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2015  Model-Based Assessment of Water, Food, and Energy Trade-Offs in a Cascade of Multipurpose Reservoirs: Case Study of the Sesan Tributary of the Mekong River

2014  After Sandy: Rethinking Flood Risk Management in Asian Coastal Megacities

2014  Baku Beauty

2014  Developing Cost Estimation Models for Road Rehabilitation and Reconstruction: Case Study of Projects in Europe and Central Asia

2014  Grace Under Pressure

2014  Risk Management Strategies for Privatized Infrastructure Projects: Study of the Build-Operate-Transfer Approach in East Asia and the Pacific

2014  Springtime Snowmelt and Streamflow Predictions in the Himalayan Mountains

2013  Assessment of Flow Changes from Hydropower Development and Operations in Sekong, Sesan, and Srepok Rivers of the Mekong Basin

2013  Dynamics of Transport Systems and Regional Balance: A Package of Policy Strategies for the Eastern Asian Region

2013  Fault Displacement Hazard Analysis for the Seismic Design of Oil and Gas Pipeline

2013  The future of energy is the theme of EXPO-2017, an event to be held in Astana, Kazakhstan, and of the winning design for the exposition...

2013  Managing Sediment in the Mekong River Basin: Tradeoffs between Hydropower and the Environment

2013  Model Investigations on Wave Disturbance and Vessel Movements in Dawei Sea Port, Myanmar

2013  Protection Measures for Pipeline in Karst Area

2013  Snowmelt Runoff Simulation Using HEC-HMS in a Himalayan Watershed

2013  Urban Oasis

2012  Application of RCM-Based Climate Change Indices in Assessing Future Climate: Part II—Precipitation Concentration

2012  Application of RCM-Based Climate Change Indices in Assessing Future Climate: Part I—Temperature Extremes

2012  Assessing the Potential Sediment-Related Impacts of Hydropower Development in the Mekong River Basin

2012  Impact of Transportation Infrastructure on Development in East Africa and the Indian Ocean Region

2012  The Move to Universal Water Metering and Volumetric Pricing in Armenia

2012  NewsBriefs: Mongolia Fights Warming by Keeping City on Ice (The Guardian)

2012  Performance-Based Vibration Design Methodology for Pedestrian Bridges

2012  Soft Computing-Based Workable Flood Forecasting Model for Ayeyarwady River Basin of Myanmar

2012  Standardization of Reference Evapotranspiration Models for a Subhumid Valley Rangeland in the Eastern Himalayas

2012  Study on the Operation Management Mode of Newly-Built Railway from China to Burma

2011  Calculating the Benefits of Transboundary River Basin Cooperation: Syr Darya Basin

2011  Critical Success Factors for Bond Financing of Construction Projects in Asia

2011  International Events Endorsed by the Geo-Institute, GeoHunan International Conference II, 5th International Conference on Debris Flow Hazards Mitigation, and IS-Seoul 2011.

2011  Monitoring and Surveillance of Groundwater Arsenic Contamination in the Brahmaputra Floodplain in Assam

2011  Observations and Modeling of Cyclone Nargis Storm Surge in Myanmar

2011  Operational Hazard Weather Forecast in East and South Asia on 5–15 Day Time Scale

2011  Reconstruction of Historical Atmospheric Data by a Hydroclimate Model for the Mekong River Basin

2010  Caspian Sea Negotiation Support System

2010  Challenges in Transportation Planning for Asian Cities

2010  Cost Structure of Urban Bus Operations in Yangon, Myanmar

2010  Countermeasures of Integrated Transportation System in Asia

2010  Dynamic Analysis of Municipal Solid Waste Landfills in Central Asia

2010  New International Logistics Corridor through Building an Undersea Tunnel in Northeast Asia

2010  River Water Pollution Modeling under Climate Change in Kura-Araks Basin for Watershed Management.

2010  Route Choice Analysis of Bus-Use Commuters in Yangon, Myanmar

2010  Threshold of Natural Ritical Wind Velocity for Driving Safety in Pastoral Area

2009  150m Tall ’Tent’ Designed as Kazakh Entertainment Center

2009  The Behaviour of Tuned Liquid Dampers—Experiment and Analytical Solution

2009  How to Save the Second Aral Sea?

2009  Investigating Aquatic Ecosystems of Small Lakes in Khorezm, Uzbekistan

2009  NewsBriefs: New Community Built for Tsunami Survivors

2009  NewsBriefs: Roads Will Help Improve Kazakhstan’s Economy

2009  Pipeline Failure and Replacement in Kazakhstan

2008  Adjudication: Singapore Perspective

2008  Ambient Noise Site Investigation of a Representative MSW Landfill in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

