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2014  Automated Detection of Pipe Bursts and Other Events in Water Distribution Systems

2014  Lapping Pattern, Stock Length, and Shop Drawing of Beam Reinforcements of an RC Building

2014  Virtual Prototyping for Robotic Fabrication of Rebar Cages in Manufactured Concrete Construction

2013  Applying Decentralized Water Level Difference Control for Operation of the Dez Main Canal under Water Shortage

2013  Automated Compliance Checking of Construction Operation Plans Using a Deontology for the Construction Domain

2013  Automated Information Retrieval for Hazard Identification in Construction Sites

2013  Automated Method for Checking Crane Paths for Heavy Lifts in Industrial Projects

2013  Automating the Task-Level Construction Activity Analysis through Fusion of Real Time Location Sensors and Workers’ Thoracic Posture Data

2013  Autonomous Hovering Proportional-Integral Sliding Mode Controller Design and Its Flight Test Validation for a Small-Scaled Unmanned Helicopter

2013  Development and Application of Container Automated Guided Vehicle System

2013  Development of a System for Automated Schedule Update Using a 4D Building Information Model and 3D Point Cloud

2013  Error-Correction Methods for Construction Site Image Processing under Changing Illumination Conditions

2013  Fully Automated As-Built 3D Pipeline Segmentation Based on Curvature Computation from Laser-Scanned Data

2013  Information Transformation and Automated Reasoning for Automated Compliance Checking in Construction

2013  Linear Cellular Automation Method for Predicting Dynamic Instability Mode of Single-Layer Shell

2013  Water Application Efficiency and Adequacy of ET-Based and Soil Moisture-Based Irrigation Controllers for Turfgrass Irrigation

2012  The 3-D Global Spatial Data Model (GSDM) Supports Modern Civil Engineering Practice and Education

2012  3D-Modeling for Crane Selection and Logistics for Modular Construction On-Site Assembly

2012  Activity-Based Data Fusion for Automated Progress Tracking of Construction Projects

2012  Automated 3D Building Envelope Recognition from Point Clouds for Energy Analysis

2012  Automated Benchmarking and Monitoring of an Earthmoving Operation’s Carbon Footprint Using Video Cameras and a Greenhouse Gas Estimation Model

2012  Automated Hybrid Ventilation Control in Complex Buildings

2012  Automated Planning and Design of Formwork for Freeform Shell Structures

2012  Automated Regulatory Information Extraction from Building Codes : Leveraging Syntactic and Semantic Information

2012  Automated Vision-Based Recognition of Construction Worker Actions for Building Interior Construction Operations Using RGBD Cameras

2012  Automated Visual Recognition of Construction Equipment Actions Using Spatio-Temporal Features and Multiple Binary Support Vector Machines

2012  Automating and Optimizing Spatial Data Processing Workflows for Civil Infrastructure Inspection

2012  Automating Codes Conformance

2012  Cellular Automaton Modeling of the Interaction between Vehicles and Pedestrians at Signalized Crosswalk

2012  Component Level Cyber-Physical Systems Integration: A Light Fixtures Example

2012  Development of Virtual Laser Target Board for Tunnel Boring Machine Guidance Control

2012  Enhancement of Construction Equipment Detection in Video Frames by Combining with Tracking

2012  Epistemic Model to Monitor the Position of Mobile Sensing Nodes on Construction Sites with Rough Location Data

2012  Estimating Canal Pool Resonance with Auto Tune Variation

2012  Extraction of Construction Regulatory Requirements from Textual Documents Using Natural Language Processing Techniques

2012  Model Performance Sensitivity to Objective Function during Automated Calibrations

2012  NewsBriefs: Caravan of Autonomous Vehicles Travels Public Road (Agence France-Presse and Volvo Car Corporation)

2012  Post-Disaster Robotic Building Assessment: Automated 3D Crack Detection from Image-Based Reconstructions

2012  Projection-Recognition-Projection (PRP) Method for Rapid Object Recognition and Registration from a 3D Point Cloud

2012  Real-Time and Automated Recognition and 2D Tracking of Construction Workers and Equipment from Site Video Streams

2012  Sensor Modeling of Laser Scanners for Automated Scan Planning on Construction Jobsites

2012  Target-Focused Local Workspace Modeling for Construction Automation Applications

2012  Three-Dimensional Tracking of Construction Resources Using an On-Site Camera System

2012  Vision-Based Recognition of Dirt Loading Cycles in Construction Sites

2012  Vision-Based SLAM System for Small UAVs in GPS-Denied Environments

2012  Water-Level Difference Controller for Main Canals

2011  Accelerometer-Based Activity Recognition in Construction

2011  Applying Water-Level Difference Control to Central Arizona Project

2011  An Automated Collaborative Framework to Develop Scenarios for Slums: Upgrading Projects According to Implementation Phases and Construction Planning

