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Found 50 Records with the keyword term of "Asbestos"

2012  Asbestos-Cement Pipe Condition Assessment and Development of Optimum Replacement Methodology

2012  Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Asbestos and Lead Building Materials in Schools: Goal and Scope Definition

2010  Acoustic Based Condition Assessment of Asbestos Cement Water Transmission Laterals

2010  Condition Assessment Methods for AC Pipe and Current Practices

2010  Safety and Waste Management of Asbestos Cement Pipes

2009  AC Pipe in North America: Rehabilitation/Replacement Methods and Current Practices

2009  Selecting Appropriate Analytical Methods to Characterize Asbestos in Various Media

2009  U.S. EPA Declares Libby Asbestos Site a ’Public Health Emergency’

2002  Demolition of Gypsum Wallboard with Asbestos-Containing Mastic

2001  An Approach for Investigating Potential Asbestos Exposure Using a Dispersion Model

2000  Asbestos Can’t Be Overlooked When Renovating

2000  Walled In (Available in Geo-Environmental Special Issue only)

1998  Environmental Assessments to Facilitate Property Acquisitions for a Transportation Corridor Realignment: Case Study in the Port of Los Angeles

1997  Owens Corning China Stake

1993  Australian Researchers Burn Down the House

1992  Asbestos Melting, Reuse Could Ease Landfill Demand

1991  More Bad News About Asbestos

1991  Start-ups

1990  Remediating A Fire Site

1990  Residual Stresses in Asbestos-Cement Pipes

1989  The Asbestos Agenda

1989  Challenges Posed by Large-Scale Asbestos Abatement Projects in Occupied High-Rise Buildings

1989  Ft. Huachuca, AZ Fire Site Hazardous Waste Remedial Action

1989  A High-Rise Asbestos Processing Mill Building

1988  Current Issues in Asbestos Removal

1988  Doe Nuke Plant Fights Asbestos

1988  Evaluation of Air Quality Methods in the Asbestos Work Area

1988  Health Hazards Associated with Asbestos Exposure: Implication for the Construction Industry

1988  McNary Powerhouse Generating Unit 14 Stator Core and Winding Replacement

1988  Professional Liability on Asbestos Abatement Projects

1988  Startups

1988  A Study in Nuclear Decommissioning

1988  Training Requirements for Asbestos Workers and Supervisors

1987  Asbestos Removal Costs Too High?

1987  Asbestos Removal With Occupancy and Operating HVAC

1987  Asbestos Specs Now Available

1987  Construction Considerations and Temporary Works for Asbestos Removal

1987  Panel Considers Asbestos Cleanups

1986  The Asbestos Impasse

1986  Asbestos Insurance Crisis Eases

1986  Commission Could Undo Asbestos Case Quagmire

1986  Problems Associated with Removal of Asbestos

1985  Building Condition Assessment—An Owner’s Perspective

1985  EPA Checks Off O&M Steps for Asbestos

1985  Group Seeks State Asbestos Standards

1985  Physical and Chemical Behavior of Chrysotile Asbestos Particles in Natural Waters

1983  Asbestos Control Program for Institutional Facilities

1983  Filter Plant Design for Asbestos Fiber Removal

1981  Monitoring Water Filters for Asbestos Removal

1979  Deterioration of Asbestos Cement Sheet Material in the Marine Environment