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2014  Characteristics and Performance of Cement Modified-Base Course Material in Western Australia

2014  Development of the Road Aggregate Test Specifications for the Modified Ethylene Glycol Durability Index for Basic Crystalline Materials

2014  Evaluation of Compacted Aggregate Base Course Layers

2014  Evaluation of the Mechanical Performance of Recycled Concrete Aggregates Used in Highway Base Layers

2014  Resilient Moduli of a Naturally Aged RAP and Aggregate Blend

2013  Analytical Model for Resilient Modulus and Permanent Deformation of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Unbound Granular Material

2013  Back-Calculation of Resilient Modulus of Lightly Stabilized Granular Base Materials from Cyclic Load Testing Facility

2013  Engineering Properties of Copper Slag-Fly Ash-Dolime Mix and Its Utilization in the Base Course of Flexible Pavements

2013  Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Properties of Recycled Construction and Demolition Materials in Pavement Subbase Applications

2013  In-Situ Hydraulic Properties of Unbound Aggregate Layers Measured Using Gas Permeameter Test (GPT) Device

2013  Optimum Use of Local Materials for Roadway Base and Subbase

2013  Permanent Strain Modeling of Recycled Concrete Aggregate for Unbound Pavement Construction

2013  Prediction of Equivalency Factors for Various Subbase and Base Courses

2012  The Analysis of the Boundary Condition of Substituting Bridges for Roadbed on the Basis of Land Value Theory

2012  The Analysis of the Differential Settlement of a Widened Road Based on ANSYS

2012  Dynamic Response of High-Speed Rail Roadbed under Harmonic Moving Loads

2012  Properties of Recycled Concrete Aggregate for Unbound Pavement Construction

2012  Sustainable Reuse of Limestone Quarry Fines and RAP in Pavement Base/Subbase Layers

2011  Development and Application of Testing System for Roadbase Drainage

2011  Effect of Plasticity of Fines on the Deformation Behavior of Unbound Granular Base Material

2011  Estimation of Mechanical Characteristics of Cement Treated Demolition Waste

2011  Evaluation of the Shakedown Behavior of Unbound Granular Base Materials

2011  Influence of Base Course on Permanent Deformation of Asphalt Pavement Based on Viscoelastic Finite Element Analysis

2011  Leaching of Chromium Metal from High Carbon Fly Ash Stabilized Highway Base Layers

2011  Life-Cycle Cost Analysis of Base Course Using Cold In-Place Recycling: Case Study

2011  Limiting Base Moduli to Prevent Premature Pavement Failure

2011  Materials and Temperature Effects on the Resilient Response of Asphalt-Treated Alaskan Base Course Materials

2011  Mechanical-Cement Stabilization of Laterite for Use as Flexible Pavement Material

2011  New Developments for Geogrid Reinforced Base Courses

2011  Performance of Geocell-Reinforced RAP Bases over Weak Subgrade under Full-Scale Moving Wheel Loads

2011  Resilient Moduli Response of Moderately Cement-Treated Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Aggregates

2011  Roadbed Deformation Rule and Assessment of Slab Track on Railway Passenger Special Line

2011  Statistically-Based Specifications for Crushing Resistance of Gravel Surface Course for the Crawlerway at Kennedy Space Center

2011  Stress Distribution of Unbound Granular Base Course

2011  Thermal Stress and Temperature Field for Asphalt Pavement of Porous Concrete Base

2010  Application of Jute Geo-Textile in the Moorum-Sand Mixed Layer as Granular Subbase of Flexible Pavement

2010  Application of Shakedown Theory in Characterizing Traditional and Recycled Pavement Base Materials

2010  Determination of Fatigue Life of a Granular Base Material Lightly Stabilized with Slag Lime from Indirect Diametral Tensile Testing

2010  FDOT Testing and Evaluation of a Beneficial Re-Use Base Course Material

2010  Influence of Recycled Asphalt Pavement on Fatigue Performance of Asphalt Concrete Base Courses

2010  Investigation of Flexural Properties of Cement-Stabilized Macadam Reinforced with Polypropylene Fiber

2010  Laboratory Investigation of Seasonal Variations in Resilient Modulus of Alaskan Base Course Material

2010  Long-Term Field Monitoring of Moisture Variations under Asphalt Pavement with Different Drainable Base Materials

2010  Mechanistic Corrections for Determining the Resilient Modulus of Base Course Materials Based on Elastic Wave Measurements

2010  Mix Design of Cement-Stabilized Recycled Aggregate Base Course Material

2010  Performance of Pavements with Blast Furnace Base Courses

2009  Analysis of Semi-Rigid Asphalt Pavement with Flexible Base as a Sandwich Layer

2009  Application of Recycled Brick-Stone Aggregate in Road Base

2009  Characterization of Hydrated Cement Treated Crushed Rock Base (HCTCRB) As a Road Base Material in Western Australia

