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2014  Consent Decree Aims to Reduce Discharges to San Francisco Bay

2014  Simple Model for the Recirculation Velocity of Open-Channel Embayments

2013  Double-Decked Piers: A New Reality for West Coast Marine Oil Terminals USN P-151 Replace Fuel Pier Project, NBPL, San Diego Bay

2013  Effects of Water Temperature on Chlorophyll-a Concentration Stratification in the Tributary Bay of Three Gorges Reservoir

2013  Safety Analysis of Typhoon Anchorage in Haikou Bay and its Countermeasures

2012  Approximation of the Effects of Subgrid Variations in Geometry in a Regional Ocean Model

2012  Arthur Kill Storm Surge Barrier: Design Concept

2012  Conceptual Model for Back-Bay Inundations

2012  Design of the NOS Operational Forecast System for San Francisco Bay : Focus on Validation

2012  An Enhanced Numerical Model for Material Cycling and Dissolved Oxygen Dynamics in Tokyo Bay, Japan

2012  Evaluation of Flushing Efficiency in an Embayment System Depending on Different Channel Configurations Using FVCOM: A Case Study in Abu Dhabi

2012  Generating Numerical Model Grids Using Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) Data

2012  Hydrodynamic Model for Green Bay, Lake Michigan

2012  Modeling BMPs in Delaware’s Inland Bays Watershed

2011  A Coupled Model for Highly Accurate Calculation of Storm Surge Occurring in Inner Bay

2011  A Discussion on the Influence of Wave Setup on Water Levels in San Francisco Bay

2011  Forecasting Hypoxia in Corpus Christi Bay, Texas, by Model Fusion

2011  National Ocean Service Formal Skill Assessment Procedures: Review, Application, and Assessment

2010  Challenges and Successes of Tidal Wetlands Restoration in Jamaica Bay, New York

2010  Coupling Phase-Resolving Nearshore Wave Models with Phase-Averaged Spectral Wave Models in Coastal Applications

2010  Development of NOAA’s Tampa Bay Operational Forecast System

2010  The Flushing of Louisiana’s Coastal Bays under Hurricane Conditions

2010  Forecasting Hypoxia in Corpus Christi Bay, Texas by Model Fusion

2010  Lampricide Hindcast Modeling in Missisquoi Bay

2010  Model-Derived Hydrodynamics of Inlets in South Puget Sound

2010  New Relationships for Equilibrium Shaped Bays

2010  A Numerical Modelling Study for the Proposed Increase in Barramundi Production, Cone Bay, Western Australia

2010  ROMS High Resolution Hindcasts for Delaware River and Bay

2010  Skill Assessment of the MARINA Hydrodynamic Code Using NOAA’S Delaware Bay Estuary Modeling Evaluation Environment (MEE)

2010  Strategic Risk Management/Mitigation Plan for the San Francisco Bay and River Delta Region

2010  A Three-Dimensional Unstructured Cartesian Grid Model for Crystal River/Kings Bay in Southwest Florida

2010  Toward a 3-Dimensional Numerical Modeling of Tidal Currents in San Francisco Bay

2009  Application of NEXRAD for Freshwater Inflow Estimates to Texas Bays and Estuaries

2009  Comparison of the Princeton Ocean Model and the Regional Ocean Modeling System Hindcasts in the Delaware River and Bay

2009  Desalination Concentrate: Bay vs. Ocean

2009  Modeling Water Quality Impacts in Delaware’s Coastal Bays with AGNPS

2009  Parameterization of Seasonal Freshets for the Study of Effects of Freshwater Inflows on Galveston Bay

2009  Transmission Line at St. Andrew Bay

2008  Back Matter

2008  Bacterial Total Maximum Daily Load Analysis for Copano Bay

2008  Basin Effects in the Upper Mississippi Embayment

2008  Case Study for a Cohesive Sediment Transport Model for Matagorda Bay, Texas, with Coupled ADCIRC 2D-Transport and SWAN Wave Models

2008  Case Study of the Sheahan Wellfield Using ³H/³He Field Data to Determine Localized Leakage Areas

2008  Development of a Hydrodynamic and Salinity Model in the Caloosahatchee Estuary and Estero Bay, Florida

2008  Establishment of a Delaware Bay Model Evaluation Environment

2008  Estuarine and Coastal Modeling

2008  Evaluation of the SELFE/ELCIRC Models in the Delaware Bay Model Evaluation Environment

2008  Front Matter

2008  Generation of Synoptic Water Level and Depth-Averaged Velocity Time Series on the Delaware Bay for Use in Model Coupling

