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2015  Automated Geo-Spatial Hazard Warning System GEOWARNS: Italian Case Study

2015  Comparison of Local Visual Feature Detectors and Descriptors for the Registration of 3D Building Scenes

2015  Lapping Pattern, Stock Length, and Shop Drawing of Beam Reinforcements of an RC Building

2015  Semiautomated Scaffolding Planning: Development of the Feature Lexicon for Computer Application

2014  4D Multi-Scale Analysis of the Hybrid Zone for Cable-Stayed Bridges with Steel-Concrete Hybrid Girders

2014  4D Site Installation Planning in Virtual Reality for Multi-user

2014  Achieving Level 2 BIM by 2016 in the UK

2014  The Adaptation and Application of an ICT-Supported Collaboration Model: A Case Study in a Public Sector Construction Project Department

2014  An Agent-Based Evacuation Model to Support Fire Safety Design Based on an Integrated 3D GIS and BIM Platform

2014  An Agent-Based Framework for Occupant-Oriented Intelligent Facility Management Scheduling

2014  Agent-Based Model Architecture for Mesoscopic Traffic Simulations

2014  An Algorithm for the Probabilistic Risk Calculation of Dropped Objects: Application of the Pipeline Protection System of Offshore Platforms

2014  Aligning BIM and Lean Methodologies within the Capital Works Management Framework in Ireland

2014  Analysis of Foundation of Tall RC Chimney with 3D Finite Element Method

2014  Analysis of the Related Credits in LEED Green Building Rating System Using Data Mining Techniques

2014  Anomaly Detection on Piezometer Data Collected from Embankment Dams Using Physical Model-Based Simulation

2014  Application of Monte Carlo Simulation and Optimization to Multi-Objective Analysis of Sustainable Building Designs

2014  Application of the Bid Amount Model to Cost Estimation Systems for Public Works

2014  Applying RS and GIS to Study the Impacts of Urban Regeneration on Thermal Environment in Built-Up Areas: A Case Study of Kowloon, Hong Kong

2014  An Approach for Identifying and Evaluating Opportunities Offered by Semantic Technology to BIM-Enabled Online Collaboration Platforms

2014  An Approach to Describe Arbitrary Transition Curves in an IFC-Based Alignment Product Data Model

2014  An Architecture for Reviewing Conducted Collaborative Operational Strategies and Exploring Alternatives in Virtual Environments: The Case of Asphalt Compaction

2014  Assessing Energy Improvement Potential from Efficiency and Renewable Interventions at Neighborhood Level

2014  Assessing the Performance of the Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm in Optimizing Construction Site Planning

2014  Assessing the Significance of Mismatching in Buildings’ Final Drawings in Dubai Projects

2014  Augmented Reality and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Assist in Construction Management

2014  Automated Cleaning of Point Clouds for Highway Retaining Wall Condition Assessment

2014  Automated Detection of Damaged Areas after Hurricane Sandy using Aerial Color Images

2014  Automated Detection of Pipe Bursts and Other Events in Water Distribution Systems

2014  Automated Deviation Analysis for As-Built Status Assessment of Steel Assemblies and Pipe Spools

2014  Automated Generation of Construction Sequences using Building Information Models

2014  Automated In-Placed Brick Counting for Façade Construction Progress Estimation

2014  Automatic Fall Risk Identification Using Point Cloud Data in Construction Excavation

2014  Automatic Generation of As-Built Geometric Civil Infrastructure Models from Point Cloud Data

2014  Avatar-Model Interaction in Virtual Worlds Improves Distributed Team Collaboration through Issue Discovery

2014  Benchmarking Building Energy Performance Using Data Envelopment Analysis with Normalized Metrics—A Residential Case Study

2014  BIM and Australian Green Star Building Certification

2014  BIM Design Coordination Room Infrastructure: Assessment of Communication Activities

2014  BIM Education: Implementing and Reviewing "OpeBIM"—BIM for Teachers

2014  A BIM Extension for Sustainability Appraisal of Conceptual Structural Design of Steel-Framed Buildings

2014  BIM in Structural Design Education

2014  BIM in Sustainable Design: Strategies for Retrofitting/Renovation

2014  BIM Navigation with Hand-Based Gesture Control on Sites

2014  BIM Standard: Tensile Structures Data Modeling

2014  BIM-and Simulation-Based Site Layout Planning

2014  BIM-Based Plan Modeling System at Preliminary Stage for Residential Real Estate Projects

2014  BIMCloud: A Distributed Cloud-Based Social BIM Framework for Project Collaboration

2014  A BIM-Enabled Approach for Construction Inspection

2014  BIM-Enabled Decision Making for In-Building Rescue Missions

2014  Building Energy Benchmarking with Building Information Modeling and Wireless Sensor Technologies for Building Retrofits

