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Found 44 Records with the keyword term of "Backwashing (water treatment)"

2013  Novel Fluidic Control System for Stacked Rapid Sand Filters

2012  Stacked Filters: Novel Approach to Rapid Sand Filtration

2005  Removal of Methyl Isobutyl Ketone from Contaminated Air by Trickle-Bed Air Biofilter

2005  Strategic Filter Backwashing Techniques and Resulting Particle Passage

2002  Use of Total Suspended Solids in Characterizing the Impact of Spent Filter Backwash Recycling

1999  Membrane as Solid/Liquid Separator and Air Diffuser in Bioreactor

1998  Existence of Critical Recovery and Impacts of Operational Mode on Potable Water Microfiltration

1998  Sludge’s Re-Treat

1997  Comparison of Water Backwash and Brush Cleaning Systems for Vertical Panel Fish Screens

1997  Evaluation of Trickle Bed Air Biofilter Performance for BTEX Removal

1996  Comparison of Water Backwash and Brush Cleaning Systems for Vertical Panel Fish Screens

1995  Detachment of Humics-Coated Colloids from Fluidized Beds

1995  The Inside Story of Water-Treatment Processes

1995  Role of Short-Range Forces in Particle Detachment during Filter Backwashing

1994  Filtration and Backwashing Performance of Biologically-Active Filters

1994  Sand Filter Backwast Pit Criticality Analysis

1993  Invasion of the Zebra Mussels

1992  Calculating Flow in Manifold and Orifice System

1992  Velocity Gradient in Filter Backwashing

1989  Effect of Solids Property on Rates of Solids Dislodgment

1989  A Method for Design and Evaluation of Rapid Sand Filters Treating Secondary Effluents

1987  Comparison of Backwash Models for Granular Media

1987  Expansion of Granular Filters During Backwashing

1987  Shape Factor and Degree of Packing in Fluidization

1984  Air Dynamics Through Filter Media During Air Scour

1984  Fundamentals and Theory of Air Scour

1981  Flow Approaching Filter Washwater Troughs

1981  Predicting Fluidization and Expansion of Filter Media

1979  Filter Backwashing by Ejector

1979  Virus Concentration by Ultrafiltration

1978  Effectiveness of Backwashing for Wastewater Filters

1978  Evaluations of an Innovative Filter Backwashing System

1978  Optimum Backwashing of Sand Filters

1978  Treating Waste Streams: New Challenge to the Water-Treatment Industry

1977  Unstratified-Bed Filtration of Wastewater

1975  Developments in Backwashing of Granular Filters

1974  Determining Specific Deposit by Backwash Technique

1972  Desorption and Retentivity of Filtering Materials

1968  Filter Backwashing Tests and Upflow Equalization

1968  Filtration Through a Trimedia Filter

1966  Development of A New Type of Rapid Sand Filters

1966  Effect of Backwash on Filter Effluent Quality

1965  Filtration Through Size-Graded Media

1964  Theory of Water Filtration