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2014  ANP Experiment for Demolition Plan Evaluation

2014  Data Collection and Organization by Smartphone for Infrastructure Assessment

2013  Computer-Aided Assessment of Progressive Collapse of Reinforced Concrete Structures according to GSA Code

2013  Criticality Assessment of Lifeline Infrastructure for Enhancing Disaster Response

2013  Hurricane Ike Field Investigations, A Report of Field Operations on October 3-6, 2008

2013  New Integrated Condition-Assessment Model for Combined Storm-Sewer Systems

2013  Performance of Ductile Iron Pipes. II: Sampling Scheme and Inferring the Pipe Condition

2013  Thermal Buckling Behavior of Open Cylindrical Oil Storage Tanks under Fire

2012  Assessment of Soil Modeling Capability for Orion Contingency Land Landing

2012  Condition Assessment for 72" CMP Culverts for Storm Drain in Diamond Peak Ski Resort Project

2012  Condition Assessment of Live PCCP Lines with Free-Swimming Electromagnetic Inspection System

2012  Effects Assessment of Emergency Treatment Project of Qinshui CBM Pipeline Landslide

2012  Error Assessment for Spectral Representation Method in Random Field Simulation

2012  Flying Bird Detection and Hazard Assessment for Avian Radar System

2012  In-Service Condition Assessment of Bridge Deck Using Long-Term Monitoring Data of Strain Response

2012  Methodology for Assessing the Sustainability of Metro Systems Based on Emergy Analysis

2012  The Need for Indices to Assess the Health of the Construction Industry

2012  New Approach for the Assessment of High-Speed Rail Projects and How to Contain Cost Overruns: Lessons from the EVA-TREN Project

2012  Post-Disaster Robotic Building Assessment: Automated 3D Crack Detection from Image-Based Reconstructions

2012  Program Accelerates Postearthquake Evaluations

2012  Structural Identification of a Deteriorated Reinforced Concrete Bridge

2011  Accounting for Ground-Motion Spectral Shape Characteristics in Structural Collapse Assessment through an Adjustment for Epsilon

2011  Accuracy Assessment of the National Geodetic Survey’s OPUS-RS Utility

2011  Analysis of Freeway Weaving Section: A Review and Assessment of Methods

2011  Analysis Techniques for Terrorist Risk Assessment and Mitigation of Bridges

2011  Application of Latent Semantic Analysis for Conceptual Cost Estimates: Assessment in the Construction Industry

2011  Applying Multivariate Data Analysis as Objective Method for Calculating the Location Index for Use in Urban Tree Appraisal

2011  Assessing an Engineering Day Camp for Middle-School Girls

2011  Assessing Existing Theater Structures and Rigging Infrastructure for Large Production Demands

2011  Assessment and Reduction of Transportation Structure Vulnerability: Past, Present, and Future

2011  Assessment Method of Environmental Factors in Traffic Accident Prevention

2011  Assessment of Air Quality and Performance of Central Ventilation System

2011  Assessment of Permanent Deformation Behavior of Asphalt Concrete by Improved Triaxial Cyclic Compression Testing

2011  An Assessment of Surface Wave Techniques at the Texas A&M National Geotechnical Experimentation Site

2011  Concrete Bridge Condition Assessment with Impact Echo Scanning

2011  Distant Damage-Assessment Method for Multilayer Composite Systems Using Electromagnetic Waves

2011  Efficient and Effective Quality Assessment of As-Is Building Information Models and 3D Laser-Scanned Data

2011  Engineering Procedure for the Climate Change Flood Risk Assessment in the Upper Thames River Basin

2011  Environmental Assessment Concerning Environmental Load Reduction at Highway Service Areas in Japan by Introducing Low Environmental Load Toilets

2011  Environmental Impact Assessment for Transportation Projects: Case Study Using Remote-Sensing Technology, Geographic Information Systems, and Spatial Modeling

