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2015  Predicting Equilibrium Scour Depth at Bridge Piers Using Evolutionary Radial Basis Function Neural Network

2015  Roller Bearing Fault Diagnosis Method Based on Chemical Reaction Optimization and Support Vector Machine

2015  Semantic NLP-Based Information Extraction from Construction Regulatory Documents for Automated Compliance Checking

2014  Artificial Intelligence-Based Loss Allocation Algorithm in Open Access Environments

2014  Bayesian Artificial Intelligence Model Averaging for Hydraulic Conductivity Estimation

2014  Case Study on the Determination of Building Materials Using a Support Vector Machine

2014  Design and Development of a Nonintrusive Pressure Measurement System for Pipeline Monitoring

2014  Evolutionary Algorithm and Expectation Maximization Strategies for Improved Detection of Pipe Bursts and Other Events in Water Distribution Systems

2014  Geotechnical IT Revolution: Intelligent Compaction and Beyond

2014  Risk Score Inference for Bridge Maintenance Project Using Evolutionary Fuzzy Least Squares Support Vector Machine

2014  Runoff Estimation by Machine Learning Methods and Application to the Euphrates Basin in Turkey

2014  Semantic Text Classification for Supporting Automated Compliance Checking in Construction

2014  Smart Machines: IBM’s Watson and the Era of Cognitive Computing By John E. Kelly III and Steve Hamm. New York City: Columbia University Press, 2013

2014  Strength Prediction of High-Strength Concrete by Fuzzy Logic and Artificial Neural Networks

2013  Automated Compliance Checking of Construction Operation Plans Using a Deontology for the Construction Domain

2013  Comparing Image Features and Machine Learning Algorithms for Real-Time Parking Space Classification

2013  Integration of Artificial Neural Networks with Radial Basis Function Interpolation in Earthfill Dam Seepage Modeling

2013  Multiagent System to Simulate Risk-Allocation and Cost-Sharing Processes in Construction Projects

2013  Multivariate Analysis and Prediction of Wind Turbine Response to Varying Wind Field Characteristics Based on Machine Learning

2013  Predicting Hydraulic Properties of Circular Buoyant Jets in the Static Ambient Flow Using ANN and ANFIS

2012  Analyzing Inflow Trend of Indiana Reservoirs Using SOM

2012  Artificial Intelligence Helps Bring Objectivity to Bridge Health Evaluations

2012  Hybrid Water Demand Forecasting Model Associating Artificial Neural Network with Fourier Series

2012  Litigation Outcome Prediction of Differing Site Condition Disputes through Machine Learning Models

2012  Multi-Criteria Design Evaluation and Optimization of School Buildings Using Artificial Intelligent Approaches

2012  Planning-Based Approach for Fusing Data from Multiple Sources for Construction Productivity Monitoring

2011  Application of Artificial Intelligence to Estimate Daily Pan Evaporation Using Available and Estimated Climatic Data in the Khozestan Province (South Western Iran)

2011  Damage Size Prediction of Reinforced Concrete Slabs under Blast Loads Using Artificial Neural Networks

2011  Effect of Stirrups on the Contribution of Concrete Compressive Strength and Tensile Steel to the Shear Strength of RC Beams Using Artificial Neural Networks

2011  Intelligent Adaptive Cyber-Physical Ecosystem for Aerospace Engineering Education, Training, and Accelerated Workforce Development

2011  Intelligent Distribution System Based on IOT Technology

2011  Neural Network–Based Intelligent Compaction Analyzer for Estimating Compaction Quality of Hot Asphalt Mixes

2011  New Models for Strength and Deformability Parameter Calculation in Rock Masses Using Data-Mining Techniques

2011  Optimizing the Prediction Accuracy of Concrete Compressive Strength Based on a Comparison of Data-Mining Techniques

2011  Prediction of Sewer Condition Grade Using Support Vector Machines

2011  Resilience Modeling and Simulation of Smart Grids

2011  Secondary Coordination at Closely Spaced Actuated Traffic Signals

2011  Support Vector Machines Approach to HMA Stiffness Prediction

2010  Artificial Intelligence Techniques as Detection Tests for the Identification of Shifts in Hydrometric Data

2010  Comparison of Multivariate Regression and Artificial Neural Networks for Peak Urban Water-Demand Forecasting: Evaluation of Different ANN Learning Algorithms

2010  Development and Verification of an Online Artificial Intelligence System for Detection of Bursts and Other Abnormal Flows

2010  Entropic Risk Analysis by a High Level Decision Support System for Construction SMEs

2010  Modeling the Time Variation of Reservoir Trap Efficiency

2010  Multiagent System for Construction Dispute Resolution (MAS-COR)

2010  Predicting the Outcome of Construction Litigation Using an Integrated Artificial Intelligence Model

2010  Reset to Zero and Specify Active Safety Systems according to Real-World Needs

2010  Scheduling Resource-Constrained Projects with Ant Colony Optimization Artificial Agents

2010  Techniques for Predicting Cracking Pattern of Masonry Wallet Using Artificial Neural Networks and Cellular Automata

