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Found 25 Records with the keyword term of "Autoregressive models"

2015  Second-Order Autoregressive Model-Based Likelihood Function for Calibration and Uncertainty Analysis of SWAT Model

2015  Variance Correction Prewhitening Method for Trend Detection in Autocorrelated Data

2011  Data-Driven Methods for Threshold Determination in Time-Series Based Damage Detection

2011  Real-Time Equivalent Conversion Correction on River Stage Forecasting with Manning’s Formula

2010  Time Series Analysis of ENR Construction Cost Index

2009  Rational Fraction Polynomial Method and Random Decrement Technique for Force-Excited Acceleration Responses

2008  Fitting of Time Series Models to Forecast Streamflow and Groundwater Using Simulated Data from SWAT

2007  Estimating Rain Derived Inflow and Infiltration for Rainfalls of Varying Characteristics

2005  Flow Data, Inflow/Infiltration Ratio, and Autoregressive Error Models

2005  Synthetic Tropical Cyclone Database

2004  Predictions of Missing Wave Data by Recurrent Neuronets

1998  Application of Gamma Autoregressive Model to Analysis of Dry Periods

1995  Periodic-Correlation Stochastic Models of Seasonal River Runoff Variations

1995  Stochastic Recharge Model for Edwards Aquifer in Central Texas

1995  Trivariate Spectral Modeling of Space Shuttle Flight Data

1992  Stochastic Analysis of Seasonal Hydraulic Conductivity

1991  Adaptive Identification of Autoregressive Processes

1991  Robust AR Representations of Ocean Spectra

1990  Feasibility of Auto-Regressive Simulation Model for Fatigue Studies

1990  Some Insight in Autoregressive (AR) Spectral Modeling

1988  Autoregressive Model for Nonstationary Stochastic Processes

1988  Autoregressive Model of Spatially Propagating Earthquake Ground Motion

1988  Irrigation Intervention Analysis of Drainage SAR

1987  Water Quality Data Analysis in Chung Kang River

1986  Z-Transform Modeling of P-M Wave Spectrum