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Found 72 Records with the keyword term of "Bangladesh"

2013  Assessment of an Urban Contaminated Site from Tannery Industries in Dhaka City, Bangladesh

2013  Bus Rapid Transit (BRT): What Is It and Why Do We Need It for Dhaka?

2013  Conceptual Physical Design of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Dhaka

2013  Maximizing Daylight Use Potential in Retail Shopping Environments in the Context of Dhaka, Bangladesh

2013  Modal Integration for Improving Urban Mobility in Dhaka

2013  Opportunities and Operational Difficulties of Introducing Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) in Dhaka

2013  Pile Foundation Seismic Design Approach for the Padma Bridge, Bangladesh

2013  Regional Extreme Rainfall Mapping for Bangladesh Using L-Moment Technique

2012  Development of the Jamuneswari Flood Forecasting System: Case Study in Bangladesh

2011  Analyzing the Future Monthly Precipitation Pattern in Bangladesh from Multi-Model Projections Using Both GCM and RCM

2011  Design Flow and Stage Computations in the Teesta River, Bangladesh, Using Frequency Analysis and MIKE 11 Modeling

2011  Establishment of Environmental Flow in a Physically Obstructed Tidal River

2011  Necessity of Acceptance? Searching for a Sustainable Community-Based Disaster Mitigation Approach-The Example of a Coastal City in Bangladesh

2011  Performance of Coastal Structures during Cyclone Sidr

2011  Public Private Partnership: A Prospective in the Development of Sustainable Transport Infrastructures and Services in Bangladesh

2011  Rural Water Consumption Behavior: A Case Study in Southwest Coastal Area, Bangladesh

2011  Uncertainties of Flash Flood in Context of Climate Change in Sunamganj District, Bangladesh

2010  Earthquake Induced Liquefaction Potential of Reclaimed Areas of Dhaka City

2009  Simulation of Subsurface Water Flow by Galerkin Finite Element Method in Dhaka City Aquifer

2008  “Demand of Participants” or “Supply of Opportunities”: Measuring Accessibility of Activity Places Based on Time Geographic Approach

2008  Indigenous Knowledge and Practices for Cyclone Preparedness in Coastal Bangladesh

2008  Investigation into the Use of Cement Stabilized Sand in Road Pavement Construction in Bangladesh

2008  Irrigation Performance Improvement by Non-Structural Measures — A Case Study from Bangladesh

2008  Retracted: Alam, Bhuiyan M. (2008). "Trans.Boundary Water Sharing of the Ganges River: A Regional Planning Approach." World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2008: Ahupua’a., doi: 10.1061/40976(316)261.

2007  Evaluation of Risk-Related Performance in Water Management for the Ganges Delta of Bangladesh

2006  Transboundary Issues and Uncertainty in Water Management in Bangladesh

2005  Hydro-Politics and Watershed Management in the Ganges-Brahmaputra-Meghna Basin

2005  Innovative Filter Removes Arsenic from Contaminated Water

2005  Mainstreaming Adaptation to Climate Change in Coastal Bangladesh by Building Civil Society Alliances

2005  Study to Find Remedial Measures to Overcome Water Logging Problem in the Noakhali Area of Bangladesh

2004  Performance of Preloading Applied on a Peaty Clay Deposit

2004  Rubber Dams in Bangladesh Harness Surface Water for Farmers to Irrigate at Lesser Cost

2003  Construction of a Bridge in a Developing Country: A Bangladesh Case Study

2003  Safety Assessment of Gas Pipelines under the Jamuna Bridge Access Road: Rehabilitation

2003  Seasonal Rainfall and Stream-flow in the Ganges-Brahmaputra Basins of Bangladesh: Variability and Predictability

2002  Development Priority Map for Flood Countermeasures by Remote Sensing Data with Geographic Information System

2001  Assessment of Water Quality in Flood Affected Areas of Dhaka City

2001  Modelling of Urban Flooding in Dhaka City

2001  Quality of Building Construction Materials (Cement) in Developing Countries

2000  A Bridge to Prosperity: Hydraulic and Scour Analyses of the Ganges River Crossing at Paksey, Bangladesh

2000  Participatory Micro Watershed Development for Hill Dwellers in Bangladesh: A Challenge

2000  River Stage Forecasting in Bangladesh: Neural Network Approach

2000  Simple Approach for Flood Forecasting

2000  Small Scale Water Resources Development Project in Rural Bangladesh: People’s Participation in Subproject Development

2000  Water Resources Management in Bangladesh

1999  Impact on Fishery and Navigation of SSFCDI Project in Bangladesh: Recommended Mitigation Measures

1998  Engineers Conquer Jamuna River

1998  In Chicago, Meet Me at Kahn Corner

1998  Relation Between Mean and Maximum Velocities in the River Jamuna

1998  Secondary Currents Around Braid Bar in Brahmaputra River, Bangladesh

1998  Water Resources of the Brahmaputra River System in South Asia

1997  Dacca Cleans Up

1997  Mitigating Losses in Bangladesh’s Active Floodplains

1997  A Multi-Objective Analysis for Cyclone Shelter Planning in Bangladesh

1997  Response to Floods and Mitigation Measures in Bangladesh

1997  Traffic Congestion and Safety: Some Contemporary Issues and Options in Bangladesh

1996  Design Provisions for Stair Slabs in the Bangladesh Building Code

1996  Environmental Considerations for Water Resources Development in Haor Areas of Northeastern Bangladesh

1996  Storm-Surge Flooding in Chittagong City and Associated Risk

1996  Water and Sanitation Intervention in Flood Mitigation Programs

1994  Effects on River Mechanics Due to Reduction in Low-Season Discharge

1994  Estimation of Design Surge Heights by Utilizing Meteorologic and Oceanographic Data

1994  Farakka Barrage - It’s Impacts and Possible Mitigation

1994  Groundwater Development and Related Issues

1994  Impacts of Low Flows on the Alluvial Rivers of the Southwest Region of Bangladesh

1993  Bangladesh Coastal Management in 1993 and Beyond

1992  Floods in Bangladesh

1991  The Coastline of Bangladesh—An Overview of Processes and Forms

1987  A Quest for Appropriate Sanitation Technology for Bangladesh

1987  Rural Water Supply and Sanitation System Development: Bangladesh Experience

1987  Water Supply and Public Health for Saidpur, Bangladesh

1974  Irrigation Development in Bangladesh