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2015  Adequately Protecting Construction Insolvencies: Disposition of Trusts to Facilitate Security of Payment in Australia

2015  Australian Medical Research Institute Promotes Collaboration, Sustainability

2015  Comparative Study on the Use of Output Specifications for Australian and U.K. PPP/PFI Projects

2015  Critical Success Factors in Distance Learning Construction Programs at Central Queensland University: Students’ Perspective

2015  Critical Success Factors of the Briefing Process for Construction Projects

2015  Effects of Contract Strategy on Interpersonal Relations and Project Outcomes of Public-Sector Construction Contracts in Australia

2015  Flood-Resilient Commuter Ferry Terminal Opens in Australia

2015  Impact of Transaction Attributes on Transaction Costs in Project Alliances: Disaggregated Analysis

2015  Setting Water Quality Trigger Levels for the Operation and Management of a MAR System in Parafield, South Australia

2015  Use of the Security of Payment Act in Resolving Disputes in Victoria, Australia

2014  Building a Proactive, Engagement Culture in Asset Management Organizations

2014  Characteristics and Performance of Cement Modified-Base Course Material in Western Australia

2014  Client Safety Roles in Small and Medium Construction Projects in Australia

2014  Concurrent Delays in Construction: International Legal Perspective

2014  Direct and Indirect Cost-and-Benefit Assessment of Climate Adaptation Strategies for Housing for Extreme Wind Events in Queensland

2014  Estimation of Entry Capacity for Single-Lane Modern Roundabouts: Case Study in Queensland, Australia

2014  Evaluating the Performance of Urban Water Utilities: Robust Nonparametric Approach

2014  Extreme Rainfall Nonstationarity Investigation and Intensity-Frequency-Duration Relationship

2014  Importance of Sustainability-Related Cost Components in Highway Infrastructure: Perspective of Stakeholders in Australia

2014  Long-Term Time-Dependent Behavior of Surcharged Preloaded Embankment

2014  Statistical Characteristics of Cost Contingency in Water Infrastructure Projects

2014  Status of BIM Adoption and the BIM Experience of Cost Consultants in Australia

2014  Validation of an Instrument to Measure Governance and Performance on Collaborative Infrastructure Projects

2014  Wavelet-Based Rainfall-Stream Flow Models for the Southeast Murray Darling Basin

2013  Analysis-Based Design Provisions for Steel Storage Racks

2013  Can a Carbon Tax Push the Australian Construction Sector toward Self-Regulation? Lessons Learned from European Union Experiences

2013  Carbon-Neutral Commercial Building Development

2013  Delivering Construction Education Programs through the Distance Mode: Case Study in Australia

2013  Design of Synthetic Impact Response Functions for Flood Vulnerability Assessment under Climate Change Conditions: Case Studies in Two Selected Coastal Zones in Australia and Japan

2013  Determining the Probability of Project Cost Overruns

2013  Engineering Characterization of Hot-Mix Asphalt in Western Australia

2013  An Experimental Study of Low-Frequency Wave Dispersion and Attenuation in Water Saturated Sandstones

2013  Extensive Light-Rail System on Track for Perth

2013  Green Star Points Obtained by Australian Building Projects

2013  Ground Improvement at the Port of Brisbane, Australia Using Vertical Drains and Vacuum Assisted Preloading

2013  Mine Wastes in Western Australia and Their Suitability for Embankment Construction

2013  Off-Site Construction of Apartment Buildings

2013  Performance Monitoring of Rail Tracks Stabilized by Geosynthetics and Shock Mats: Case Studies at Bulli and Singleton in Australia

2013  Performance Testing of a Road Bridge Deck Containing Flat Rail Wagons

2013  Project Complexity Mapping in Five Dimensions for Complex Transportation Projects

2013  Public-Private Partnerships: Capital Market Conditions and Alternative Finance Mechanisms for Australian Infrastructure Projects

2013  Quality and Quantity Monitoring of Five Rainwater Tanks in Western Sydney, Australia

2013  Ranked Critical Factors in PPP Briefings

2013  Residential Water Conservation in Australia and California

2013  Sustainable Performance Indicators for Australian Residential Buildings

2013  Turbulence and Suspended Sediment Measurements in an Urban Environment during the Brisbane River Flood of January 2011

2013  Uncontrolled Sprawl or Managed Growth? An Australian Case Study

2013  Using UV Spectroscopy and Molecular Weight Determinations to Investigate the Effect of Various Water Treatment Processes on NOM Removal: Australian Case Study