2008  Simulating Spring Freshet Conditions of 2003 in the Delaware Bay

2008  Towards the Development of the NOS Nowcast/Forecast System for Delaware River and Bay

2007  An Alternative Explanation for the Shape of ’Log-Spiral’ Bays

2007  Copper Loading Assessment from In-Water Hull Cleaning following Natural Fouling, Shelter Island Yacht Basin, San Diego Bay, San Diego, California

2007  Cost-Effective Sediment Remediation at Port of Richmond on San Francisco Bay

2007  Effects of Large Scale Morphological Changes to a Back-Bay System

2007  Erosion and Channel Migration at the Shoalwater Bay Reservation, Willapa Bay, Washington

2007  Ferry Wake Wash Analysis in San Francisco Bay

2007  Geologic Framework of the Long Bay Inner Shelf: Implications for Coastal Evolution in South Carolina

2007  Holocene Evolution of the Merrimack Embayment, Northern Massachusetts, Interpreted from Shallow Seismic Stratigraphy

2007  Management of Fluid Mud in Estuaries, Bays, and Lakes. I: Present State of Understanding on Character and Behavior

2007  Management of Fluid Mud in Estuaries, Bays, and Lakes. II: Measurement, Modeling, and Management

2007  Mixed Sediment Beach Processes: Kachemak Bay, Alaska

2007  Morphological Characteristics of Rip Current Embayments on the Oregon Coast

2007  Navigable Approaches to New San Francisco Bay Area Ferry Terminals

2007  Sediment Movement and Dredging in Newark Bay, NJ

2006  Comparison of Turbulence Models with use of UnTRIM in the Delaware Bay

2006  Numerical Simulation of Tidal Datum Fields for the Long Island Sound, New York Bight, and Narragansett Bay Area

2006  A Numerical Study of the Circulation and Drifter Trajectories in Cobscook Bay

2006  Testing An All Weather Nowcast/Forecast System for Galveston Bay

2005  Applying Ozone Technology to Treat Urban Runoff to Santa Monica Bay

2005  Cone Penetrometer Measurements during Mississippi Embayment Seismic Excitation Experiment

2005  Developing a Dredging Regime for San Francisco Bay

2005  evelopment of Sediment Quality Objectives for California’s Enclosed Bays and Estuaries

2005  Flood Mitigation in Jamaica Bay, NY

2005  Identifying the Sources of Escherichia coli Contamination to the Shellfish Growing Areas of the Morro Bay Estuary

2005  Mechanism Responsible for Mixing at the Mouth of Tokyo Bay

2005  Newport Bay Circulation Improvement Study

2005  Real-Time Surveillance of Shallow Depth Estuaries for Water Quality and Harmful Algal Bloom Detection

2005  Sand Management in Hook-Shaped Bays

2004  Broad Toe Berm Jetty Head Design, Yaquina North Jetty

2004  Calibration of a Sediment Transport Model for San Francisco Bay

2004  COASTMAP: A Globally Re-Locatable, Real Time Marine environmental Monitoring and Modeling System, with Application to Narragansett Bay and Southern New England Coastal Waters

2004  Dynamics of an Emergency Jetty Repair at Coos Bay, Oregon

2004  Environmental Planning And Engineering Studies - The San Francisco Airport Experience

2004  Evaluation of High-Resolution Atmospheric Analyses and Forecasts for the Narragansett Bay Region

2004  ”Grid”-based Particle Tracking in Florida Bay

2004  Inverse Estimation of Estuary Flux

2004  Liquefaction-Induced Lateral Spreading at Izmit Bay during the Kocaeli (Izmit)-Turkey Earthquake

2004  Modeling the Effects of Bed Drag Coefficient Variability under Wind Waves in South San Francisco Bay

2004  Summer Ekman Pumping and its Implications to the Deep Water Renewal in Massachusetts and Cape Cod Bays

2004  Towards An All Weather Nowcast/Forecast System for Galveston Bay

2004  Variability on Flow and Density Structure Near the Mouth of Mutsu Bay Forced by Passage of Migratory Cyclone

2003  Bridges: Record-Breaking Crossing to Span Hangzhou Bay

2003  City of Tacoma’s Estuarine Restoration Projects in Commencement Bay

2003  Military Mission and the Environment: The Navy in San Diego Bay

2003  Monitored Natural Recovery and Dredging Decision Analysis at Bellingham Bay, Washington

2003  Muddy Waters: Navigation Dredging, Regulations and the Commencement Bay/Nearshore Tideflats Superfund Site

2003  A Perspective on Two Decades of Cleanup Efforts in Commencement Bay

2003  Three-Dimensional Modeling of Tidal Circulation in Bay of Fundy

2002  Analysis of the Tampa Bay Coastal Prediction System