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Found 66 Records with the keyword term of "Beach accretion"

2007  Intertidal Multiple Sand Bars in a Low-Energy Environment

2007  Sediment Dynamics in the Meghna Estuary, Bangladesh: A Model Study

2004  Annual Variations of Tide Level and Mudflat Profile

2001  Inverse Methods in Coastal Morphology

2001  Sediment Transport on a Macrotidal Ridge and Runnel Beach during Accretion Conditions

1999  Cross-Shore Beach Profile Response to Storm Surge

1999  Evaluating Profile Data and Depth of Closure with Sonar Altimetry

1999  Field Observation of Erosion and Accretion Waves on Shizuoka and Shimizu Coasts in Suruga Bay in Japan

1999  Great Earthquakes, Abundant Sand, and High Wave Energy in the Columbia Cell, U.S.A.

1999  Measurement and Modelling of Swash Hydrodynamics

1999  Modelling of Barrier-Spit System Evolution at Decadal Scale

1999  Near-Bottom Velocity and Cross-Shore Sediment Transport in the Nearshore

1999  Parameterizing Beach Erosion/Accretion Conditions

1999  Regional Sediment Budget for Fire Island to Montauk Point, New York, USA

1997  Coastal Zone Dynamics During Artificial Nourishment

1997  Erosive Waves in Shoreline Change Due to the Reduction of a River Delta

1996  Hydraulic and Sediment Models for Design of Restoration of Former Tidal Marshland

1996  Relationship between Kelp Beds and Beach Width in Southern California

1994  An Experimental and Analytical Study of the Shoreline Response to Non-Parallel Breakwaters in Oblique Waves

1993  A Field Experiment on the Formation of Beach Cusps

1993  Functioning of Groins at Westhampton Beach, Long Island, New York

1993  Gravity Drainage: A New Method of Beach Stabilisation Through Drainage of the Watertable

1993  Marsh Submergence vs. Marsh Accretion: Interpreting Accretion Deficit Data in Coastal Louisiana

1993  Nearshore Coastal Changes Along the Nile Delta Shores

1993  The Punta Umbría (Huelva) Spit

1991  3-D Modelling of Suspended Sediment Transport

1991  Beach Change Magnitudes in Relation to Dynamic Phases on Dissipative Coasts

1991  Coastlines of Trinidad and Tobago—A Coastal Stability Perspective

1991  The Effects of Shoreline Erosion in Galveston Bay, Texas

1991  Erosion and Accretion Along the Arctic Coast of Alaska: The Influence of Ice and Climate

1991  Evaluation of Beach Erosion and Accretion Predictors

1991  Fine Grain Sediment Transport and Deposition in the Atchafalaya and Chenier Plain Sedimentary System

1991  Global Climate Change: USFWS Coastal Research

1991  Legal Remedies Against Inlet-Caused Erosion

1991  Marsh/Mudflat Sedimentation, Cumberland Island, GA

1991  Monitoring of a Nearshore Disposal Mound at Silver Strand State Park

1991  Research on Large-Scale Coastal Behaviour

1991  Response of Lagoons to Sea Level Change

1991  Spit Formation in Lake and Bay

1991  Storm Erosion on a Sandy Beach

1990  Accretion Behind Single Offshore Breakwater

1989  Accretion—Erosion in the Beaches of the Canary Islands (Spain)

1989  Coriolis Acceleration and Inlet Plume Characteristics

1989  Coriolis, Bidirectional Water Flow and the Erosion/Accretion Paradox

1989  Ecological Stresses on the Segara Anakan Lagoon, Cilacap, Indonesia and its Coastal Resource Management

1989  Sand Accounting Methodology for Barrier Island Sediment Budget Analysis

1989  Sediment Transport Model for Muddy Tidal Rivers

1989  Shoreline Change Along the South Carolina Coast

1989  The South Carolina Coast I. Natural Processes and Erosion

1987  Beach Preservation by Means of Offshore Submerged Mound of Dredged Materials

1987  Beach Recovery following Hurricane Elena

1987  Coastal Structures and Long Term Shore Migration

1987  Copenhagen Metropolitan Region Coast Erosion Management

1987  Coriolis and Our Land-Sea Environments

1987  Experimental Study on On-Offshore Sediment Transport of Accretive Beach

1987  A Geomorphic Model of Beach Changes in Nigeria

1987  Inlet Dredging Production as a Function of Sea State

1987  Inlet Shoal Attachment and Erosion at Isle of Palms, South Carolina: A Replay

1987  Little River: An Investigation of Coastal Environment

1987  Shoreline Erosion and Accretion Budget of Iles-De-La-Madeleine, Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada

1987  Temporal and Spatial Grain Size Distribution of Sediment in a Tideless Pocket Beach

1985  Beach Erosion Mechanics

1985  Sea-Level Rise and Marsh Vertical Accretion Rates in Chesapeake Bay

1983  Are State Coastal Rights Being Eroded by the Federal Law of Accretion?

1980  Beach Erosion-Accretion at Two Time Scales

1969  Lake Michigan-Huron Stage-Frequency and Trend