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2015  Analysis of Rutting Prediction Criteria Using a Nonlinear Viscoelastic Model

2015  Asphalt Binders Blended with a High Percentage of Biobinders: Aging Mechanism Using FTIR and Rheology

2015  Bayesian Method to Determine the Dynamic Material Characteristics of Hot-Mix Asphalt

2015  Characterization of the Optical and Mechanical Properties of Innovative Multifunctional Thermochromic Asphalt Binders

2015  Characterization of Warm Mix Asphalt through Resonant Column Testing

2015  Curing of Asphalt Emulsified Tack Coat Subjected to Malaysian Weather Conditions

2015  DEM Simulation of Laboratory Compaction of Asphalt Mixtures Using an Open Source Code

2015  Development of an Innovative Uniaxial Compression Test to Evaluate Permanent Deformation of Asphalt Mixtures

2015  Effect of Fatigue Cyclic Loading on the Linear Viscoelastic Properties of Bituminous Mixtures

2015  Effect of Rectorite and Its Organic Modification on Properties of Bitumen

2015  Estimation of Polypropylene Concentration of Modified Bitumen Images by Using k-NN and SVM Classifiers

2015  Evaluation of the Rheological Properties and Activation Energy of Virgin and Recovered Asphalt Binder Blends

2015  Impact of Antistrip Additives on the Long-Term Aging Rheological Properties of Asphalt Binders

2015  Intensifying the Road Performance of Asphalt Concrete by Matching the Size Distribution of Short-Thin Straw Pieces and Aggregate Framework

2015  Investigation and Prediction Model for the Dynamic Modulus of Asphalt Emulsion Cold Recycled Mixtures

2015  Investigation of the Asphalt Self-Healing Mechanism Using a Phase-Field Model

2015  Investigation on the Properties of Asphalt Mixtures Containing Antifreeze Fillers

2015  Laboratory Evaluation of Warm-Mix Asphalt Mixtures for Moisture and Rutting Susceptibility

2015  Molecular Dynamics Simulation to Investigate the Influence of SBS on Molecular Agglomeration Behavior of Asphalt

2015  New Predictive Equations for Dynamic Modulus and Phase Angle Using a Nonlinear Least-Squares Regression Model

2015  Nonlinear Viscoelastic Model for Describing the Response of Asphalt Binders within the Context of a Gibbs-Potential-Based Thermodynamic Framework

2015  Novel Method to Prepare Activated Crumb Rubber Used for Synthesis of Activated Crumb Rubber Modified Asphalt

2015  Precision Study for Dynamic Modulus Testing of Asphalt Concrete Using Independent Assurance Testing

2015  Reclaimed Asphalt Test Specimen Preparation Assisted by Image Analysis

2015  Rutting Characteristics of Styrene-Ethylene/Propylene-Styrene Polymer Modified Asphalt

2015  Selection of Preoverlay Repair Methods for Asphalt Overlay on Asphaltic and Composite Pavements in Wisconsin Based on Cost Effectiveness

2015  Stochastic Identification of Linear-Viscoelastic Models of Aged and Unaged Asphalt Mixtures

2015  Surface Structuring of Wax in Complex Media

2015  Towards a Mechanistic Understanding of Moisture Damage in Asphalt Concrete

2015  Use of a Variable Rate Spray Bar to Minimize Wheel Path Bleeding for Asphalt-Rubber Chip Seal Applications

2014  Adherence Energy of Asphalt Thin Films Measured by Force-Displacement Atomic Force Microscopy

2014  Aging Influence on Rheology Properties of Petroleum-Based Asphalt Modified with Biobinder

2014  Anisotropic Characterization of Crack Growth in the Tertiary Flow of Asphalt Mixtures in Compression

2014  Anisotropic Nonlinear Elastoviscoplastic Model for Rutting of Asphalt Mixtures

2014  Assessment of Fatigue Resistance of Additivated Asphalt Concrete Incorporating Fibers and Polymers

2014  Behavior of Natural Fiber in Stone Matrix Asphalt Mixtures Using Two Design Methods

2014  Calibration of Pavement ME Design and Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design Guide Performance Prediction Models for Iowa Pavement Systems

2014  Characteristics of Asphalt Binders Foamed in the Laboratory to Produce Warm Mix Asphalt

2014  Characterization of Trackless Tacks Using Fracture Mechanics

2014  Characterizing Fatigue Behavior of Asphalt Mixtures Utilizing Loaded Wheel Tester

2014  Characterizing Rheological Properties of Binder and Blending Efficiency of Asphalt Paving Mixtures Containing RAS through GPC