2009  A Discussion on the Optimum Bonding Condition between Semi-Rigid Base and Asphalt Surface Course

2009  Effect of Remolding on Cement-Stabilized Base Course Blended with Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement

2009  Effects of Layer Interface Conditions on Fatigue Behavior of Asphalt Pavements with Semi-Rigid Bases

2009  Experimental Study on Deformation of Foamed Bitumen Bound Base Materials

2009  Investigation of a Pavement Premature Failure on a Weak and Moisture Susceptible Base

2009  Research on Dry-Shrinkage Performance of Cement-Treated Base Materials

2009  Research on Pavement Performance of Volcanic Ash Mixture as Road Base and Mechanism

2009  Resilient Modulus Characterization of Hot Asphalt Treated Alaskan Base Course Material

2009  Ruggedness Evaluation of the Tube Suction Test

2009  Saskatchewan Field Case Study of Triaxial Frequency Sweep Characterization to Predict Failure of a Granular Base across Increasing Fines Content and Traffic Speed Applications

2009  Study on the Frost Resistance Test Method of Lime-Fly Ash Stabilized Material Base Course

2009  Theoretical Analysis of Design Parameters on Semi-Rigid Asphalt Pavement with Flexible Base

2009  Use of DCP (Dynamic Cone Penetrometer) and LWD (Light Weight Deflectometer) for QC/QA on Subgrade and Aggregate Base

2008  Numerical Simulation for the Setting of Roadbed Insulating Course in the Plateau Seasonal Frozen Area

2008  Research on Reasonable Cement Slurry Consistency of Cement Stabilized Crushed Stone Permeable Base

2008  Study on Performances of Cement Stabilized Aggregate with Different Aggregate Gradation

2008  Study on the Freeze-Thaw Resistance of Lime-Fly Ash Stabilized Crushed Stone

2008  Sustainable Base Course

2007  Effect of Gravel Size, Type, and Mold Size on the Carrying Capacity of Calcareous Fines-Gravel Mixes

2007  Effects of Mud Content on the Strength and Dry-Shrinkage Performance of HAS-Modified Aggregate

2007  Field Testing Sections with Stabilized Blended Calcium Sulfate as Base Courses

2007  Research on Influence Factor in Semi-rigid Base Course Material Temperature Shrinkage Coefficient Test Using Strain Gauge

2007  Structural Modulus of Semi-Rigid Base Course for Asphalt Pavement

2007  Study on Thick-lift Base Material and Seed Spraying for Side Slope Engineering Protection

2006  Cement Treatment of Frost-Susceptible New England Base Materials Blended with Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement

2006  Degradation of a Granular Base under a Flexible Pavement: DEM Simulation

2006  Evaluation of Drainable Base Materials under Asphalt Pavement

2006  Evaluation of Transition Cement for Stabilization of Frost-Susceptible Base Material in Conjunction with Full-Depth Recycling in Weber Canyon, Utah

2006  Laboratory Evaluation of Stiffness Properties of Stabilized Bases

2006  Limit-State Curve of Base-Course Material and Its Relevance for Resilient Modulus Testing

2006  Postconstruction Environmental Monitoring of a Fly Ash-Based Road Subbase

2006  Rational Approach for Base Type Selection

2006  Saturation of Granular Base Material Due to Water Vapor Flow during Freezing: Laboratory Experimentation and Numerical Modeling

2006  Structural Performance Monitoring of an Unstabilized Fly Ash-Based Road Subbase

2005  Anisotropic Aggregate Base Inputs for Mechanistic Pavement Analysis Considering Effects of Moving Wheel Loads

2005  A Bench-Scale Performance Test for Evaluation the Geosynthetic Reinforcement Effects on Granular Base Courses

2005  Class F Fly-Ash-Amended Soils as Highway Base Materials

2005  Enhanced Performance of Stabilized By-Product Gypsum

2005  Filter Design Criteria for Graded Cohesionless Bases

2005  FWD Analysis of Pavement Sections with Geotextile Separators

2005  Interface Modeling for Mechanistic Analysis of Geogrid Reinforced Flexible Pavements

2005  Laboratory Evaluation of the Geogauge and Light Falling Weight Deflectometer as Construction Control Tools

2005  Nonlinear Parameters for Granular Base Materials from Plate Tests

2005  The Use of Fly Ash for In-Situ Recycling of AC Pavements into Base Courses

2004  Design Method for Geogrid-Reinforced Unpaved Roads. I. Development of Design Method

2004  Design Method for Geogrid-Reinforced Unpaved Roads. II. Calibration and Applications

2004  Fly Ash Amended Soils as Highway Base Materials

2004  Geogrid Reinforcement of Road Base Aggregate — Measuring the Confinement Benefit

2004  Portland Cement Concrete Test Strip Pavement at the FAA National Airport Pavement Test Facility (NAPTF)

2003  Characterization of Cross-Anisotropic Aggregate Base Behavior From Stress Path Tests

2003  Measurement of Base and Subgrade Layer Stiffness Using Bender Element Technique