2008  Are Asian Cities Leading the Way to Sustainable Mobility?

2008  Back Matter

2008  Building Hazard Resilient Communities in Coastal Southeast Asia: Lessons for Research, Policy, and Practice

2008  Characterization of Landfills in Central Asia by Means of Site Investigations and Landfill Simulation in Laboratory Bioreactors

2008  Climate Change Impact on the Southwest Monsoon Modulated Freshwater Pulsation and Consequent Nutrient Flux Variability in the Continental Shelf of the Northern Indian Ocean

2008  Disaster Risk Assessment and Mitigation, Arrival of the South Asia Tsunami Wave in Thailand

2008  Front Matter

2008  Index

2008  Retracted: Alam, Bhuiyan M. (2008). "Trans.Boundary Water Sharing of the Ganges River: A Regional Planning Approach." World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2008: Ahupua’a., doi: 10.1061/40976(316)261.

2008  Strategies Adopted by International Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Firms in Southeast Asia

2008  Structures: Singapore Mall Complex Features Monocoque Canopy, Media Walls

2008  A Transportation Appraisal of Mineral Fuel Trade for Asia

2008  Water Quality and Aquatic Ecosystems of Irrigation Runoff Lakes in Khorezm, Uzbekistan

2007  Bridges: Record-Breaking Suspension Span to Link Two Continents

2007  Distributed Entrainment Sink Approach for Modeling Mixing and Transport in the Intermediate Field

2007  Effects of the 2004 Great Sumatra Tsunami: Southeast Indian Coast

2007  Prediction of Monsoon Rainfall Using Large Scale Climate Signals: A Case Study

2007  Runup and Inundation along the Indian Peninsula, Including the Andaman Islands, due to Great Indian Ocean Tsunami

2007  Simulation of Processes Involved in Soil Salinization to Guide Soil Remediation

2007  Strategic Decision Support for Resolving Conflict over Water Sharing among Countries along the Syr Darya River in the Aral Sea Basin

2007  Structures: Tower Lifts Olympic Torch to New Heights

2006  A Hydrologic Analysis on Inundation in the Flooding Area of the Mekong Delta, Cambodia: The Combined Deterministic and Stochastic Models for Flood Forecasting

2006  Suction and its Effects on Shear Strength of Unsaturated Undisturbed Samples of a Volcanic Pumiceous Soil

2006  Survey of Sustainable Building Design Practices in North America, Europe, and Asia

2006  Valuing Fisheries and Wetlands using Integrated Economic-Hydrologic Modeling — Mekong River Basin

2005  ASCE’s Response To the Tsunami Disaster

2005  Assessment of Fire Hazard in Small News Agents in Transport Terminal Halls

2005  Buildings: Simple, Economical House Design to Resist Future Tsunamis

2005  Dams: Financing Finalized for $1.2 – Billion Hydroelectric Project in Laos

2005  Dispatches from Tsunami Teams in Thailand and Sri Lanka Underscore Catastrophic Damage and Loss of Critical Infrastructure

2005  In the Field: Engineering Groups Donated $35,000 for Tsunami Recovery Efforts

2005  Linking Southeast Asia

2005  Researchers Confirm Asian Tsunami Detected by Hydrophones

2005  Short Takes: ASCE Teams Assess Tsunami Damage in South Asia

2005  Tsunami Run-up — A Hydraulic Perspective

2005  Tunnels: Vietnam Completes Longest Highway Tunnel in Southeast Asia

2005  U.N. Announces Plans for Tsunami Warning System in Indian Ocean

2004  The Determination of Optimal Work Start Time

2004  Flux and Bioavailability of Phosphorus in the Solute and Sediment Loads of the Brahmaputra River: Sustainable Management of a Key Resource

2004  Forecasting Domestic Water Use in Rapidly Urbanizing Areas in Asia

2004  Highways: Asian Nations Plan International Road Network

2004  Hydro-Ecological Situation in the Basin of the River Zaravshan in Uzbekistan

2004  Infrastructure Assessment in the Context of Rapid Urbanization: The Case of Cambodia

2004  Rail: Immersed Tube to Link Two Continents

2003  Interdisciplinary Design Case Studies in Europe and Southeast Asia

2003  System Dynamics Approach to Exploring Performance Enhancement in a Construction Organization

2002  Analyzing Asian Infrastructure Development Privatization Market

2002  Build-Operate-Transfer-Type Procurement in Asian Megaprojects

2002  Editor’s Note