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Found 91 Records with the keyword term of "Asymmetry"

2014  Bidirectional Pushover Analysis of Irregular Structures

2014  Enhanced Smooth Hysteretic Model with Degrading Properties

2013  Development of a New Asymmetric Anchor Plate for Prefabricated Vertical Drain Installation via Centrifuge Model Tests

2013  Effect of Torch Angle on Arc Properties and Weld Pool Shape in Stationary GTAW

2013  Symmetric and Asymmetric Collapse Mechanisms of a Multi-Story Steel Structure subjected to Gravity and Fire

2012  Construction Project Risk Management Based on the View of Asymmetric Information

2012  Identifying Lane-Change Maneuvers with Probe Vehicle Data and an Observed Asymmetry in Driver Accommodation

2012  Rigid Block Sliding to Idealized Acceleration Pulses

2012  Seismic Demand of Low-Rise Multistory Systems with General Asymmetry

2011  Nonlinear Response of Two-Way Asymmetric Single-Story Building under Biaxial Excitation

2011  Wheel/Rail Asymmetrical Problem of Railway Vehicles

2011  Wind-Excited Flutter Analysis of Asymmetric, Double Lanyard, and Single King-Tower Cable-Stayed Bridge

2010  Asymmetry in Directional Spreading Function of Random Waves due to Refraction

2010  Consolidation Behavior of Soils Subjected to Asymmetric Initial Excess Pore Pressure Distributions

2010  Graphical Determination of the Shear Center in Thin-Walled Asymmetrical U Profiles

2009  Calculating Bending Stresses in an Unsymmetrical Hybrid Beam

2009  Effects of Near-Fault Ground Shaking on Sliding Systems

2009  Seismic History Analysis of Asymmetric Buildings with Soil – Structure Initeraction

2008  Asymmetric Dynamic Green’s Functions in a Two-Layered Transversely Isotropic Half-Space

2008  Behavior of Torsional Effects of Asymmetric Pyramid Shape High Rise Building in Seismic Zone

2008  A Generalized Asymmetric Prandtl-Ishlinskii Model for Characterizing Hysteresis Nonlinearities

2008  Parametric Analysis of the Seismic Response of Irregular Topographic Features

2008  Simplified Method for Pushover Curves of Asymmetric Structure with Displacement-Dependent Passive Energy Dissipation Devices

2006  Asymmetric Flow in Symmetric Supercritical Expansions

2006  Optimal Nonlocal and Asymmetric Structural Damping using Regenerative Force Actuation Networks

2006  Spatial and Temporal Characteristics of Transient Extreme Wave Profiles on Depth-Varying Currents

2005  Assessment of Shear Deformations on the Seismic Response of Asymmetric Shear Wall Buildings

2005  Modal Pushover Analysis for Unsymmetric Buildings

2005  Response Control of Full-Scale Irregular Buildings using Magnetorheological Dampers

2005  Unusual Arrangement

2002  Design Details at an Office Building with Unusual Solutions

2002  Relationship between Vertical Wave Asymmetry and the Fourth Velocity Moment in the Surf Zone: Implications for Sediment Transport

2001  Bridges: Asymmetrical Pedestrian Overpass to Be Part of Denver’s Urban Renewal

2001  Role of Bed Discordance at Asymmetrical River Confluences

2000  Behavior of Composite Slim Floor Structures in Fire

2000  New Method for 3D and Asymmetrical Slope Stability Analysis

2000  Triply Coupled Vibration of Asymmetric Wall-Frame Structures

1999  Depth Inversion for Nonlinear Waves Shoaling over a Barred-Beach

1999  Modal Analysis of Linear Asymmetric Nonconservative Systems

1999  A New Formulation of Deterministic and Stochastic Evolution Equations for Three-Wave Interactions Involving Fully Dispersive Waves

1999  Nonlinear Seismic Response of Asymmetric Systems

1999  Optimum Size of Distorted Ripple Train for the Control of Cross-Shore Sediment Transport

1999  Seismic Control of Asymmetric Structures

1999  Size Gradation Effects in Sediment Transport

1998  Effective Cross Sections of Asymmetric Rings on Cylindrical Shells

1998  Solving Asymmetric Network Equilibrium Problems with Genetic Algorithms

1997  Asymmetric and Irregular Wave Effects on Bedload: Theory Versus Laboratory and Field Experiments

1997  Asymmetric Boundary Layer Flow Above Sand Ripples Under Progressive Waves

1997  Energy Based Approach to Earthquake Response of Asymmetric Systems

1997  Seismic Response of Asymmetric Systems: Energy-Based Approach

1996  Inelastic Behavior of Asymmetric Multistory Buildings

1996  Validation of a Model for Cross-Shore Sediment Transport

1995  Seismic Response of Asymmetric Structures to Multiple Ground Motions

1994  Asymmetric Flow into Well by Finite Elements

1994  Cables Over the Mississippi

1994  Experimental Study of Three-Dimensional Wave Breaking

1994  Hydrodynamic Processes on the Lower Shoreface of the Dutch Coast

1994  A League of Their Own

1994  Modified Eddy Viscosity Model in Fully Developed Asymmetric Channel Flows

1994  Velocity Measurements in Asymmetric Turbulent Channel Flows

1993  Evaluation of US Seismic Code Provisions for Asymmetric-Plan Systems

1993  Stiffness Design of 3-D Shear Buildings for Specified Seismic Drifts

1992  Bridge Barges Into New York

1992  Free Vibration Analysis of Asymmetric Buildings

1991  Bending of Nonsymmetric Sandwich Beams with Transversely Flexible Core

1991  Bottom Shear Stress and Friction Factor Due to the Asymmetric Wave Action

1991  Effects of Plan Asymmetry in Inelastic Seismic Response of One-Story Systems

1991  Improved Calculation of the Shoaling Wave Field

1991  Vortex at Hydraulic Intakes with Asymmetric Approach Flows

1990  Analysis of Ovalization of Buried Steel Pipe Due to Earth-Fill

1989  Analysis of Long Cantilever Cylindrical Shell Subjected to Wind Loading

1989  Initial Postcritical Analysis of Asymmetric Bifurcation in Frames

1986  Inelastic Earthquake Response of Asymmetric Structures

1985  The Asymmetric Structure of Alicia’s Windfield at Landfall

1985  Profile Asymmetry of Shoaling Waves on a Mild Slope

1984  Approximate Analysis of Asymmetric Buildings

1984  Seismic Analysis of Buildings by Component Mode Structures

1983  Asymmetric Plane Flow with Application to Ice Jams

1983  A Simple Dynamic Model for Asymmetrical Buildings

1983  Vibration of Asymetrical Building-Foundation Systems

1982  Asymmetric Flow in Symmetric Expansions

1982  Simplified P-Delta Analyses for Asymmetric Structures

1981  Asymmetric Bending of Polar Orthotropic Circular Plates

1979  Flow Characteristics in Two-Dimensional Expansions

1979  Nonsymmetrical Loadings on Pipe

1974  Stability of Asymmetric Structures—Research Needs

1969  Effect of Beach Slope and Shoaling on Wave Asymmetry

1969  Response of Slender Columns to Rapid Compression

1961  Asymmetrical Bending of Conical Shells

1936  An Asymmetric Probability Function

1924  Reactions for A Particular Type of Unsymmetrical Arch