

2006  Discriminating Modes of Shoreline Response to Offshore-Detached Structures

2006  Erosion of the Sandy Bottom in Front of a Seawall (Véran Site, Gulf of Lions, Mediterranean Coast)

2006  Evolution of Climatic Forcing and Potentially Eroding Events on the Coast of Northern France

2006  A GIS Tool for Analysis and Interpretation of Coastal Erosion ModelOutputs (SCAPEGIS)

2006  A Storm Classification Based on the Beach Erosion Potential in the Catalonian Coast

2005  Adoption of Erosion Rate-Based Setbacks in Maui, Hawaii: Observations and Lessons Learned

2005  Automated Lake Wide Erosion Predictions and Economic Damages on Lake Ontario

2005  Black Sea East Coast Wave-Induced Erosion Protection Experience

2005  Coastal Erosion Hazard Monitoring on the South Shore of Long Island, New York

2005  Coastal Erosion Studies in Pondicherry Using GIS and Remote Sensing

2005  Coastal Problems in Iceland: Increasing Awareness of Hazards through Stories and Photos

2005  A Different Perspective on the Concept of Planned Retreat

2005  Facing the Coastal Challenge: Modeling Coastal Erosion in Southern California

2005  The Hawaii Coastal Hazard Mitigation Guidebook

2005  Highway Vulnerability Along NC 12 — Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

2005  Holistic or Zoned Approach to Coastal Hazard Setbacks on Open Duned Coasts?

2005  Lessons Learned from Tropical Storm Isabel in Maryland: A Shore Erosion Management Perspective

2005  Living with Landslides on the Big Sur Coast: The Challenges of Maintaining Highway 1

2005  Market Incentives That Starve Our Beaches: Gainers and Losers

2005  Nearshore Dredged Spoil Mounds for Beach Erosion Prevention and Mitigation

2005  NewsBriefs: Researchers Rethink Source Of California Beach Sand (University of California at San Diego)

2005  Predicting Storm-Caused Beach Erosion: A Comparison between Tidal-Dominated and Wave-Dominated Islands

2005  A Preliminary Estimate of the Regional and Federal Economic Benefits of Nourishment at Waikiki Beach

2005  Researchers Simulate, Monitor Coastal Erosion

2005  Shore Protection against Erosion Along Southwest Coast of India

2005  The Silver Strand Shoreline, Imperial Beach: CA Final General Reevaluation Report and Beach Erosion Study

2005  Solutions to Coastal Disasters 2005

2004  Annual Variations of Tide Level and Mudflat Profile

2004  Nearshore Impacts of Dredging for Beach Nourishment

2004  Submerged Reef Structures for Beach Erosion Control

2004  Wave Field Computation Around Artificial Reefs with Gradational Breaker Model

2003  Biological Monitoring of Beach Nourishment Operations in Northern New Jersey, USA: Linkages between Benthic Impacts and Higher Trophic Levels

2003  Innovative Erosion Control along the Lake Erie Shoreline

2003  Saving America’s Beaches: The Causes and Solutions to Beach Erosion (Advanced Series on Ocean Engineering—Volume 19) by Scott L. Douglass

2003  The Use of Natural and Synthetic Erosion Control Products in Riverfront Restoration Hudson River, New Jersey

2003  Vulnerability Indicators for Coastal Dunes

2002  Application of Coastal Modeling Systems in Support of Integrated Coastal Zone Management

2002  An Application of Lidar to Multiple Scales of Shoreline Change in Oregon

2002  Application of Permeable Groins on Tourist Shore Protection

2002  Beach Erosion Studies on Tropical Islands

2002  Beach Profile Variation on Hawaiian Carbonate Beaches

2002  Carbonate Beach Sediment Composition at a Tourist Beach, Negril, Jamaica

2002  Carbonate Beaches of the Eastern Part of the Sea of Azov under Anthropogenic Impact

2002  Coastal Engineering: Study Suggests Many Factors Affect Erosion on Beaches with Seawalls

2002  Coastal-Erosion Processes and Assessments of Setback Distances

2002  Enhancing Coastal Function by Sensible Setback for Open Duned Coasts

2002  Erosional Hot Spot Prediction through Wave Analysis

2002  Hurricane Impact Mapping

2002  Management of the Carbonate Beaches of the Florida Keys

2002  Modes of Failure of Coastal Slopes as a Result of Wave Action

2002  The New Coastal Construction Manual

2002  Overview of Pacific Island Carbonate Beach Systems

2002  Pawleys Island Profile Change Analysis Using Beach Morphology Analysis Package

2002  A Regional Approach to Shore Erosion Control in the State of Maryland

2002  Regional Wave Transformation and Associated Shoreline Evolution in the Red River Delta, Vietnam

2002  Role of Nearshore Geology and Rate-Calculation Methods in Assessing Coastal Erosion Hazards

2002  Sea Level Rise in the New York CIty Metropolitan Area

2002  Selecting Erosion Setbacks for Balanced Multi-Hazard Risk

2002  Shore Erosion in Russian Arctic

2002  Shoreline Erosion along Bogue Banks, North Carolina

2002  Shoreline Protection: Design Guidelines for Pocket Beaches in Chesapeake Bay, USA

2002  Wave Climate Change and Coastal Erosion in the US Pacific Northwest

2001  Coastal Engineering: Remote Sensing Technique Uses Sea Foam to Study Currents

2001  Cross-Shore Sand Transport on Beaches

2001  Filter Erosion in Coastal Structures

2001  The Impact of Anthropogenic Activities on Coastal Erosion

2001  Inverse Methods in Coastal Morphology

2001  Large-Scale Turbulence to Facilitate Sediment Motion under Spilling Breakers

2001  A Model for Breach Erosion in Sand-Dikes

2001  Moving Layer Thickness and Transport Rate of Graded Sand

2001  An Overview of Coastal Erosion along Taiwan Coast

2001  Performance of Gravel Nourishment for Erosion Control at Fuji Coast