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2015  Dynamic System for Prioritizing and Accelerating Inspections to Support Capital Renewal of Buildings

2015  Evaluation of Customer-Driven Level of Service for Water Infrastructure Asset Management

2015  Identifying Rehabilitation Options for Optimum Improvement in Municipal Asset Condition

2014  Asset Management of Earth Retaining Structures: Design through Design Life

2014  Condition Indices, Performance Measures, and Managing Performance Data for Geotechnical Asset Management – Don’t Get Buried!

2014  Continuous Quality Improvement Techniques for Data Collection in Asset Management Systems

2014  Decision Analysis of Preferred Methods for Locating Underground Conduits

2014  Demonstration and Evaluation of State-of-the-Art Wastewater Collection Systems Condition Assessment Technologies

2014  Development of a Water Infrastructure Knowledge Database

2014  Event-Based Approach to Optimize the Timing of Water Main Rehabilitation with Asset Management Strategies

2014  Framework for Monitoring and Assessing Performance Quality of Railway Network Infrastructure: Hellenic Railways Case Study

2014  From the Editorial Board

2014  Geotechnical Assets — Build and Forget or Manage for the Future?

2014  Knowledge-Based Optimization of Building Maintenance, Repair, and Renovation Activities to Improve Facility Life Cycle Investments

2014  Life Cycle Asset Management Methodologies for Buildings

2014  Managing Ancillary Transportation Assets: The State of the Practice

2014  Managing Geotechnical Assets to Improve Highway System Performance

2014  Multicriteria Assessment and Prioritization of Hospital Renewal Needs

2014  Network Level Data Collection for Asset Management of Bridge Approach Slabs

2014  Predicting the Timing of Water Main Failure Using Artificial Neural Networks

2014  Resilient Geotechnical Infrastructure Asset Management

2014  Risk-based Methods for Geotechnical Features in Transportation Asset Management

2014  Study on the Relationship between Asset Condition and Safety (Part I)

2014  Tecnicas de Mejora Continua de la Calidad de la Recoleccion de Datos en Sistemas de Gerencia de Capital de Infraestructura

2014  Using a Negative Binomial Regression Model with a Bayesian Tuner to Estimate Failure Probability for Sewerage Infrastructure

2013  Accounting for Network Effects in Railway Asset Management

2013  Asset Management Program Development and Implementation for the Port of Tacoma - Port of Tacoma, Tacoma, WA

2013  BEM & WIP Technology for Condition Assessment of Pipelines & other Engineering Assets

2013  Case Study - Developing and Implementing an Asset Management Program Aligned to the Business Needs of One Seaport at its Centennial

2013  The Challenge of Managing Your Assets in a Densely Populated Area: Using Trenchless Technologies to Minimize Public Impact

2013  Climate Change Influence on Priority Setting for Transportation Infrastructure Assets

2013  Contested Factors for Sustainability: Construction and Management of Household On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems

