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2015  Axially Loaded Reinforced Concrete Columns with a Square Section Partially Confined by Light GFRP Straps

2015  Bond Performance of Basalt Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Bars to Concrete

2015  Bond Stress-Slip Behavior: Case of GFRP Bars in Geopolymer Concrete

2015  Creep Rupture Performance of Basalt Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Bars

2015  Effects of Transverse Bar Spacing on Bond of Spliced Reinforcing Bars in Fully Grouted Concrete Block Masonry

2015  Evaluation of Corrosion Rates of Reinforcing Bars for Probabilistic Assessment of Existing Road Bridge Girders

2015  Finite-Element Method to Predict Reinforcing Bar Buckling in RC Structures

2015  Mechanical Behavior of B500c Steel with an Aluminum Layer Coating in a Marine Environment

2014  Bond Behavior of Plain Round Bars Embedded in Concrete Subjected to Biaxial Lateral Tensile-Compressive Stresses

2014  Bond Strength of Standard and High-Modulus GFRP Bars in High-Strength Concrete

2014  Concrete Shear Strength of Normal and Lightweight Concrete Beams Reinforced with FRP Bars

2014  Expansive Grout-Based Gripping Systems for Tensile Testing of Large-Diameter Composite Bars

2014  Fatigue Behavior of GFRP Reinforcing Bars in Air and in Concrete

2014  Fatigue Behavior of Precorrosion Deformed Bars

2014  Free Vibration of a Single-Edge Cracked RC Beam Strengthened with FRP

2014  Nonlinear Behavior and Simulation of Concrete Columns Reinforced by Steel-FRP Composite Bars

2014  Performance Evaluation of Concrete Columns Reinforced Longitudinally with FRP Bars and Confined with FRP Hoops and Spirals under Axial Load

2014  Shear Capacity Enhancement of Existing Underground Wall Structures Using Postinstalled Reinforcing Bars

2014  Strength and Axial Behavior of Circular Concrete Columns Reinforced with CFRP Bars and Spirals

2013  Artificial Neural Network Predictions of Fatigue Life of Steel Bars Based on Hysteretic Energy

2013  ASCE/SEI 41 Provisions on Deformation Capacity of Older-Type Reinforced Concrete Columns with Plain Bars

2013  Behavior of Precast Concrete Shear Walls for Seismic Regions: Comparison of Hybrid and Emulative Specimens

2013  Dynamic Performance of Unbonded Pre-Stressed Steel Bar in CRTS I Ballastless Slab Track under Train Load

2013  Effect of PC Steel Bar’s Failure on the Stress Distribution in Track Plate

2013  Experimental Behavior of Nonconforming RC Columns with Plain Bars under Constant Axial Load and Biaxial Bending

2013  Experimental Study on Compressive Bond Anchorage Properties of 500 MPa Steel Bars in Concrete

2013  Measurement of Accelerated Steel Corrosion in Concrete Using Ground-Penetrating Radar and a Modified Half-Cell Potential Method

