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2015  Semiempirical Thrust Model of Dielectric Barrier Plasma Actuator for Flow Control

2014  Anchorage Capacity of Concrete Bridge Barriers Reinforced with GFRP Bars with Headed Ends

2014  Barrier Performance of Bentonite-Polyacrylate Nanocomposite to Artificial Ocean Water

2014  Barriers of Implementing Modern Methods of Construction

2014  Field-Scale Unsaturated Hydraulic Properties of Compacted and Uncompacted Earthen Covers

2014  High-Carbon Fly Ash as a Reactive Medium in Permeable Sorptive Barriers: Batch and Column Experiments

2014  Hydraulic Conductivity and Compatibility of Bentonite for Hydraulic Containment Barriers

2014  Long-Term Performance of a Capillary-Barrier Cover with Unsaturated Drainage Layer in a Humid Climate

2014  Membrane Behavior of Unsaturated Bentonite Barriers

2014  Numerical Simulation of Geogrid-Reinforced Soil Barriers Subjected to Differential Settlements

2014  Organic Contaminant Sorption and Diffusion in Engineered Clays with Organoclay Additives-Understanding Barrier Performance at the Molecular Level

2014  Radionuclide Behavior in Low-Level Radioactive Waste (LLW) Disposal Barrier Materials: Impacts of Sorption

2014  Reliability Evaluation of Compacted Lateritic Soil Treated with Bagasse Ash as Material for Waste Landfill Barrier

2014  Road Map for Implementation of Intelligent Compaction Technology

2014  Use of Wicking Fabric to Help Prevent Frost Boils in Alaskan Pavements

2014  Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Transport through a Composite Liner with Co-Extruded Geomembrane Containing Ethylene Vinyl-Alcohol (EVOH)

2014  What are your Real Barrier Requirements?

2013  Advanced Structural Materials to Mitigate Explosive and Impact Threats

2013  Analysis on the Crashworthiness of Taiwan PVC Barrier

2013  Chemical Compatibility of Model Soil-Bentonite Backfill Containing Multiswellable Bentonite

2013  Collision Safety Analysis of the Eroded Semi-Rigid Barrier Based on LS-DYNA

2013  Crashworthiness-Enhancing Technique for W-Beam Barriers

2013  Design and Testing of a Concrete Safety Barrier for Use on a Temporary FRP Composite Bridge Deck

2013  Development of a Missing Post Repair Guideline for Longitudinal Barrier Crash Safety

2013  Field Hydrology of Landfill Final Covers with Composite Barrier Layers

2013  Hydration and Cation Exchange during Subgrade Hydration and Effect on Hydraulic Conductivity of Geosynthetic Clay Liners

2013  In-Service Performance Evaluation of a Cable Median Barrier System on Interstate Highways

2013  Integrated Slope Stability Analyses of Wastewater Storage Structure extending the Capillary Barrier Technique

2013  Mitigation of Blast Effects on Underground Structure Using Compressible Porous Foam Barriers

2013  The Performance of Artificial Frozen Barriers

2013  Potential for Desiccation of Geosynthetic Clay Liners Used in Barrier Systems

2013  Safety Effects of Median Treatments Using Longitudinal Channelizers: Empirical Bayesian Before-and-After Study

2013  A Simplified Method to Calculate the Acoustic Pressure of Three-Dimensional Finite-Length Noise Barriers

2013  Steel Post-and-Beam Barrier with GFRP-Reinforced Concrete Curb and Bridge Deck Connection

2012  Arthur Kill Storm Surge Barrier: Design Concept

2012  Back Matter

2012  Centrifuge and Numerical Study on the Behavior of Clay-Based Landfill Covers Subjected to Differential Settlements

2012  Centrifuge Modeling and Instrumentation of Geogrid-Reinforced Soil Barriers of Landfill Covers

2012  Centrifuge Modeling of LNAPL Migration with a Soil-Cement Barrier in Case of Flow and No-Flow Conditions

2012  Climate Adaptation Cost for Flood Risk Management in the Netherlands

2012  Design Guidelines and Full-Scale Verification for MSE Walls with Traffic Barriers

2012  Do Professional Women and Tradeswomen in the South African Construction Industry Share Common Employment Barriers despite Progressive Government Legislation?

