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2015  Iron-Impregnated ’Biochar’ Shows Promise for Removing Arsenic from Water

2014  Adsorption Model for Arsenate Transport in Corroded Iron Pipes with Application to a Simulated Intrusion in a Water Distribution Network

2014  Comparing the Effects of a Biosurfactant and a Humic Acid on Arsenic Mobilization from Mine Tailings

2014  Impact of Groundwater Quality on Adsorption of Arsenate onto Iron-Oxide-Based Adsorbent: Case Study in Chiayi, Taiwan

2013  Aging Effects in Field-Compacted Dredged Material: Steel Slag Fines Blends

2013  Arsenic Entrapment in Reactive Columns of Residual Soils

2013  Evaluation of Leaching Protocols for Testing of High-Carbon Coal Fly Ash-Soil Mixtures

2013  Leaching Behavior of Hazardous Heavy Metals from Lime Fly Ash Cements

2013  Pilot-Scale Study for Effective Removal of Arsenic, Iron, and Manganese from Groundwater Source in Alaska

2013  Predicting Arsenate Adsorption on Iron-Coated Sand Based on a Surface Complexation Model

2013  Sample Collection into Sterile Vacuum Tubes to Preserve Arsenic Speciation in Natural Water Samples

2012  Arsenic Adsorption by Fe Loaded on RH-MCM-41 Synthesized from Rice Husk Silica

2012  CCA-Treated Wood Waste Remediation Process Optimization with Successive Recirculation Loops Study

2012  Rapid Small-Scale Column Tests on the Adsorption of Arsenate by Cationic Surfactant-Modified GAC

2012  University, Association Partner to Market Arsenic Removal Approach

2011  Arsenic Contaminated Groundwater Remediation by Entrapped Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron

2011  Arsenic Pollution by Chromated-Copper-Arsenate Treated Woody Debris

2011  Arsenic Species Transformation and Transportation in Arsenic Removal by Fe-Mn Binary Oxide–Coated Diatomite: Pilot-Scale Field Study

2011  Arsenic(III) Adsorption by Mixed-Oxide-Coated Sand: Kinetic Modeling and Desorption Studies

2011  Beneficial Use of Steel Slag Fines to Immobilize Arsenite and Arsenate: Slag Characterization and Metal Thresholding Studies

2011  Factorial Design Approach to Investigate the Effects of Groundwater Cooccurring Solutes on Arsenic Removal by Electrocoagulation

2011  Groundwater Arsenic Remediation Using Amphiphilic Polysiloxane Graft Copolymer Coated Iron Nanoparticles

2011  Monitoring and Surveillance of Groundwater Arsenic Contamination in the Brahmaputra Floodplain in Assam

2011  NewsBriefs: NASA Scientists Discover Arsenic-Eating Bacteria (The Washington Post, The New York Times, Newsweek, and NASA)

2011  Novel Arsenic Ion-Imprinted Polymer: Simultaneous Removal As(III) and As(V) from Water

2011  Prediction of Arsenic Removal by Electrocoagulation: Model Development by Factorial Design

2010  Adsorption Mechanism of Arsenate on Crystal γ-Fe2O3 Nanoparticles

2010  Analysis of Regulatory Guidance Values for Residential Surface Soil Arsenic Exposure

2010  Arsenic and Fluoride Removal Using Simple Materials

2010  Comparison of Arsenate, Lead, and Cadmium Adsorption onto Aged Biofilter Media

2010  Disposal of Arsenic-Laden Adsorptive Media: Economic Analysis for California

2010  Evaluating the Mobility of Arsenic in Synthetic Iron-Containing Solids Using a Modified Sequential Extraction Method

2010  Mechanistic Determination of Arsenic Remobilization at ASR Sites and Corresponding Adaptation Techniques

2010  Modeling and Simultation of Arsenate Fate and Transport in a Distribution System Simulator

2010  Modeling Arsenite Adsorption on Rusting Metallic Iron

2010  Modeling the Removal of Arsenic by Iron Oxide Coated Sand

2010  New Approach: Waste Materials as Sorbents for Arsenic Removal from Water

2010  Treatment of Arsenic-Laden Water Plant Sludge by Anaerobic Digestion

2009  Arsenite Oxidation by Batch Cultures of Thiomonas Arsenivorans Strain b6

2009  Comparison of Metals Leaching from CCA- and ACQ-Treated Wood in Simulated Construction and Demolition Debris Landfills

2009  Quantifying the Spread of Arsenic Contamination in Groundwater of the Brahmaputra Floodplains, Assam, India: A Threat to Public Health of the Region