2009  Application of AdaBoost to the Retaining Wall Method Selection in Construction

2009  Economical Comparison of Inverse Siphon in the Karun River Based on Artificial Intelligence Design

2009  Fuzzy Neural Network Modeling of Reservoir Operation

2009  Genetic-Fuzzy Approach for Modeling Complex Systems with an Example Application in Masonry Bond Strength Prediction

2009  NewsBriefs: Artificial Intelligence Predicts Air Turbulence

2009  Planning and Management of Urban Green Spaces in Europe: Comparative Analysis

2009  Reservoir Sedimentation Estimation Using Artificial Neural Network

2009  A System of Systems Approach to Intelligent Construction Systems

2009  Universal Prediction Model for Construction Litigation

2008  Application of ANN-Based Response Surface Method to Prediction of Ultimate Strength of Stiffened Panels

2008  Artificial Intelligence-Based Inductive Models for Prediction and Classification of Fecal Coliform in Surface Waters

2008  Construct Regional Intelligent Logistics Architecture Based On the Environment Of Intelligent Transportation System Technique And Electronic Commerce

2008  Development of Artificial Intelligence Systems for Analysis of Water Supply System Data

2008  Efficient Multiobjective Storm Sewer Design Using Cellular Automata and Genetic Algorithm Hybrid

2008  Envelope and Building Systems: A Tool for Controlling and Managing Smart Buildings

2008  Evolutionary Fuzzy Neural Inference System for Decision Making in Geotechnical Engineering

2008  Intelligent Cable Shovel Excavation Modeling and Simulation

2008  The Intelligent Dispatching System in the BRT

2008  Peak Daily Water Demand Forecast Modeling Using Artificial Neural Networks

2008  Submerge Pipeline under the Karun River by Artificial Intelligence Design of Spinal Cords Behavior and Physical Model

2007  Application of Support Vector Machines in Assessing Conceptual Cost Estimates

2007  Developing Complete Conditional Probability Tables from Fractional Data for Bayesian Belief Networks

2007  Dynamic Prediction of Project Success Using Artificial Intelligence

2007  G-EMME/2: Automatic Calibration Tool of the EMME/2 Transit Assignment Using Genetic Algorithms

2007  Hybrid Soft Computing Approach for Mining of Complex Construction Databases

2007  Intelligent System of Outer Rail Superelevation on Curve and its Key Technologies

2007  A Model for Intelligent Supply Chain Based on All Set Theory

2007  Stochastic Fuzzy Neural Network: Case Study of Optimal Reservoir Operation

2007  Structural Health Monitoring based on Artificial Intelligence Techniques

2007  The Synergies Between Design Computing and Design Cognition

2007  Utility of LANDSAT-Derived Land Use Data for Estimating Storm-Water Pollutant Loads in an Urbanizing Area

2006  Application of Support Vector Machine in Lake Water Level Prediction

2006  Artificial Intelligence Designing, Study, and Behaviour Using the Movable Joints and Structural Dynamic Properties

2006  Classifying Construction Contractors Using Unsueprvised-Learning Neural Networks

2006  Experimental Verification of Smart Cable Damping

2006  Multi-Agent Framework for General-Purpose Situational Simulations in the Construction Management Domain

2006  Prediction of Concrete Strength using Neural-Expert System

2006  Prediction of Soil Composition from CPT Data using General Regression Neural Network

2006  Reliable Real-Time Framework for Short-Term Freeway Travel Time Prediction

2005  Application of Fuzzy Case-Based Reasoning to Bridge Management

2005  Application of Generalized Regression Neural Networks to Intermittent Flow Forecasting and Estimation

2005  Applied Artificial Intelligence to Solve Water Resources and Environmental Problems

2005  Artificial Neural Networks for Forecasting Watershed Runoff and Stream Flows

2005  Automated Detection and Classification of Infiltration in Sewer Pipes

2005  A Case Study of Artificial Intelligence Planner for Make – to – Order Precast Concrete Production Planning

2005  Decision Support System for Reservoir Water Management Conflict Resolution

2005  Development of Inductive Receiving Water Model for Application in TMDLs

2005  Estimating the Acceptability of New Formwork Systems Using Neural Networks

2005  Hierarchical Clustering for Interpretation of Spatial Configuration

2005  Neural Networks for Estimation of Scour Downstream of a Ski-Jump Bucket

2005  Optimal Load Allocations by Linkage of Evolutionary Optimization Algorithms with Inductive Models of Watershed Response

2005  Predicting Industrial Construction Labor Productivity using Fuzzy Expert Systems