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2015  Model of the Shear Behavior of Unbonded Fiber-Reinforced Elastomeric Isolators

2014  Dynamic Lateral Stability of Elastomeric Seismic Isolation Bearings

2014  Empirical Selection Equation for Friction Pendulum Seismic Isolation Bearings Applied to Multistory Woodframe Buildings

2014  Performance of Isolated Buildings with Superelastic-Friction Base Isolators under High Seismic Hazards

2012  Design and Construction of a Full-Scale 5-Story Base Isolated Building Outfitted with Nonstructural Components for Earthquake Testing at the UCSD-NEES Facility

2012  Dynamic Responses of a Structure with Periodic Foundations

2012  Experimental and Numerical Simulation of Limit States in Base Isolated Buildings Including Pounding

2012  Exploring the Low Shape Factor Concept to Achieve Three-Dimensional Seismic Isolation

2012  P-Δ and End Rotation Effects on the Influence of Mechanical Properties of Elastomeric Isolation Bearings

2012  Performance of the Base-Isolated Christchurch Women’s Hospital in the September 4, 2010, Darfield Earthquake and the February 22, 2011, Christchurch Earthquake

2012  Seismic Base Isolation for Buildings in Regions of Low to Moderate Seismicity: Practical Alternative Design

2012  Seismic Protection of Data Centers Using Ball-N-Cone Base Isolation

2012  Stability of Elastomeric and Lead-Rubber Seismic Isolation Bearings

2011  Comparative Response Assessment of Minimally Compliant Low-Rise Base-Isolated and Conventional Steel Moment-Resisting Frame Buildings

2010  Base Isolation for Industrial Structures: Design and Construction Essentials

2010  Integrated Reliability-Based Seismic Drift Design Optimization of Base-Isolated Concrete Buildings

2010  Key Findings from the Nonlinear Base-Isolated Benchmark

2010  LMI Based Fault Detection and Isolation on Base Isolation System Model

2009  Base Isolation System to Be Tested on Full-Scale Bridges

2009  Comparative Evaluation of Base-Isolated and Fixed-Base Buildings Using a Comprehensive Response Index

2009  An Innovative Application of Base Isolation Technology

2009  “Lean” Comparison Using Process Charts of Complex Seismic Retrofit Projects

2009  Mechanical Properties of Concrete Pavement with Different Isolation Layers on Lean Concrete Base

2009  Physical-Parameter Identification of Base-Isolated Buildings Using Backbone Curves

2009  Study on the Effect of Uplift-Restraint on the Seismic Response of Base-Isolated Structures

2008  Base Isolation for Seismic Retrofitting of Structures

2008  Experimental Investigations on the Seismic Response of a Base-Isolated Reinforced Concrete Frame Model

2008  Fragility Function of Base Isolated Highway Bridges

2008  An Innovative Application of Base Isolation Technology

2008  Model for the Force — Displacement Relationship of Wire Rope Springs

2008  Nonlinear Model-Based System Identification of Lead — Rubber Bearings

2008  Problems with Rayleigh Damping in Base-Isolated Buildings

2007  Simplified Analysis for Preliminary Design of Base-Isolated Structures

2007  Tilting Analysis of Rectangular Elastic Layers Bonded between Rigid Plates

2006  A Comparative Study of the Base Isolation Benchmark Problem Using H2/LQG and Smart Dampers

2006  Estimating Seismic Demands for Isolation Bearings with Building Overturning Effects

2006  Hyperelasticity Model for Finite-Element Analysis of Natural and High Damping Rubbers in Compression and Shear

2005  Exact Solution of Nonlinear Hysteretic Responses Using Complex Mode Superposition Method and its Application to Base-Isolated Structures