2008  Evaluation of a New Field Measurement Method for Arsenic in Drinking Water Samples

2008  Immobilizing Arsenic in Contaminated Soil Using Humic Mineral Concentrates

2008  Leaching Behaviors of Arsenic from Arsenic-Iron Hydroxide Sludge during TCLP

2008  Source, Distribution, and Release Mechanisms of Arsenic in the Groundwater of Assam Floodplains of Northeast India

2007  Arsenic Removal by a Colloidal Iron Oxide Coated Sand

2007  Arsenic Tragedy Began with Deep Wells

2007  Arsenite Oxidation by Alcaligenes Faecalis Strain O1201 in a Continuous-Flow Bioreactor

2007  GIS Approach of Delineation and Risk Assessment of Areas Affected by Arsenic Pollution in Drinking Water

2007  Iron Foundry Slags as Permeable Reactive Barrier Materials for Removing Arsenic from Groundwater

2007  Isolation and Characterization of NP4, Arsenate-Reducing Sulfurospirillum, from Maine Groundwater

2007  Modeling As(V) Removal in Iron Oxide Impregnated Activated Carbon Columns

2007  Nanoparticles Show Promise in Removing Arsenic from Drinking Water

2007  Partial Abandonment of Groundwater Wells: A Non-Treatment Method to Mitigate for High Arsenic Levels

2007  Pilot Testing of EDR Membrane Process for Fluoride and Arsenic Reduction at Fort Irwin, California

2007  Removal of Arsenic with the Process of Phytoremediation using Pteris vittata Ferns

2007  Special Section: The Arsenic Crisis — Clean Drinking Water for All

2007  Special Section: The Arsenic Crisis — Removing Arsenic Sustainably

2006  Arsenic Removal from Water by Moving Bed Active Filtration

2006  Factors Influencing Arsenite Removal by Zero-Valent Iron

2006  Iron Oxide Coated Sand for Arsenic Removal: Investigation of Coating Parameters using Factorial Design Approach

2006  Leaching Column Tests on Arsenic-Soil Interactions

2006  Precipitative Removal of As, Ba, B, Cr, Sr, and V using Sodium Carbonate

2006  Sedimentary Phosphorus and Arsenic Inactivation in an Alum-Treated Lake

2005  Arsenic (V) Sorption on Crab Shell Based Chitosan

2005  Arsenite Oxidation by Alcaligenes faecalis Strain O1201

2005  Evaluation of Point-of-Use and Centralized Treatment Systems for Arsenic Removal in Small Drinking Water Systems in Alaska

2005  Evaluation of Treatment Systems for the Removal of Arsenic from Groundwater

2005  Innovative Filter Removes Arsenic from Contaminated Water

2005  Manganese Amended Activated Alumina for Adsorption/Oxidation of Arsenic

2005  Rapid Small-Scale Column Tests for Arsenate Removal in Iron Oxide Packed Bed Columns

2004  Role of Bacteria in Arsenic Removal from an Aqueous Environment

2004  Stabilization of Arsenite Wastes with Prior Oxidation

2003  Arsenic Removal from Groundwater by Iron Impregnated Sand

2003  Arsenic: The Catalyst

2003  Design and Operation of Point-of-Use Treatment System for Arsenic Removal

2003  Evaluation of Leaching Tests for Cement Based Immobilization of Hazardous Compounds

2003  Iron Oxide Utilization for the Removal of Arsenic V in Small Water Delivery Systems and Domestic Water Systems

2003  NewsBriefs: Bacterium May Help Clean Arsenic-Tainted Water (Associated Press)

2002  Drinking Water: Clearwater Increases Production with Reverse Osmosis

2002  Technology: New Filter Removes Arsenic and Selenium from Drinking Water

2002  Technology: New Techniques Tested for Arsenic Removal

2001  Adsorption of Arsenic (III), Arsenic (V) and Lead (II) on a New Composite Chitosan Biosorbent

2001  Arsenic Revisited

2001  Arsenic Standard Gets a Second Look

2001  Editor’s Note

2001  Fern Can Remove Arsenic from Soil

2001  Sequential Extractions for Partitioning of Arsenic on Hydrous Iron Oxides and Iron Sulfides

2001  Soil-Pica and Assessment of Potential Acute Toxicity of Arsenic in Residential Soil

2001  Variations in Arsenic Concentrations within a Groundwater Distribution System

2000  Arsenic Occurrence and Speciation in Municipal Ground-Water-Based Supply System

2000  Arsenic Treatment: Engineering and Procurement

2000  Field-Scale Observations of Arsenic and Boron in Soil Irrigated with Drainwater

2000  Removal of Organic Arsenic from Drinking Water

2000  Revising the Arsenic MCL—Mixing Economic Costs and Health Benefits

2000  Stability of Metal-Arsenic Solids in Drinking Water Systems

2000  Stabilization of Arsenic- and Barium-Rich Glass Manufacturing Waste

2000  Treatment of Arsenic-Contaminated Soils. I: Soil Characterization

2000  Treatment of Arsenic-Contaminated Soils. II: Treatability Study and Remediation

2000  U.S. EPA Proposes New Arsenic Standard for Drinking Water