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2014  Analysis and Design of Micropile-Supported Wall to Resist Lateral Deflection of Existing Railroad Bridge Abutment

2014  Drilled Shaft Foundation and Anchored, Drilled Shaft Soldier-Pile Wall Design for an Automated People Mover Guideway

2014  Economics of Ion Exchange versus Vibratory Shear Enhanced Processing for Minimization of Reverse Osmosis Concentrate Volume

2014  Ground Movements from Aquifer Recharge and Recovery

2013  Advances in Voice over IP and Passenger Information for APM Systems: Utilizing Wireless Networks

2013  Arizona Airport Pavement Management

2013  Centralized versus Decentralized Wastewater Reclamation in the Houghton Area of Tucson, Arizona

2013  Development of the PHX Sky Train Guideway Alignment

2013  Firm Eyes Clean-Energy-Producing Skyscraper along U.S. - Mexico Border

2013  Flowmeter Replacement Project at the Central Arizona Project (How Does One Measure 1,940 MGD?)

2013  Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport: PHX Sky Train—Making Tracks in the Arizona Desert

2013  PHX Sky Train Facilities—Tailor-Made for the Airport and Local Community

2013  PHX Sky Train Means and Methods

2013  Planning Partnership: Support for the PHX Sky Train

2013  The Use of Decision Support System Models to Assist Water Planning at Central Arizona Project

2013  Your First Instincts Are Usually Right: The Town of Gilbert Returns to CMAR to Construct a High-Profile Force Main/Gravity Sewer Project

2012  Achieving Sustainability through Building Information Modeling Workflow

2012  Analysis of Arizona’s LEED for New Construction Population’s Credits

2012  Concrete Recycling and Utilization of Recycled Concrete: An Investigation of the Barriers and Drivers within the Phoenix Metropolitan Area

2012  Delivering a Critical Raw Water Transmission Line Using Design-Build: The Perspective from Gilbert, AZ

2012  Forecasting Spatially Distributed Cotton Evapotranspiration by Assimilating Remotely Sensed and Ground-Based Observations

2012  Forensic Evaluation of the LTPP Specific Pavement Study Projects in Arizona

2012  Ground Water Contamination from Past Uranium Mining: Cove Wash, AZ

2012  Impacts to Sediment Transport Modeling by Using Zeller-Fullerton Equation and Meyer-Peter-Muller Equation to Estimate Tributary Sediment Inflows for Waterman Wash, Arizona, USA

2012  Postoccupancy Energy Consumption Survey of Arizona’s LEED New Construction Population

2012  Redeveloping Phoenix’s PCCP Assessment Program: A Pragmatic Approach

2012  Utilization of Mine Tailings As Road Base Material

2011  Applying Water-Level Difference Control to Central Arizona Project

2011  Arizona Upholds Statue of Repose Defense for Construction Defect Claims

2011  Comparison of Synthetic Design Storms with Observed Storms in Southern Arizona

2011  Construction Begins On Last Leg of Pima County’s $660-Million Improvement Program

2011  A Decision Support System for Sustainable Urban Water Supply

2011  Design and Construction of Drilled Shaft Foundations for the Phoenix Sky Train Project

2011  Design of the New Mike O’Callaghan Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge at Hoover Dam

2011  Limited Involvement of Socially Vulnerable Populations in Federal Programs to Mitigate Wildfire Risk in Arizona

2011  On Solid Footing

2011  PHX Sky Train: APM Adaptation for Phoenix

2011  PHX Sky Train-Positioned for Success

2011  Scour Evaluation for Protection of Critical Infrastructure on the Hassayampa River

2011  Study of Expansive Soils and Residential Foundations on Expansive Soils in Arizona

2011  Using Geotextiles to Repair Cracked Earth Dams

2010  Combining Remotely Sensed Data and Ground-Based Radiometers to Estimate Crop Cover and Surface Temperatures at Daily Time Steps

2010  Design of Laterally Loaded Deep Piers to Resist River Scour

2010  Downstream-Water-Level Control Test Results on the WM Lateral Canal

2010  Estimating an Impedance-to-Flow Parameter for Flood Peak Prediction in Semiarid Watersheds

2010  Evaluating Watershed Experiments through Recursive Residual Analysis

2010  Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Microfibers on the Tensile and Flexural Strengths of Low-Viscosity Grouts

