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Found 74 Records with the keyword term of "Axisymmetry"

2014  Analytical Approach for Modeling Axisymmetric Levee Underseepage

2014  Axisymmetric Lower-Bound Limit Analysis Using Finite Elements and Second-Order Cone Programming

2014  Plane Strain Versus Axisymmetric Modeling of the Natomas Levees - A Case Study

2014  Solving Axisymmetric Stability Problems by Using Upper Bound Finite Elements, Limit Analysis, and Linear Optimization

2014  Upper-Bound Axisymmetric Limit Analysis Using the Mohr-Coulomb Yield Criterion, Finite Elements, and Linear Optimization

2013  An Analytical Solution of Flow-Deformation Coupling due to a Point Sink within a Finite Poroelastic Layer

2013  Derivation of the McNamee-Gibson Displacement Functions for Plane Strain and Axisymmetric Consolidation Problems

2013  Dynamic Green’s Functions of an Axisymmetric Thermoelastic Half-Space by a Method of Potentials

2013  Frequency Domain Analysis of an Axisymmetric Thermoelastic Transversely Isotropic Half-Space

2013  Linearization of Drucker-Prager Yield Criterion for Axisymmetric Problems: Implementation in Lower-Bound Limit Analysis

2013  Poromechanics Axisymmetric Mandel-Type Solutions and Pore Pressure Intricate Behaviors in Dual-Porosity Dual-Permeability Shale

2013  Theoretical Solution Based on Volumetric Strain of Elastic Multi Layered Structures under Axisymmetrically Distributed Load

2012  Pullout Capacity of Headed Anchors in Prestressed Concrete

2012  Shear Banding in Clay under Axisymmetric Triaxial Stress Conditions

2011  Consolidation of an Anisotropic Compressible Poroelastic Clay Layer by Axisymmetric Surface Loads

2010  Closed-Form Solution of Axisymmetric Slender Elastic Toroidal Shells

2010  Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanics Pullout Analyses of Headed Anchors in Stressed Concrete

2007  Axisymmetric Deformation of a Pressurized Thin Elastic Membrane with Nonuniform Thickness

2007  General Axisymmetric Active Earth Pressure by Method of Characteristics — Theory and Numerical Formulation

2006  Drained and Undrained Strengths of Sand in Axisymmetric Tests at High Pressures

2006  Dynamic Uplift Scenarios for Floating Ice

2006  Plane Strain and Axially Symmetric Consolidation in Unsaturated Soils

2004  Nonconforming Variable-Node Axisymmetric Solid Element

2002  Applicability of Quasisteady and Axisymmetric Turbulence Models in Water Hammer

2001  Bending Solutions of Axisymmetric Levinson Plates in Terms of Corresponding Kirchhoff Solutions

2001  Modeling Nonspherical Particles Using Multisphere Discrete Elements

2000  Axisymmetric Submerged Intrusion in Stratified Fluid

2000  Unsymmetrically Loaded Cylindrical Tank on Elastic Foundation

2000  WTAQ -- A Computer Program for Aquifer-Test Analysis of Confined and Unconfined Aquifers

1999  Maximum Inclination Path for Laminar Settling of Axisymmetric Particles in Viscous Fluids

1998  Localization of Buckling Patterns in Cylinders under Cyclic Loading

1997  Analysis of Moderately Thick Circular Plates Using Differential Quadrature Method

1997  Axisymmetric Guided Waves in Jointed Laminated Cylinders

1996  Limit Design of Axisymmetric Shells with Application to Cellular Cofferdams

1996  Prediction of Time-Dependent Behaviour of Remolded Soft Marine Clay in Axi-Symmetric Undrained Conditions

1995  Dynamic Analysis of Axisymmetric Foundations on a Poroelastic Stratum Using BEM

1994  Axisymmetric Plastic Plates with Ring Supports at Optimum Locations

1994  Cone-Cylinder Intersection under Pressure: Axisymmetric Failure

1994  Convergence Rates of the Method of Successive Elastic Solutions in Thermoplastic Problems of a Layered Concentric Cylinder

1994  Large Deformation Analysis of Plates on Unilateral Elastic Foundation

1994  Parametric Study of Axisymmetric Circular-Glass Plates

1993  Axisymmetric Intrusive Gravity Currents in Linearly Stratified Fluids

1993  Selective Withdrawal in a Rotating Stratified Fluid

1993  Thermal Stresses in Spherical Shells

1992  Axisymmetric General Shells and Jointed Shells of Revolution

1992  Evaluation of Plastic Bifurcation for Plane Strain versus Axisymmetry

1992  Exact Formulation of Axisymmetric-Interface-Element Stiffness Matrix

1992  Pressure of Crushed Ice as Mohr-Coulomb Material Against Flat, Axisymmetric Indentor

1992  Time Domain Analysis of Dynamically Loaded Single Piles

1991  Axisymmetric Pressures and Thermal Gradients in Conical Missile Tips

1991  Engineering Applications of the Analysis of a Spherical Shell

1991  Interaction of Elastic Waves with Axisymmetric Cavities in a Half Space: A Combined Finite Element-Boundary Integral Approach

1991  Linear Elastic Finite Element Analysis of Axisymmetric Shells on Elastic Foundations

1991  Perturbation Solution to 3-D Nonlinear Cavity Flow Problems

1991  Simple Elastic Analysis of Axisymmetric Cylindrical Storage Tanks

1991  Spherical Shells with Nonuniform Rigidity

1990  Analysis and Optimal Design of Spherical Shells Under Axisymmetric Loads

1990  Integral Equation Method for Spherical Shell Under Axisymmetric Loads

1990  Iterative FD Solution to Bending of Axisymmetric Conical Shells

1989  Axisymmetric Vibration of Disk Resting on Saturated Layered Half-Space

1989  Axisymmetric Vibrations of Reinforced Orthotropic Shallow Spherical Caps

1989  Circular Plate Analysis by Finite Differences: Energy Approach

1989  Error Estimation for Boundary Element Analysis

1989  Punching in R.C. Slabs

1989  Stress Interference in a Transversely Isotropic Body Under Axisymmetric Loading

1988  Simplified Analysis for Impulsively Loaded Shells

1987  A Thermoplastic BEM Analysis for Substructured Axisymmetric Bodies

1977  Axisymmetric Stokes Flow a Separation Cap

1976  Comparison of Plane Strain and Axisymmetric Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis

1974  Extended Use of Oedometer Test Data

1973  Axisymmetric Stresses and Displacements in Thick-Walled Elastic Torus

1968  Axisymmetric Apex Loadings on Conical Shells

1968  Minimal Design of Sandwich Axisymmetric Plates II

1967  Minimal Design of Sandwich Axisymmetric Plates I