2014  Building Information Modeling for Quality Management in Infrastructure Construction Projects

2014  Building Information Modeling in Graduate Construction Engineering and Management Education

2014  Building Information Modelling (BIM)—Versioning for Collaborative Design

2014  ByggNett (BuildNetwork)—Norwegian Project for Web-Based Collaboration between Public Authorities and the Construction Industry

2014  Canal Automation for Irrigation Systems

2014  Case Studies for the Planning and Monitoring of Unit- and Fixed-Price Contracts Using Project Scheduling Software

2014  Challenges and Trends of Implementation of 3D Point Cloud Technologies in Building Information Modeling (BIM): Case Studies

2014  Challenges Associated with Generating Accurate As-Is Building Information Models for Existing Buildings by Leveraging Heterogeneous Data Sources

2014  Challenges in Interpreting the Design Intent from HVAC Sequence of Operations to Assess the System Behavior: A Case Study

2014  Challenges in the Implementation of BIM for FM—Case Manchester Town Hall Complex

2014  Changing Scheduling Purposes and Evolving 4D-CAD Models: A Study of Planning and Realization in a Utility Project

2014  Characterizing Collaborative 4D Use Contexts to Improve Interaction Mechanisms Design

2014  Characterizing Strategies of Fixing Full-Scale Models in Construction Photogrammetric Surveying

2014  Civil Information Modeling Adoption by Iowa and Missouri DOT

2014  Climate Responsive Automatic Operation Strategies for Double Skin Façade (DSF) System of High-Rise Buildings

2014  Cloud-Based Interactive Probabilistic Simulation for AEC Industry

2014  Cloud-Computing Based Parameter Identification System—with Applications in Geotechnical Engineering

2014  Co-Design of a Technological Solution for the Promotion of Eco-Responsible Behaviors in Family Homes

2014  Collaborative BIM-Based Markerless Mixed Reality Framework for Facilities Maintenance

2014  A Combined Planning and Controls Approach to Accurately Estimate, Monitor, and Stabilize Work Flow

2014  Combining Serious Games and 4D Modelling for Construction Health and Safety Training

2014  Comparison of Machine Learning Techniques for Developing Performance Prediction Models

2014  The Computational Generation and Realization of Spatial Truss Structures

2014  Computational Modeling of Driver Distraction by Integrating Cognitive and Agent-Based Traffic Simulation Models

2014  Computer Simulations of the Vehicle Localization for Intelligent Transportation Systems

2014  Computer-Aided Zoning and Urban Planning

2014  Computing in Civil and Building Engineering

2014  Congestion Analysis for Construction Site Layout Planning using Real-Time Data and Cell-Based Simulation Model

2014  Contractors’ Perception of the Factors Affecting Building Information Modelling (BIM) Adoption in the Nigerian Construction Industry

2014  Creating the Dutch National BIM Levels of Development

2014  Critical Success Factors (CSFs) of BIM Implementation for Collaboration based on System Analysis

2014  Cross-Case Energy Simulation Modeling Analysis in Healthcare Facilities Retrofit

2014  Damage Assessment, Cost Estimating, and Scheduling for Post-Earthquake Building Rehabilitation Using BIM

2014  A Data Collection and Analysis Framework to Improve the Performance of Energy-Intensive Commercial Buildings

2014  Data Collection System for a Rapid Recovery Work: Using Digital Photogrammetry and a Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

2014  Design Decision Support—Real-Time Energy Simulation in the Early Design Stages

2014  Design of a Versatile Engineering Simulation Environment for Coupled Continuous-Discontinuous Simulation

2014  Detecting Location of Construction Defects in Drilled Shafts Using Frequency Tomography Analysis of Cross-Hole Sonic Logging

2014  Detecting the Hazards of Lifting and Carrying in Construction through a Coupled 3D Sensing and IMUs Sensing System

2014  Developing a Mobile Visualization Environment for Construction Applications

2014  Developing Products in Product Platforms in the AEC Industry

2014  Development and Applications of a Total Station with a Built-in Crack Scale

2014  Development and Key Technology of Digital Line Selection System of Urban Rail Transit (URT)

2014  Development of a Decision Support System for LEED for EB Credit Selection Based on Climate Factors

2014  The Development of a Framework for a Design for Safety BIM Tool

2014  Development of a Steel Beam Hauling System for Automatic Steel Beam Assembly

2014  Development of BIM Model Fitness Review System for Modelling Quality Control

2014  Device-Free Detection to Improve Construction Work Health and Safety

2014  Disaster Information Sharing System Using Open Source Web GIS

2014  Distributed Decision-Making for Real-Time In-Building Evacuation Guidance