2013  Water Usage Optimization During Concrete Operations

2013  The Western Australia Goldfields Water Supply: An International Historic Civil Engineering Landmark

2013  When Do Mid-Project Reviews (MPRs) Deliver the Greatest Project Benefits? Comparative Analysis of Australian Review Outcomes

2012  Achieving the Green Building Council of Australia’s World Leadership Rating in an Office Building in Perth

2012  Analytical Solution for Drainflows from Bilevel Multiple-Drain Subsurface Drainage Systems

2012  Artificial Neural Network-Based Drought Forecasting Using a Nonlinear Aggregated Drought Index

2012  Characterization of Compacted Coal Wash As Structural Fill Material

2012  Complicated Working Time Arrangements: Construction Industry Case Study

2012  Cyclone Risk from Wind, Flood, and Storm Surge Perils in Australia: A Comprehensive Model

2012  Ecological Separation with Hydraulic Connectivity—An Engineering Solution to Eliminate Common Carp from Environmental Flows in Australia

2012  Effect of the New Australian Consumer Law on the Use of Standard-Form Contracts within the Australian Construction Industry

2012  Effectiveness of Engineered Log Jams in Reducing Streambank Erosion to the Great Barrier Reef: The O’Connell River, Queensland, Australia

2012  Foundation Preparation and Seepage Barrier Installation at The Wyaralong Dam Construction Project

2012  Fuzzy Set Theory Approach for Measuring the Performance of Relationship-Based Construction Projects in Australia

2012  Grouting of Anchors to Resist Hydrostatic Uplift at Burnley Tunnel, Melbourne, Australia

2012  Link between Flow Regime and the Catchment Hypsometry: Analysis of South Australian Basins

2012  A Methodology for Condition Assessment of Pressure Water Mains

2012  Overcoming Challenges with Jet Grouting at Sydney International Airport

2012  Participatory Action Research Approach to Public Sector Procurement Selection

2012  Planning, Design, and Constructability Aspects of Longer Trenchless Drives for Gravity Sewer Installations

2012  Role and Complexity of Integrated Water-Resources Management for Periurban Landscapes in Australia

2012  Stabilization of Abandoned Coal Mines for a Motorway Upgrade, Queensland, Australia

2012  Validation of SCS Method for Runoff Estimation

2011  Analysis of Morphological Changes in the Gold Coast Seaway

2011  Assessment Framework for the Impacts of Climate Change and Urbanization on Urban Drainage Systems

2011  Comparative Evaluation of Drought Indexes: Case Study on the Yarra River Catchment in Australia

2011  Composite Slurry Wall and Liner—A Full Scale Test

2011  Consolidation of Ground with Partially Penetrated PVDs Combined with Vacuum Preloading

2011  Cost Functions for Australia’s Railways

2011  Evaluation of Different Seed Mixtures for Grass Establishment to Mitigate Soil Erosion on Steep Slopes of Railway Batters

2011  Evaluation of Reference Evapotranspiration Estimation Methods under Southeast Australian Conditions

2011  Historical Calibration of a Water Account System

2011  Impact of the Capital Market Collapse on Public-Private Partnership Infrastructure Projects

2011  Lateral Displacements in Soft Soil Due to Installation of Vibro-Stone Columns Using the Dry Method

2011  Manufacture of Concrete Pipes Using CPL Technology

2011  Numerical Modeling of Storm Surge Induced by May 2009 East Coast Low in Gold Coast, Australia

2011  Performance and Prediction of Vacuum Combined Surcharge Consolidation at Port of Brisbane

2011  Prediction of Rainfall for Short Term Irrigation Planning and Scheduling—Case Study in Victoria, Australia

2011  Prediction of Short-Term Operational Water Levels Using an Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System

2011  Regional Flood Estimation in New South Wales Australia Using Generalized Least Squares Quantile Regression

2011  Risk/Reward Compensation Model for Civil Engineering Infrastructure Alliance Projects

2011  Seismic Design Approach for Large Counterfort Wall Retaining Structures

2011  Sewer Blockage Management: Australian Perspective

2011  Sewer Performance Reporting: Factors That Influence Blockages

2011  Shock Treatment: Adaptive Learning in Response to the South-East Queensland Oil Spill

2011  Stabilization of the Tutong River Entrance, Brunei: A Comprehensive Coastal Engineering Project

2011  Sustainable Supply

2011  A Training Program for Asset Management of Infrastructure Water Pipelines

2011  Treatment of Acidic Groundwater in Acid Sulfate Soil Terrain Using Recycled Concrete: Column Experiments

2011  Uncertainty Assessment of a Water-Quality Model for Ephemeral Rivers Using GLUE Analysis

2011  Use of Geosynthetics in Railways Including Geocomposites and Vertical Drains

2010  The Art of Science