2013  Mechanical Analysis of Dowel Bar Setting Considering Interlayer Contact of Rigid Pavement

2013  Nonlinear Finite-Element Analysis of Buckling Capacity of Pretwisted Steel Bars

2013  Optimization of Torsion Bars with Rounded Polygonal Cross Section

2013  Time-Variant Strength Capacity Model for GFRP Bars Embedded in Concrete

2012  Experimental Study on the Scour around a Monopile in Breaking Waves

2012  Local Buckling Analysis of Longitudinal Reinforcing Bars

2012  Modified Steel Bar Model Incorporating Bond-Slip for Seismic Assessment of Concrete Structures

2011  Bar Buckling in RC Columns Confined with Composite Materials

2011  Behavior of Beams Strengthened with Novel Self-Anchored Near-Surface-Mounted CFRP Bars

2011  Behavior of FRP-Retrofitted Joints Built with Plain Bars and Low-Strength Concrete

2011  Bond Performance of Near-Surface-Mounted FRP Bars

2011  Bond Strength of Lap-Spliced Bars in Concrete Confined with Composite Jackets

2011  Deflection Prediction of Steel and FRP-Reinforced Concrete-Filled FRP Tube Beams

2011  Evaluation of Flexural Behavior and Serviceability Performance of Concrete Beams Reinforced with FRP Bars

2011  Evolution of Gravel Beach Profiles

2011  Experimental Study on the Performance of Approach Slabs under Deteriorating Soil Washout Conditions

2011  Method for Testing the Tension of Vertical Prestressing Bars in Webs of Concrete Box Girder Bridges

2011  Seismic Behavior of Concrete Columns Reinforced by Steel-FRP Composite Bars

2011  Study on Critical Corrosive Ratio of Reinforced Bar in Reinforced Concrete Based on Ultimate Tensile Strain

2010  Analysis Research on Little Curvature Arch Bar of High Fill Culvert

2010  Behavior of GFRP Reinforcing Bars Subjected to Extreme Temperatures

2010  Bond Performance of GFRP Bars in Tension: Experimental Evaluation and Assessment of ACI 440 Guidelines

2010  Direct Tension Pullout Bond Test: Experimental Results

2010  Effect of Contamination on Reinforcing Bar-Concrete Bond

2010  Environmental Reduction Factors for GFRP Bars Used as Concrete Reinforcement: New Scientific Approach

2010  Evaluation of the Low-Cycle Fatigue Life in ASTM A706 and A615 Grade 60 Steel Reinforcing Bars

2010  Experimental Investigation of the Axial Capacity of Inelastically Pretwisted Steel Bars

2010  Influence of Bracings on the Stability of Columns

2010  Length Scales Interaction in Nonlocal Plastic Strain Localization of Bars of Varying Section

2010  Physical, Mechanical, and Durability Characterization of Preloaded GFRP Reinforcing Bars

2010  Temperature as an Accelerating Factor for Long-Term Durability Testing of FRPs: Should There Be Any Limitations?

2009  Composite Bars of Arbitrary Cross Section in Nonlinear Elastic Nonuniform Torsion by BEM

2009  Effects of NSM CFRP Bars in Shear Strengthening of Concrete Members

2009  Interface Shear Transfer of Diagonally Arranged Reinforcing Bars under Repeated Loading

2009  Nonlinear Uniaxial Material Model for Reinforcing Steel Bars

2009  Steel Bar Fracture of Reinforced Concrete Frame under Extremely Strong Seismic Load

2008  Bond Tests of Short NSM-FRP and Steel Bar Anchorages

2008  Numerical Modeling for the Interface Bond of Concrete and FRP Bar

2008  Performance of Dowel Bar Retrofit Projects in Texas

2007  Development and Application of Steel Bar Energy-Absorbing Type Frontal Impact Sled Test System

2007  Manual Bar Bending — An Occupational Hazard for Construction Workers in Developing Nations

2007  Mesoscale Behaviour of Longshore Bars — Net Onshore or Net Offshore Migration

2007  Minimizing Cutting Wastes of Reinforcement Steel Bars Using Genetic Algorithms and Integer Programming Models

2007  Observation and Modeling of Crescentic Bars in Barcelona Embayed Beaches

2007  Three Hundred Years of Bar Theory

2006  Bond of GFRP Bars in Concrete: Experimental Study and Analytical Interpretation

2006  Creep Induced Deflections of Concrete Elements Reinforced with Polymer Composite Bars

2006  Durability Prediction for GFRP Reinforcing Bars using Short-Term Data of Accelerated Aging Tests

2006  Embedded Steel Bars Simulation in Reinforced Concrete Using Three-Dimensional Finite Elements

2006  Residual Tensile Properties of GFRP Reinforcing Bars after Loading in Severe Environments

2006  Seismic Behavior of Low-Rise Shear Walls with SMA Bars

2006  Tensile Lap Splicing of Bundled CFRP Reinforcing Bars in Concrete

2006  Tension Stiffening Model for Concrete Beams Reinforced with Steel and FRP Bars

2005  Crack Control through Bar Spacing Requirements

2005  Effect of Bar Diameter on the Behavior of Lightly Reinforced Concrete Beams

2005  Guide for the Design and Construction of Concrete Reinforced with FRP Bars (ACI 440.1R-03)

2005  Inelastic Buckling of Reinforcing Bars

2005  Low-Cycle Bending Fatigue of Steel Bars under Random Excitation. Part II: Design Considerations

2005  Low-Cycle Bending-Fatigue Strength of Steel Bars under Random Excitation. Part I: Behavior

2005  Numerical Simulation of Relatively Wide, Shallow Channels with Erodible Banks

2005  Performance of Coated Reinforcing Bars in Cracked Bridge Decks

2005  Practical Performance Model for Bar Buckling

2005  Shear Strength of One-Way Concrete Slabs Reinforced with Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composite Bars

2005  Transverse Thermal Expansion of FRP Bars Embedded in Concrete

2004  Bond Behavior of Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars under Direct Pullout Conditions

2004  Comparison of Bond Strength of Steel Bars in Normal- and High-Strength Concrete

2004  Compressive Strength of Solid Round Steel Bars

2004  Impact Response of Steel Fiber-Reinforced Concrete using a Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar

2004  Pre- and Postyield Finite Element Method Simulation of Bond of Ribbed Reinforcing Bars

2003  Bond between Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars and Concrete. I: Experimental Study

2003  Bond between Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bars and Concrete. II: Computational Modeling

2002  Durability of Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Reinforcing Bars in Concrete Environment

2002  Role of Nonlinear Wave-Wave Interactions in Bar Formation under Non-Breaking and Breaking Conditions