2010  Pedestrians were permitted to walk across the new landmark bridge linking Arizona and Nevada...

2010  Preserving Capacity in CUWCD Aqueducts

2010  Raw Sewage through Steel Pipe: A Unique Application on the Pima County Plant Interconnect

2010  Routing Demand Changes to Users on the WM Lateral Canal with SacMan

2010  Twenty-One Foot Diameter Flexible Pipe — Construction

2010  Twenty-One Foot Diameter Flexible Pipe — Design

2009  Advances in Data Validation, Event Detection, and Communications Structures for a CWS: Case Study — Glendale, Arizona

2009  Banjo Bill Rock Catchment Basins

2009  Conflict Resolution: Unique Design Solves a Complex Sewer Issue in Phoenix

2009  Experience with Cable Median Barriers in the United States: Design Standards, Policies, and Performance

2009  Major U.S. Dam Failures: Their Cause, Resultant Losses, and Impact on Dam Safety Programs and Engineering Practice

2009  Modeling Domestic Water Demand on a Suburb Level

2009  NewsBriefs: Phoenix Light-Rail System Opens, New Extension on Horizon

2009  One- and Two-Dimensional Modeling of Deep Gravel Mining in the Rio Salado

2009  Phoenix is Bursting with More Capacity

2009  Seismic Analysis of Inclined Micropiles Using Numerical Method

2009  Solid Can Slip Lining of Phoenix’s Superior Waterline

2009  Water Use and Evapotranspiration Coefficients for Camelina Sativa

2008  City of Phoenix Superior Pipeline PCCP Failure and Emergency Repair

2008  City of Phoenix Superior Pipeline PCCP Investigation and Assessment

2008  Conquering the Arizona Desert: The Theodore Roosevelt Dam

2008  Energy: Arizona Taps Sun’s Heat for More Power

2008  Evaluation of Basin Inflow Cutoff Criterion in the Irrigation Districts of Southwest Arizona

2008  Evaluation of Flow and Sediment Models for the Rillito River

2008  Keeping Sewage off the Streets — Insuring Lift Station Capacity for Now and the Future

2008  Modeling of Gravel Mining in the Rio Salado, Arizona

2008  Normal but Not Ordinary

2008  People: Nodes Named Arizona DOT’s Assistant State Engineer

2008  SCADA Operator Training Tool Applied to the Central Arizona Irrigation and Drainage District

2008  The Urban Heat Island Effect and Impact of Asphalt Rubber Friction Course Overlays on Portland Cement Concrete Pavements in the Phoenix Area

2008  Water Portfolio Scenario Analysis for Mesa, Arizona

2008  Will Large Scale Forest Restoration Treatments Provide More Water for Population Growth in the Semi-Arid West: Current Hydrologic Research in Arizona

2007  Collaborative Modeling to Support the 2004 Arizona Water Settlements Act

2007  El Nino-La Nina Implications on Flood Hazard Mitigation Phoenix, AZ Area

2007  Stream Restoration Viability

2007  Using GIS for Pipeline Data Management at the Palo Verde Nuclear Facility

2006  Arizona’s Experience with Context Sensitive Solutions to Implement NEPA

2006  Decision Support System for Managing Conflict in the Upper San Pedro Subwatershed, AZ

2006  EDTA, NTA, Alkylphenol Ethoxylate and DOC Attenuation during Soil Aquifer Treatment

2006  Estimating Riparian ET through Remote Sensing in the Middle Rio Grande

2006  The Evolution of Water Management for Alamo Dam on the Bill Williams River in Arizona

2006  Geotechnical Evaluation of the Design of Post-Tensioned Slabs on Expansive Soils Using the PTI Third Edition Procedure for Arizona Conditions

2006  Impact of Politics on the Colorado River Basin Water Agreement: In-Depth Administrative Analysis

2006  Phoenix Rises

2006  Rehabilitation of a 72-Inch PCCP Transmission Main in Phoenix, AZ

2006  Remarkable Rotation

2006  Role of Practical Geophysics in In-Situ Characterization for Underground Construction in Phoenix, Arizona

2006  Salt River Project Canal Automation Pilot Project: Simulation Tests

2006  SRP Irrigation System Modeling

2006  Value of Instream Recreation in the Sonoran Desert

2005  Airports: Expansion Increases Capacity at Tucson International Airport

2005  Court Decisions: Contract Can be Canceled Before Documents are Signed

2005  Difficulties of Identifying Design Discharges in Steep, Coarse-Grained Channels in the Arid Southwestern US