2012  East River Storm Surge Barrier

2012  Evaluating the Performance of Grouting for Hydraulic Barriers in Rock

2012  Foundation Preparation and Seepage Barrier Installation at The Wyaralong Dam Construction Project

2012  Front Matter

2012  Geotechnical Aspects of Three Storm Surge Barrier Sites to Protect New York City from Flooding

2012  A Global Overview of Navigable Storm Surge Barriers: Suitable Gate Types for New York for a Dutch Perspective

2012  Head Ejection during Barrier Impacts

2012  Hydrodynamic/GIS Simulation of Storm Surge Flooding in the NY/NJ Harbor System

2012  Hydrologic Feasibility of Storm Surge Barriers

2012  Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) As Blast-Resistant Barriers

2012  Introduction

2012  Leaching of Metals from Fly Ash-Amended Permeable Reactive Barriers

2012  Life-Cycle Cost Analyses for Road Barriers

2012  Membrane Behavior of Engineered Clay Barriers for Geoenvironmental Containment: State of the Art

2012  NY/NJ Outer Harbor Gateway

2012  Organoclays as Variably Permeable Reactive Barrier Media to Manage NAPLs in Ground Water

2012  Performance of an Instrumented Slope Covered by a Capillary Barrier System

2012  Permeable Reactive Barrier (PRB) Technology: An Innovative Solution for the Remediation of Acidic Groundwater from Acid Sulphate Soil (ASS) Terrain

2012  Permeable Reactive Barriers to Treat Iron Ore Acid Mine Drainage

2012  Procurement of Sustainable Noise-Reducing Devices: State-of-the-Art Review from EU Project QUIESST

2012  Regulatory Challenges to a New York Harbor Storm Barrier System

2012  Review Panel: Should Barriers Be Built in New York City?

2012  Smart Levees - Getting the Most out of Flood Barriers

2012  Storm Surge Barriers: Ecological and Special Concerns

2012  Storm Surge Barriers to Protect New York City, Against The Deluge

2012  Student Designs of Storm Surge Barriers for the NYC Metropolitan Area

2012  Two-Dimensional Numerical Model of the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway near New Orleans

2012  Unique Seepage Cut-off Barriers for Lockport Canal Wall Rehabilitation Lockport, Will County, Illinois

2012  Verrazano Narrows Storm Surge Barrier: A Dutch Vision

2012  Wood-Cement Particleboard: Impact Behavior and Potential Application in Crash Barriers

2011  Blast Test of Full-Size Wall Barriers Reinforced with Enamel-Coated Steel Rebar

2011  Cable Barriers and Traffic Safety on Rural Interstates

2011  Design and Construction of the Lake Borgne Surge Barrier in Response to Hurricane Katrina

2011  Design Criteria and Construction of a Capillary Barrier Cover System: The Rocky Mountain Arsenal Experience

2011  Development of Inner Harbor Navigation Canal Hurricane Surge Barrier Project Hydrodynamics through Deterministic Methods, Physical Modeling, and Numerical Modeling

2011  Fly Ash As a Barrier Material

2011  Hydraulic Conductivity of Geosynthetic Clay Liners Exhumed from Landfill Final Covers with Composite Barriers

2011  The Impact of Infiltration Barriers on the Lateral Seepage Flow

2011  Impact of Solids Formation and Gas Production on the Permeability of ZVI PRBs

2011  Influence of Geofibers on the Performance of Landfill Cap Covers: Centrifuge Study

2011  Influence of Precipitates on Hydraulic Performance of Permeable Reactive Barrier Filters

2011  Influence of Seasonal Changes on Inclined Load Tests on Drilled Shafts

2011  Modeling Long-Term Reliability of Vertical Barriers

2011  Modeling Regional Sediment Transport and Barrier Elongation on Long Island Coast, United States

2011  Molecular Interactions Influence Barrier and Mechanical Properties in Swelling Clays: A Multiscale Modeling and Experimental Investigation

2011  Probability of Flood-Induced Overtopping of Barriers in Watershed-Reservoir-Dam Systems

2011  Road Barrier Repair Costs and Influencing Factors

2011  SEM Study of Mineralogical Changes to GCLs Following Permeation by Strongly Alkaline Leachates

2011  Skagway Small Boat Harbor—Vertical Wave Barrier

2011  A Sustainable Mineral Barrier Option

2011  Transmission of Waves Past a Rigid Vertical Thin Barrier

2011  Treatment of Acidic Groundwater in Acid Sulfate Soil Terrain Using Recycled Concrete: Column Experiments

2010  Behavior of Vertical Hydraulic Barriers Composed by Sandy Soil, Bentonite, and Cement Subjected to Alkaline Contaminants

2010  Deformation and Cracking of Seepage Barriers in Dams due to Changes in the Pore Pressure Regime

2010  Diffusive Transport of VOCs through LLDPE and Two Coextruded Geomembranes

2010  Findings of Case Histories on the Long-Term Performance of Seepage Barriers in Dams

2010  Full-Scale Impact Test of Four Traffic Barriers on Top of an Instrumented MSE Wall

2010  Long-Term Capacity of Plant Mulch to Remediate Trichloroethylene in Groundwater