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2014  Behavior of Cellular-Reinforced Fly-Ash Walls under Strip Loading

2014  Centrifuge Model Tests on Dynamic Behavior of Quay Wall Backfilled with Granulated Cement-Treated Soil

2014  Consolidation Behavior of Polymerized Bentonite-Amended Backfills

2014  Estimation Challenges of Lateral Pressures in Retaining Structures Using Granular Recycled Tire Aggregates as Backfill

2014  Generalized Solution for Mining Backfill Design

2014  Hydraulic Conductivity of Polymerized Bentonite-Amended Backfills

2014  Hydraulic Conductivity of Sand-Bentonite Backfills Containing HYPER Clay

2014  Issues in the Implementation of Sustainable Heat Exchange Technologies in Reinforced, Unsaturated Soil Structures

2014  Large-Scale Direct Shear Testing of Common Open-Graded Aggregates

2014  Nonlinear Failure Surface and Pseudodynamic Passive Resistance of a Battered-Faced Retaining Wall Supporting c-Φ Backfill

2014  Pullout Behavior of Welded Grid Reinforcements Embedded in Coarse Granular Backfill

2014  Rapid-Construction Technique for Bridge Abutments Using Controlled Low-Strength Materials

2014  Simulation of Behavior of In-Service Metal Culverts

2014  Vertical Stress Determination within Backfilled Mine Stopes

2014  Vertical Stress Isobars for Trenches and Mine Stopes Containing Granular Backfills

2013  An Analytical Method for Reinforcement Load of Wrapped-Face Mse Walls before Full Mobilization of Soil Strength

2013  Attenuation Plateau Characteristics and Fitting Analysis of the Dynamic Compaction Shockwave

2013  Chemical Compatibility of Model Soil-Bentonite Backfill Containing Multiswellable Bentonite

2013  Effect of Real Bentonite Cake on Slug Test Analysis for Slurry Trench Wall

2013  Effect of Reinforcement Coverage Ratio on Cellular Reinforced Fly Ash Walls

2013  Joint Completion Method for Welded Steel Pipe: The Success of Weld-After-Backfill on the Southern Delivery System

2013  Load Coefficient for Ditch Conduits Covered with Geosynthetic-Reinforced Granular Backfill

2013  Modeling Mechanical Response of Cemented EPS-Backfill

2013  Modeling the Effects of Backfilling and Soil Compaction beside Shallow Buried Pipes

2013  Opportunities and Constraints of Engineering Frozen Backfill for Underground Mining Applications in Permafrost

2013  Performance-Based Design for a Tall-Pier Bridge Prototype in Massive Earthquakes

2013  Shake Table Test of MSE Wall with Tire Derived Aggregates (TDA) Backfill

2013  System Reliability-Based Load Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) for External Seismic Stability of Reinforced Soil Walls

2013  Tepetate as Construction Material

2013  Updated National Survey of Current Practices on Trench Bedding, Embedment, Backfill and Shoring

2013  Uplift Performance of Anchor Plates Embedded in Cement-Stabilized Backfill

2013  Weld After Backfill for Single Lap Welding and Weld After Backfill Demonstration for the Southern Delivery System Project

2012  Anchor Bars in Frozen Bedrock - Curing Techniques for Backfill Grout

2012  Backfill Stress and Strain Information within a Centrifuge Geosynthetic-Reinforced Slope Model under Working Stress and Large Soil Strain Conditions

2012  Buried Pipes in Rubber-Soil Backfilled Trenches under Cyclic Loading

2012  Classification and Specification of Bedding and Backfill for Buried Pipelines

2012  Comparison of Seismic Responses of Geosynthetically Reinforced Walls with Tire-Derived Aggregates and Granular Backfills

2012  Consolidation and Hydraulic Conductivity of Zeolite-Amended Soil-Bentonite Backfills

2012  Earthquake Response of Reinforced Segmental Retaining Walls Backfilled with Substantial Percentage of Fines

2012  Effects of Backfill Soil on Excessive Movement of MSE Wall

2012  Experimental Assessment of the Passive Resistance of a Bridge Abutment System with Various Backfill Heights

2012  Investigation of Moisture Variation of Backfill Soil in MSE Wall

2012  Mine Paste Backfill - The Use of Grouts at Massive Scale

2012  Mine Paste Backfill–The Behaviour of Thickened Tailings and Pipeline Design

2012  Remediation of Settlement in Shallow-to-Deep Utility Trenches using Low Mobility Compaction Grouting Techniques in Cohesive Backfill

2012  Seismic Active Earth Pressure on the Back of Battered Retaining Wall Supporting Inclined Backfill

2012  Seismic Responses of Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls and the Strain Softening of Backfill Soils

2012  Sensitivity of the Seismic Response of a Deeply Embedded Structure with Backfilled Construction Clearances

2012  Sustainable Flowable Fill

2012  Thermal Resistivity and Moisture Migration of Soil and Cable Trench Backfill

2012  Tire Derived Aggregates As a Sustainable Recycled Material for Retaining Wall Backfills

2012  Using Grouting of Shield Tunneling to Reduce Settlements of Overlying Tunnels: Case Study in Shenzhen Metro Construction