2014  Compaction Characters of Asphalt Mixture of Variable Thickness

2014  Comparing Effects of Biobinder with Other Asphalt Modifiers on Low-Temperature Characteristics of Asphalt

2014  Cooling Time Estimation of Newly Placed Hot-Mix Asphalt Pavement in Different Weather Conditions

2014  Creep-Recovery Behavior of Asphalt Binders Modified with SBS and PPA

2014  Dependence of Volumetric Parameters of Hot-Mix Asphalts on Testing Methods

2014  Design, Analysis, and Asphalt Material Characterization for Road and Airfield Pavements

2014  Design Method of Asphalt Pavement with Roller Compacted Concrete Base

2014  Determination of Mechanical Properties of Cement Asphalt Mortar via UPV Method

2014  Development of Pavement Performance Prediction Models for the Colombian Highway Network

2014  Development of Sustainable Cold Rolled Surface Course Asphalt Mixtures Using Waste Fly Ash and Silica Fume

2014  Effect of Polyethylene Grafted with Maleic Anhydride on Asphalt Properties

2014  Effects of Physio-Chemical Factors on Asphalt Aging Behavior

2014  Effects of Tire Inclination on the HMA Pavement Shear Stress-Strain Response: 2-D Computational Modeling

2014  Endurance Limit for HMA Based on Healing Concept Using Uniaxial Tension-Compression Fatigue Test

2014  Engineering Physical Properties of Asphalt Binders through Nanoclay-Asphalt Interactions

2014  Evaluating the Effect of Zycosoil on Moisture Damage of Hot-Mix Asphalt Using the Surface Energy Method

2014  Evaluation of Doweled Joints in Concrete Pavements Using Three-Dimensional Finite Element Analysis

2014  Evaluation of Hydraulic Permeability of Open-Graded Asphalt Mixes Using a Full Numerical Simulation

2014  Evaluation of Moisture Sorption and Diffusion Characteristics of Asphalt Mastics Using Manual and Automated Gravimetric Sorption Techniques

2014  Evaluation of Permanent Deformation in Asphalt Overlays Using Default Finite Element Tools in ABAQUS

2014  Evaluation of the Mechanical Properties of Field- and Laboratory-Compacted Hot-Mix Asphalt

2014  Evaluation of the Stress Distributions Due to Tire Loading in Layered Structures at Elevated Gravitational Loads

2014  Evaluation of Viscosity and Rutting Properties of Nanoclay-Modified Asphalt Binders

2014  Experimental Research on Properties of Fresh and Hardened Rubberized Concrete

2014  Experimental Study on Pore Clogging of a Porous Pavement under Surface Runoff

2014  Field Performance Evaluation of Ultra-Thin Whitetopping Overlay in Louisiana

2014  Foam Concrete-Based Soft Ground Arresting System for Runways

2014  Fracture Healing Properties of Asphaltic Material under Controlled Damage

2014  Frequency and Temperature Interactive Effects on Hot Mix Permanent Deformation Using Response Surface Methodology

2014  Front Matter

2014  Generalized Phenomenological Model for the Viscoelasticity of Idealized Asphalts

2014  Heterogeneous Finite-Element Modeling of the Dynamic Complex Modulus Test of Asphalt Mixture Using X-ray Computed Tomography

2014  Improving Hot Mix Asphalt Production Using Computer Simulation and Real Time Optimization

2014  Influence Analysis of Thermal Stress of Flexible Function-Layer to the Cement Concrete Pavement Structure

2014  Influence of Aggregate Gradation on Clogging Characteristics of Porous Asphalt Mixtures

2014  Influence of Asphalt Surfacing on Fatigue Evaluation of Rib-to-Deck Joints in Orthotropic Steel Bridge Decks

2014  Innovative Approach to Characterizing Damage Evolution in Asphalt Concrete during Fatigue Tests

2014  Investigating the Effects of Loading Frequency and Temperature on Moisture Sensitivity of SBS-Modified Asphalt Mixtures

2014  Investigation of the Rheological Modification Mechanism of Warm-Mix Additives on Crumb-Rubber-Modified Asphalt

2014  Laboratory Investigation and Field Validation of the Cross-Anisotropy of Field Cored Asphalt Sample

2014  Lessons from 20 Years’ Experience of Pavement Management Systems on National Highways in Korea: Focus on Distress Survey

2014  Long-Term Performance Evaluation of Rural Road Pavements in India

2014  Mechanical Property Characterization of Warm-Mix Asphalt Prepared with Chemical Additives

2014  Modeling Mode I Cracking Failure in Asphalt Binder by Using Nonconserved Phase-Field Model

2014  Modeling the Primary and Secondary Regions of Creep Curves for SBS-Modified Asphalt Mixtures under Dry and Wet Conditions

2014  Monitoring of Joint Cracking Development in Concrete Pavement with Concrete Embedment Strain Gages

2014  Multiple Stress Creep-Recovery Test of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate and Polyphosphoric Acid-Modified Binder

2014  Multiscale Evaluation of the Composite Asphalt Binder in High-Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement Mixtures

2014  Nanoindentation Characterization of Asphalt Concrete Aging

2014  Nanomechanical Characterization Effect of Mica and Aging on Asphalt Binder

2014  Non-Contact Methods to Predict Skid Resistance of Wet Pavement

2014  Novel Testing Procedure for Assessment of Quality of Foamed Warm Mix Asphalt Binders

2014  Numerical Analysis of Reflective Cracking in an Asphalt Concrete Overlay over a Flexible Pavement

2014  Performance Assessment of a Warm Asphalt Binder in the Presence of Water by Using Surface Free Energy Concepts and Nanoscale Techniques

2014  Performance of Paving Fabric Reinforced Asphalt Mixture

2014  Poisson’s Ratio of Hot Asphalt Mixtures Determined by Relaxation and Small Amplitude Oscillation Tests

2014  Portuguese Experience on Asphalt Pavements Design Supported by In Situ Performance Evaluations

2014  Prevention through Design: Health Hazards in Asphalt Roofing

2014  Quality Assurance of Performance Data for Pavement Management Systems