2011  Automated Electric Transportation: A Way to Meet America’s Critical Issues

2011  Automated People Movers and Transit Systems 2011, From People Movers to Fully Automated Urban Mass Transit

2011  An Automated Stabilization Method for Spatial-to-Structural Design Transformations

2011  Automating Codes Conformance in Structural Domain

2011  Automation of High Density Metro Lines: Rome Line A Case Study

2011  Automation of Line 1: A Real Opportunity for the Parisian Metro

2011  BIM Facilitated Web Service for LEED Automation

2011  Canal Structure Automation Rules Using an Accuracy-Based Learning Classifier System, a Genetic Algorithm, and a Hydraulic Simulation Model. I: Design

2011  Canal Structure Automation Rules Using an Accuracy-Based Learning Classifier System, a Genetic Algorithm, and a Hydraulic Simulation Model. II: Results

2011  Combinatorial Algorithm for Optimizing Wood Waste in Framing Designs

2011  Improving Construction Supply Network Visibility by Using Automated Materials Locating and Tracking Technology

2011  Measuring the Performance of Automated People Mover Systems

2011  Osmose Station: Three Urban and Transport Projects

2011  Public Transit Service Bottleneck Diagnosis Index System Based on Automated Data Collection

2011  Research in Modeling and Simulation for Improving Construction Engineering Operations

2011  Tunnel-Boring Machine Positioning during Microtunneling Operations through Integrating Automated Data Collection with Real-Time Computing

2011  Unattended Metro Lines Offer Low Cost Service Adaptation Possibilities: Regular Full Night Public Service Operations; Unforeseen or Planned Public Service Adaptations to Occasional Needs

2011  Visual Pattern Recognition Models for Remote Sensing of Civil Infrastructure

2010  Application of Software for Automatic Canal Management (SacMan) to the WM Lateral Canal

2010  Automated Generation of Customized Field Data Collection Templates to Support Information Needs of Cost Estimators

2010  Automated Materials Tracking and Locating: Impact Modeling and Estimation

2010  Automated Model-Based Recognition of Progress Using Daily Construction Photographs and IFC-Based 4D Models

2010  Automated Multiple Objects Tracking System (AMOTS)

2010  Automatically Tracking and Guiding Underground Tunnel Boring Machines during Microtunneling and Pipe Jacking Operations

2010  Automation Innovations in Stormwater Modeling Case Study: City of Ramsey, Minnesota, Surface Water Management Plan

2010  Autonomous Mowing—Improving Efficiency and Safety of Roadside Vegetation Control

2010  BIM for Integration of Automated Real-Time Project Control Systems

2010  Calculation of Long Range Cruise Performance Based on the BADA Model

2010  Combining Hybrid Assembly to Order Business Strategies with Structural Design & Lean Engineering Process Automation

2010  Consideration of Practical Design Issues in Formulating Structural Optimization for Design Automation

2010  Design of a Single-Pool Downstream Controller Using Quantitative Feedback Control Theory

2010  Downstream-Water-Level Control Test Results on the WM Lateral Canal

2010  Knowledge-Based Landslide Susceptibility Zonation System

2010  Multiobjective Water Quality Model Calibration Using a Hybrid Genetic Algorithm and Neural Network–Based Approach

2010  Object Recognition in Construction-Site Images Using 3D CAD-Based Filtering

2010  Planetary Analogs for Drilling Automation Testing

2010  Process and Equipment Automation for Container Terminals

2010  Real-Time Spatial Location Tracking of Construction Resources in Lay Down Yards

2010  Role of Simulation in Construction Engineering and Management

2010  Routing Demand Changes to Users on the WM Lateral Canal with SacMan

2010  Semi-Automated As-Built Modeling of Light Rail System Guide Beams

2010  Sensor-Based Automation of Irrigation on Bermudagrass during Dry Weather Conditions

2009  3D Automated Design of Substations

2009  Auto-Calibration of a Camera System Using Image-Alignment

2009  Automated Collection of Mixer Truck Operations Data in Highly Dense Urban Areas

2009  Automated CPM Schedule Generation for Early Project Planning: Methodology and Case Study

2009  Automated Data Acquisition System to Assess Construction Worker Performance

2009  Automated Generation of Construction Schedules Based on the IFC Object Model

2009  Automated Generation of Operations Level Construction Animations in Outdoor Augmented Reality

2009  Automated People Movers 2009, Connecting People, Connecting Places, Connecting Modes

2009  Automated Recognition of 3D CAD Objects in Site Laser Scans for Project 3D Status Visualization and Performance Control