2005  Experimental Evaluation of Adaptive Elastomeric Base-Isolated Structures using Variable -Orifice Fluid Dampers

2005  Experimental Study of Sliding Base-Isolated Buildings with Magnetorheological Dampers in Near-Fault Earthquakes

2005  Nonlinear Model for Lead–Rubber Bearings Including Axial-Load Effects

2005  Numerical Evaluation of Adaptive Base-Isolated Structures Subjected to Earthquake Ground Motions

2005  Optimal Control of Earthquake Response Using Semiactive Isolation

2005  Stiffness-Damping Simultaneous Identification under Limited Observation

2005  System Identification of Base-Isolated Building using Seismic Response Data

2005  Systematic Performance Evaluation of Smart Seismic Isolation Systems

2004  Behavior of Torsionally Coupled Structures with Variable Frequency Pendulum Isolator

2004  A Control Design Methodology for the Benchmark Base Isolated Building with Bilinear Isolation

2004  Controllers for Benchmark Base Isolated Building with Linear and Friction Isolation System

2004  Dynamic Testing of a Masonry Structure on a Passive Isolation System

2004  Energy Balance Assessment of Base-Isolated Structures

2004  Estimation of Seismic Demands on Isolators Based on Nonlinear Analysis

2004  Influence of Pier Stiffness Degradation on Soil-Structure Interaction in Base-Isolated Bridges

2004  Measurement Method for Continua by Image Processing

2004  Multiaxial Behaviors of Laminated Rubber Bearings and Their Modeling. I: Experimental Study

2004  Multiaxial Behaviors of Laminated Rubber Bearings and Their Modeling. II: Modeling

2004  Parametric Analysis of Passive Damping in Base Isolation

2004  Smart Base isolated Building Benchmark Problem

2004  Three-Dimensional Finite-Element Analysis of High Damping Rubber Bearings

2003  “Bizxiality Effect” on the Energy Dissipated by Elastoplastic Base-Isolators

2003  Fault Tolerance of Semiactive Seismic Isolation

2003  Moment Equation Analysis of Base-Isolated Buildings Subjected to Support Motion

2002  Experimental Verification of Seismic Response of Building Frame with Adaptive Sliding Base-Isolation System

2002  Protecting Base-Isolated Structures from Near-Field Ground Motion by Tuned Interaction Damper

2002  “Smart” Base Isolation Strategies Employing Magnetorheological Dampers

2002  “Smart” Base Isolation Systems

2001  Base-Isolated FCC Building: Impact Response in Northridge Earthquake

2001  Earthquake Resistant Design of Torsionally Coupled Structures using VFPI

2001  Evaluation of Seismic Response of Transformers and Effectiveness of FPS Bearings for Base Isolation

2001  Hybrid Base-Isolation of Bushing-Transformer Systems

2001  A Subway Runs through It: Base Isolators Are the Solution to the Goodman Theater’s Challenging Urban Site

2000  Editor’s Note

2000  Energy Based System Identification Using Quick-Release Experiments

2000  Experimental Study of Isolated Building under Triaxial Ground Excitations

2000  Hybrid Base Isolation-Passive Mass Damper Systems

2000  Response of Base-Isolated USC Hospital Building in Northridge Earthquake

2000  Seismic Upgrade of a 3MG Steel Elevated Water Tank

2000  “Smart” Base Isolation Systems

2000  System Identification of Two Base-Isolated Bridges Using Seismic Records

1999  Base Isolation by a Soft First Story with Inclined Columns

1999  Base Isolation Testing Machine Holds Big Bearings for Seismic Evaluations

1999  Design of an Isolated Steel Bridge for Serviceability

1999  Design of Seismic Isolated Structures—From Theory to Practice by Farzad Naeim and James M. Kelly

1999  Enduring Elegance (Available in Structural Engineering Special Issue only)

1999  Japan–U.S.–China International Joint Study on the Mitigation of Earthquake Hazards, Part 4: Current Approaches in Seismic Measures for Building Structures (Japan-Side Features)

1999  Near-Source Effects and the Isolation Provisions of the 1997 United Building Code

1999  Seismic Response of Isolated Elevated Water Tanks

1999  Semi-Active Hybrid Seismic Isolation Systems: Addressing the Limitations of Passive Isolation Systems

1999  Simplified Inelastic Analysis of Bridge Pier Considering Isolation System

1999  Tall Order

1999  Variable Property Devices for Structural Control

1998  Effectiveness of Elliptical Rolling Rods for Base Isolation

1998  Students Analyze Airport Terminal’s Ability to Withstand Quakes

1998  Time-Delay Compensation in Active Control of Structures

1997  Analysis of Base-Isolated Structures Utilizing Near-Source Strong Ground Motions

1997  Analytical Modeling of High Damping Rubber Bearings

1997  Designing Base-Isolated Structures for Near-Field Effects

1997  Experimental Study of Ball-in-Cone Isolation System

1997  Guidelines for the Seismic Rehabilitation of Buildings: Seismic Isolation and Energy Dissipation Applications with Existing Buildings

1997  Los Angeles City Hall Gets Seismic Retrofit