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Found 77 Records with the keyword term of "Axial forces"

2014  Beam Design Force Demands in Steel Plate Shear Walls with Simple Boundary Frame Connections

2013  Ultimate Strength of Reinforced Concrete Circular Members Subjected to Axial Force, Bending Moment, and Shear Force

2012  Analysis for Long-Term Response of Pipes Installed Using Horizontal Directional Drilling

2012  The Finite Element Analysis on Torsional Behavior of CFRP Reinforced RC Columns Subjected to Combined Action of Force

2011  Prediction of Column Axial Forces in Inverted V-braced Seismic Steel Frames Considering Brace Buckling

2010  Analytical Model of Circular CFRP Confined Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Columns under Axial Compression

2010  Behavior of Large-Scale Rectangular Columns Confined with FRP Composites

2008  Mechanics and Slenderness Limits of Sway-Restricted Reinforced Concrete Columns

2008  Uniaxial Shear-Flexure Model for Reinforced Concrete Elements

2007  Development of Compressive Pier Force in Expansive Soils

2005  Axial Capacity of Concrete Filled Stainless Steel Columns

2005  Flexural Properties of Flexible Conductors Interconnecting Electrical Substation Equipment

2005  Nonlinear Model for Lead–Rubber Bearings Including Axial-Load Effects

2004  Plastic Interaction Relationships for Square Hollow Structural Sections: Lower Bound Solution

2003  Components of Suction Caisson Capacity Measured in Axial Pullout Tests

2002  Cyclic Behavior of Perforated Stiffened Plates under Axial Forces

2002  Non-Dimensional Cross-Section Strength of Concrete Filled Steel Box Columns

2002  Plastic Interaction Relations for Pipe Sections

2002  Ultimate Behavior of Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Columns under Horizontal Cyclic Loads

2001  Testing and Analysis of Steel Pipe Segments

2000  3D Analyses of Buildings under Vertical Component of Earthquakes

2000  Second-Order Axial Deflections of Imperfect 3D Beam-Column

2000  Strength of Concrete Filled Steel Box Columns Incorporating Local Buckling

1999  Dynamic Buckling of Simply Supported Columns under Axial Slamming

1999  Number of Cable Effects on Buckling Analysis of Cable-Stayed Bridges

1999  Thin-Walled Beam-Columns: Proportional Loading Tests

1999  Thin-Walled Beam-Columns: Sequential Loading and Moment Gradient Tests

1998  Seismic Soil-Structure Interaction Analysis for Immersed Tube Tunnels Retrofit

1997  Performance of Scaffold Frame Shoring under Pattern Loads and Load Paths

1996  Design of Round Reinforced-Concrete Columns

1996  Dynamic Stability of Conducting Beam-Plates in Transverse Magnetic Fields

1996  Evaluation of Dynamic Analysis Results using Full-Scale Lattice Tower Tests

1996  Fatigue Testing of Anchor Bolts

1996  Finite-Displacement Analysis of Laminated Composite Strips with Extension-Twist Coupling

1995  Buried Pipelines in Large Fault Movements

1995  Microtunneling Forces: The Pipe’s Perspective

1995  Simplification Errors in the Classic Truss Model: Are They Still Tolerable in This Age of Microcomputers?

1994  Active Control of Axial Forces in Beam String Space Frames

1994  Dynamic Stability of Imperfect Frames Under Joint Displacements

1994  Flange Local Buckling and Behavior of I-Sections

1993  Analysis of Large Deflection Dynamic Response of Rigid-Plastic Beams

1993  Behavior and Design of Angle Connections Subjected to Cyclic Axial Force and Shear

1993  Proposal on Story Drift Limit Based on Axial Behavior of Column under Seismic Loads

1993  Uniaxial Bending of Columns

1991  Axial Force-Moment Interaction in System Reliability

1991  Buckling of Columns with Overhang

1991  Contribution of Vegetation Roots to Shear Strength of Soil

1991  Dynamic Response Analysis of Three-Dimensional Beam-Columns

1991  Elasto-Plastic Analysis of Frames with Bending Moments and Axial Force Interaction

1991  Seismic Analysis of Buried Pipelines Subjected to Vertical Fault Movement

1990  Behavior of RC Columns under Nonproportionally Varying Axial Load

1990  Effects of Initial Conditions on Large Space Structures

1990  Strength of Bell-and-Spigot Joints

1989  Dynamic Stability of Thin-Walled Structural Members Under Periodic Axial Torque

1989  Elastic Design Charts of Stiffened Coupled Structural Walls

1989  Field Tests on Bored Piles Subject to Axial and Oblique Pull

1989  Finite Element Model for RHS Double Chord K-Joints

1989  Prestressed Concrete Beams with Opening Under Torsion and Bending

1989  Shear and Normal Stresses in Adhesive Joints

1989  Stability Functions for Three-Dimensional Beam-Columns

1989  Ultimate Capacity of Deep Foundation by a Rigid-Plastic Analysis

1988  Soil Springs for Buried Pipeline Axial Motion

1987  Bending of Interstice Walls in Circular Silos

1987  Effect of External Pressure on Strength of Short Tubular Members

1987  Reinforced Concrete Beams Subjected to Bending and Torsion

1986  R/C Space Frames with Column Axial Force and Biaxial Bending Moment Interactions

1986  Soil-Structure Interaction on Structural Dynamics

1985  Bond Check for Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Columns

1985  Design and Analysis of Silos for Friction Forces

1985  Dynamic Instability Analyses of Axially Impacted Columns

1985  Rapid Exact Inelastic Biaxial Bending Analysis

1985  Shear Strengths of Concrete-Filled Steel Box Elements

1983  Inelastic Tangential Stiffness for 2-D Frames

1982  Dynamic Rail Overturning: Modelling and Application

1974  Dynamic Stability Matrix for Planar Beams

1971  Fundamental Frequencies of Axially Moving Beams

1959  Self-Checking General Analysis of Rigid Frames with Sway