2011  Estimation of the Probability Distribution of Wave Velocity in Wood Poles

2011  Framework for Modeling Mass Disasters

2011  Fuzzy AHP-Based Risk Assessment Methodology for PPP Projects

2011  Image-Based 3D Reconstruction and Recognition for Enhanced Highway Condition Assessment

2011  Improving the Performance of Gypsum Wallboard in Wood Frame Shear Walls

2011  Integrating Sustainability into Highway Projects: Sustainability Indicators and Assessment Tool for Michigan Roads

2011  Integrating WRc and CERIU Condition Assessment Models and Classification Protocols for Sewer Pipelines

2011  Maturity Model for Supply Chain Relationships in Construction

2011  A Novel Crack Detection Approach for Condition Assessment of Structures

2011  Pavement Condition Assessment Using Fuzzy Logic Theory and Analytic Hierarchy Process

2011  Prioritizing Sustainability Criteria in Urban Planning Processes: Methodology Application

2011  Quantitative Support for a Qualitative Foundation Reuse Assessment Tool

2011  Responses of Buildings with Different Structural Types to Excavation-Induced Ground Settlements

2011  Risk Assessment Methodology for a Deep Foundation Pit Construction Project in Shanghai, China

2011  Study of Verrazano-Narrows Bridge Movements during a New York City Marathon

2011  Study on the Method Selection for Building Safety Risk Assessment in China

2011  Traffic Generated by Mixed-Use Developments—Six-Region Study Using Consistent Built Environmental Measures

2011  Understanding Uncertainty: Assessment and Management of Geotechnical Risk in Tunnel Construction

2011  Use of Wavelet-Based Damage-Sensitive Features for Structural Damage Diagnosis Using Strong Motion Data

2010  Activity Overlapping Assessment in Construction, Oil, and Gas Projects

2010  Alternatives for Condition Assessment of Small Diameter Sewage Force Mains

2010  Assessing the Agreement among Pavement Condition Indexes

2010  An Assessment of Barriers to LID Implementation in the Pacific Northwest and Efforts to Remove Those Barriers

2010  Assessment of Dam Operations for a Severe Drought in Korea

2010  Assessment of Direct Work Utilization at the Workface in the U.S. Construction Industry (1972-2008)

2010  Assessment of Existing Structures Based on Identification

2010  Assessment of Responsibilities of Project Teams for Owner Managing Contractor Tasks-A Fuzzy Consensus Approach

2010  Assessment of the Impact of Inter-Organizational Interactions on Project Metrics

2010  Calculation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions Associated with Highway Construction Projects Using an Integrated Life Cycle Assessment Approach

2010  Comparative Assessment of Civil Infrastructure Network Performance under Probabilistic and Scenario Earthquakes

2010  Condition Assessment Methods for AC Pipe and Current Practices

2010  Condition Assessment of 108 Miles of Water Transmission Laterals

2010  Condition Assessment of a Pre-Stressed Concrete Cylinder Pipe While In Service

2010  Condition Assessment of Corrosion-Distressed Reinforced Concrete Buildings Using Fuzzy Logic

2010  Condition Assessment of In-Service Ferous Mains

2010  Critical Assessment of Pavement Distress Segmentation Methods

2010  Detection of Changes in Global Structural Stiffness Coefficients Using Acceleration Feedback

2010  Does a Technology Incubator Work in the Regional Economy? Evidence from South Korea

2010  Evaluation of the Biocriteria of Streams in the San Diego Hydrologic Region

2010  Fatigue Damage Assessment of the In-Service Bridge Based on the Traffic Investigation

2010  Handling the Temperature Effect in Vibration Monitoring: Two Subspace-Based Analytical Approaches

2010  Importance of the Tail in Truck Weight Modeling for Bridge Assessment

2010  Influence Factor-Based Safety Risk Assessment Methodology for Construction Site

2010  An Integrated Condition Assessment Model for Buildings

2010  Interactive GIS Tools for Sewer Assessment, Sewer Rehabilitation, and I/I Reduction

2010  Large-Diameter RCP Condition Assessment Program — A Progressive Approach

2010  Life Cycle Assessment Modeling of Heavy Construction Activities

2010  Life Cycle Structural Performance Assessment of Offshore Fixed Platforms

2010  Machine Vision-Based Concrete Surface Quality Assessment

2010  Material Characterization of the Historical Unreinforced Masonry Akaretler Row Houses in Istanbul

2010  Mobile Ad Hoc Network-Enabled Collaboration Framework Supporting Civil Engineering Emergency Response Operations

2010  Multivariate Statistical Approach to Structural Damage Detection

2010  Nondestructive Testing of GFRP Bridge Decks Using Ground Penetrating Radar and Infrared Thermography

2010  NPS Retaining Wall Inventory and Assessment Program (WIP): 3,500 Walls Later

2010  n-Spectra: A New IM for Improved Structural Response Assessment

2010  Probabilistic Approach for Budgeting in Portfolio of Projects

2010  Quantification of the Environmental Benefits of Ultrafine/Nanotitanium Dioxide Photocatalyst Coatings for Concrete Pavement Using Hybrid Life-Cycle Assessment

2010  Quantitative Risk Assessment of Cut-Slope Projects under Construction

2010  Rating City and County of Denver Urban Pavement Constructability Using a Profiler

2010  Real-Time Water Quality Assessment with Bayesian Belief Networks