2013  Creating Information Value Chains to Support Asset Management

2013  Decision Tree-Based Deterioration Model for Buried Wastewater Pipelines

2013  Development of a Roadway Index for the North Texas Tollway Authority

2013  Dynamic Contracting Mechanism for Pavement Maintenance Management

2013  ICPTT 2013, Trenchless Technology

2013  Improving In-Building Asset Localization by Offset Vector and Convergence Calibration Methods

2013  Large-Scale Asset Renewal Optimization Using Genetic Algorithms plus Segmentation

2013  Network-Level Pavement Asset Management System Integrated with Life-Cycle Analysis and Life-Cycle Optimization

2013  Optimal Decision Making of Interdependent Tollway Capital Investments Incorporating Risk and Uncertainty

2013  Optimal R&R Planning Using Advanced Quantified Risk Approach for Water Distribution Pipe

2013  Research on the Stability of Real Estate Corporate Earnings Influenced by Assets Structure

2013  The Right Technology for Asset Management Programs

2013  Strategic Asset Management Modeling Project: A Change in Thinking about Life

2013  Water Main Breaks: Risk Assessment and Investment Strategies

2012  3-D Digital Image Correlation—An Underused Asset for Structural Testing

2012  Capability Model to Improve Infrastructure Asset Performance

2012  Case Study of Occupant Costs in Roof Management

2012  Condition Assessment for 72" CMP Culverts for Storm Drain in Diamond Peak Ski Resort Project

2012  Development of a Microscopic Simulation to Model Traffic Sign Management and Performance

2012  Framework for Multiobjective Optimization of Physical Highway Assets Investments

2012  Integrated Modeling Systems for Bridge Asset Management—Case Study

2012  Internal Governance of Design and Engineering: The Case of the Multinational Firm

2012  Long Term Asset Condition and Discolouration Modelling in Water Distribution Systems with Epanet MSX

2012  Modeling Geospatial Interdependence for Integrated Municipal Infrastructure

2012  Optimal Multiasset Maintenance Budget Allocation in Highway Asset Management

2012  A System-Centric Approach to Infrastructure Asset Management Planning

2012  Theoretical Framework for Transportation Infrastructure Asset Management Based on Review of Best Practices

2012  Trade-Off Analysis for Multiobjective Optimization in Transportation Asset Management by Generating Pareto Frontiers Using Extreme Points Nondominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm II

2011  Asset Management Answer to an EPA Order

2011  Asset Management Assessment Model for State Departments of Transportation

2011  Asset Management Likelihood of Failure Scoring Improved by Condition Assessment Scoring Integration Techniques

2011  Asset Management of Asbestos Cement Pipes Using Acoustic Methods: Theory and Case Studies

2011  Dynamic Deterioration Models for Sewer Pipe Network

2011  Introduction of Mobile Asset Management Technology to a Mid-Size Utility

2011  It’s Never Easy... Development and Implementation of a Comprehensive Force Main Condition Assessment

2011  A New Form of Asset Management for Sewer Networks

2011  Optimal Performance Threshold Determination for Highway Asset Interventions: Analytical Framework and Application

2011  Portland’s Water Distribution Pipes Asset Management Plan

2011  Practical Application of Force Main Condition Assessment Methodologies for Long Term Asset Management Needs

2011  Relating Land Use and Transport Modeling with Transportation Asset Management

2011  Risk-Based Linear Asset Management at Fort Collins Utilities

2011  Sewer Performance Reporting: Factors That Influence Blockages

2011  Smart Pipes: The Future for Proactive Asset Management

2011  A Study of Implementation of IP-S2 Mobile Mapping Technology for Highway Asset Condition Assessment

2011  A Training Program for Asset Management of Infrastructure Water Pipelines

2011  Using Real Age As a Better Indicator of Predicting Asset Remaining Life

2010  Application of Decision Support Models in Asset Management of Sewer Networks: Framework and Case Study

2010  Assessing the Agreement among Pavement Condition Indexes

2010  Assessment of PVC Joints Using Ultrasound

2010  Asset Management for Urban Wastewater Pipeline Networks

2010  Asset Management of a Failing 36" Ductile Iron Sewage Force Main

2010  Community-Driven and Reliability-Based Budget Allocation for Water Networks

2010  GIS Asset Management of New Capital Projects

2010  Implementation of a Risk Based Asset Management Program: Aurora Water’s Story

2010  Integrated Conveyance Condition Assessment Techniques Support Asset Management and Capacity Driven Projects

2010  Integrated Decision-Support Framework for Municipal Infrastructure Asset

2010  Integrating LID into Your Asset Management Program

2010  Optimal Scheduling of Replacement and Rehabilitation in Wastewater Pipeline Networks

2010  Review of Wireless Sensors for Road and Bridge Asset Management

2010  Use of Trenchless Technologies for a Comprehensive Asset Management of Culverts and Drainage Structures

2009  Adding Value to Sanitary Sewers — An Important Asset of Municipalities

2009  An Asset Management Definition of Pipe Rehabilitation Success or Failure

2009  Asset Valuation Model for Sewer Pipe Infrastructure System

2009  Building Envelope Life Cycle Condition Evaluation Using a Distress-Based Methodology

2009  Coming Down the Pipeline: Asset Management of PCCP Conveyance Systems

2009  Data Integration of Pavement Markings: A Case in Transportation Asset Management

2009  A Decision-Making Framework to Assess Stakeholder Value in Adoption of Sustainable Practices in Construction

2009  Economic Considerations of Corrosion Control Strategies for Water and Wastewater Transmission Pipelines