2011  Applicability of Controlled Low-Strength Materials with Incinerated Sewage Sludge Ash and Crushed-Stone Powder

2011  Arching in Soils Applied to Inclined Mine Stopes

2011  Behavior of Cemented Paste Backfill in Two Mine Stopes: Measurements and Modeling

2011  Coupled Thermochemical Effects on the Strength Development of Slag-Paste Backfill Materials

2011  Dynamic Passive Pressures on a Foundation with a Dense Sand Backfill

2011  Engineering Characteristics of Rubber-Added Lightweight Soil as a Flowable Backfill Material

2011  Evaluating the Compaction Quality of Backfills by Stress Wave Velocities

2011  Experimental Study of Reservoir Siltation As CLSM for Backfill Applications

2011  Laboratory Test of Statically-Loaded Large Diameter Steel Pipe with Native Backfill

2011  Observing and Improving the Performance of Two-Stage Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls

2011  Properties of Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Ash and Pulverized Coal Bottom Ash Used for Backfill

2011  Slug Test Analysis in Vertical Cutoff Walls with Consideration of Filter Cake

2011  Study on the Engineering Properties of the Stabilized Mucky Clay As Backfill Material in Highway Embankment Projects

2011  Study on the Law of Grout Pressure Dissipation in Simultaneous Backfill Grouting during Shield Tunneling in Soft Soils

2011  Testing and Evaluation of Statically-Loaded Large Diameter Steel Pipe with Native Backfill Soils

2010  Can Soil Arching Be Insensitive to φ?

2010  Design Charts for Retaining Walls in Seismic Areas

2010  Design of an Anchored, Cast-in-Place, Backfilled Retaining Wall

2010  Effectiveness of Ground Improvement for a Cut-and-Cover Tunnel with a Backfill Slope Based on Finite Element Analysis

2010  Evaluating Shear Wave Velocity of In-Place Compacted Backfill

2010  Filling of a Flooded Gypsum Mine with a Flowable Soil-Cement Mix

2010  Full-Scale Field Testing for Verification of Mechanical Properties of Polyurethane Foams for Use as Backfill in PCC Repairs

2010  Implementation and Application of a New Elastoplastic Model Based on a Multiaxial Criterion to Assess the Stress State near Underground Openings

2010  Increased Lateral Abutment Resistance from Gravel Backfills of Limited Width

2010  Laboratory Observation of the Response of a Buried Pipeline to Freezing Rubber-Sand Backfill

2010  Lateral Loading Experiment on Buried Pipe Using Liquefied Stabilized Soil as Backfill Material for Thrust Restraint

2010  National Survey of Current Practices on Trench Bedding, Backfill, and Shoring

2010  Pipe Zone Bedding And Backfill: A Flexible Pipe Perspective

2010  Research of the Parameter Characteristics of Backfill Materials in the Bridge-Subgrade Transition

2010  Seismic Earth Pressures on Cantilever Retaining Structures

2010  Seismic Response of Retaining Wall with Anisotropic Backfills

2010  Study on Cement-Treated Yangtze Hydraulic Sand Mixed with Expanded Polystyrenes (EPS) Beads as Backfill Material in Highway Embankments

2010  Study on Mechanism of Simultaneous Backfilling Grouting for Shield Tunneling in Soft Soils

2010  Validated Simulation Models for Lateral Response of Bridge Abutments with Typical Backfills

2009  Active Earth Pressure on Retaining Wall for c-Φ Soil Backfill under Seismic Loading Condition

2009  Analysis of Overturning Stability for Broken Back Retaining Wall by Considering the Second Failure Surface of Backfill

2009  Applications of Controlled Low-Strength Materials (CLSM) National Enrichment Facility, Eunice, New Mexico

2009  Cement-Modified Backfills for Mechanically Stabilized Earth Walls with Built-In Facing

2009  Coupled Thermohydromechanical Modeling of the Full-Scale In Situ Test “Prototype Repository”

2009  Geotechnical Properties of Controlled Low Strength Materials (CLSM) Using Waste Electric Arc Furnace Dust (EAFD)

2009  Lateral Performance of Full-Scale Bridge Abutment Wall with Granular Backfill

2009  Numerical Investigation of the Stress State in Inclined Backfilled Stopes

2008  Closed-Form Force-Displacement Backbone Curves for Bridge Abutment-Backfill Systems

2008  Effect of Backfill Soil Type on Stiffness and Ultimate Capacity of Bridge Abutments

2008  Field Measurement and Numerical Analysis for Buried Large Diameter Steel Pipes

2008  Geological and Physical Factors Affecting the Friction Angle of Compacted Sands

2008  Gypsum Waste Reduction through Stabilization for Trench Backfill

2008  Mechanism of Backfilling Sand Discharge from a Gap under Vertical Revetment