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2015  Impact of a Recharge Dam on the Hydropedology of Arid Zone Soils in Oman: Anthropogenic Formation Factor

2015  Prioritization of Small and Medium Domestic Dams in Dry Lands

2014  Characteristics of Ephemeral Hydrographs in the Southwestern United States

2014  Effect of Accelerated Loading on the Compressibility Characteristics of Lime-Treated Semiarid Soils

2014  Efficient Tillage Practice for Maximum Infiltration, Rainwater Use Efficiency, and Profitability from Groundnuts under Semiarid Vertisols in Western India

2014  Measuring Fatigue Damages from an Instrumented Pavement Section due to Day-Night and Yearly Temperature Rise and Fall in Desert Land of the West

2014  Optimizing the Use of Land and Water Resources for Maximizing Farm Income by Mitigating the Hydrological Imbalances

2014  Storm-Water Bioinfiltration as No-Irrigation Landscaping Alternative in Semiarid Climates

2014  Use of Saline Water in Compaction of Engineered Fills

2013  Determination of Evapotranspiration and Annual Biomass Productivity of a Cactus Pear [Opuntia ficus-indica L. (Mill.)] Orchard in a Semiarid Environment

2013  Eco-Hydrological Requirements in Arid and Semiarid Regions: Case Study of the Yellow River in China

2013  Effect of the Temperature and Curing Time on the Water Transfer of Lime Stabilized Gypseous Soil

2013  Effects of Monovegetation Restoration Types on Soil Water Distribution and Balance on a Hillslope in Northern Loess Plateau of China

2013  Effects of the Check Dam System on Water Redistribution in the Chinese Loess Plateau

2013  Efficient Management of Dry Spells with Supplemental Irrigation for Maximum Productivity of Groundnut in Arid Alfisols of South India

2013  Estimation of Daily Actual Evapotranspiration from ETM+ and MODIS Data of the Headwaters of the West Liaohe Basin in the Semiarid Regions of China

2013  Land Subsidence in Arid Terrain: Methodology toward Risk Analysis

2013  Lysimetric Determination of Coriandrum sativum L. Water Requirement and Single and Dual Crop Coefficients in a Semiarid Climate

2013  Modeling the Effects of Climate Change and Human Activities on the Hydrological Processes in a Semiarid Watershed of Loess Plateau

2013  Precipitation Recycling in Tarim River Basin

2013  Runoff and Soil Loss from Revegetated Grasslands in the Hilly Loess Plateau Region, China: Influence of Biocrust Patches and Plant Canopies

2013  Shallow Aquifer Recharge from Irrigation in a Semiarid Agricultural Valley in New Mexico

2013  Using the KINEROS2 Modeling Framework to Evaluate the Increase in Storm Runoff from Residential Development in a Semiarid Environment

2013  Water Usage Optimization During Concrete Operations

2012  Accuracy Assessment of Unit Hydrographs: Point versus Spatially Integrated Rainfall Input

2012  Agriculture Vulnerability to Climate Change in a Snowmelt-Driven Basin in Semiarid Chile

2012  Analysis of Coal Combustion By-Product Disposal Practices in Arid Climates: Leachate Water Quality

2012  Application of L-Moments for Regional Frequency Analysis of Monthly Drought Indexes

2012  Curve Number Determination Methods and Uncertainty in Hydrologic Soil Groups from Semiarid Watershed Data

2012  Effect of Temperature on the Heavy Metal Retention Characteristics of Semi-Arid Soils of Saudi Arabia

2012  Energy, Water, and the Arid Southwest: Resources and Challenges

2012  ET Mapping with High-Resolution Airborne Remote Sensing Data in an Advective Semiarid Environment

2012  Evaluating Coupled Water, Vapor, and Heat Flows and Their Influence on Moisture Dynamics in Arid Regions

2012  Evaluation and Comparison of Drip and Conventional Irrigation Methods on Sugar Beets in a Semiarid Region

2012  Evaluation of Irrigation Systems by Using Benchmarking Techniques

2012  Experimental Study on Woody Plant Community Construction of Road Rock Slope in Semi-arid Area: A Case Study on Chifeng-Tongliao Expressway in Inner Mongolia

2012  A GIS-Based Hydraulic Bulking Factor Map for New Mexico

2012  Hydrological Impact of a High-Density Reservoir Network in Semiarid Northeastern Brazil

2012  Infiltration, Runoff, and Export of Dissolved Organic Carbon from Furrow-Irrigated Forage Fields under Cover Crop and No-Till Management in the Arid Climate of California

2012  Integrated Salt and Water Balance Modeling for the Management of Waterlogging and Salinization. II: Application of SAHYSMOD

2012  Modeling Interannual Variability in Snow-Cover Development and Melt for a Semiarid Mountain Catchment

2012  Nonparametric Statistical Downscaling of Temperature, Precipitation, and Evaporation in a Semiarid Region in India

2012  Optimal Allocation of Resources for the Maximization of Net Agricultural Return

2012  Quadrangle Downscaling of Global Climate Models and Application to Riyadh

2012  Sustainability of Ancient Karez Systems in Arid Lands: A Case Study in Turpan Region of China

2012  Ultrasonic Flow Measurement for Pipe Installations with Nonideal Conditions

2012  Wind and Water Erosion Potential of Fire-Affected Soils: Immediate and Short-Term Effects in a Desert Ecosystem

2011  Application of Watershed-Based Tank System Model for Rainwater Harvesting and Irrigation in India

2011  Assessment of Agricultural Water Foot Print in Iran Based on Virtual Water Trade

2011  Construction on Expansive Soils in Semi Arid Zone

2011  Development of a Modified Rational Equation for Arid-Region Runoff Estimation

2011  Downstreamness: A Concept to Analyze Basin Closure

2011  Effect of Spatial and Temporal Variability of Antecedent Moisture Content on Model-Generated Runoff from an Arid Watershed

2011  Estimating Air Vapor Pressure in a Semiarid Region Using FAO-56 Methodology

2011  Evaluating the Impact of Daily Net Radiation Models on Grass and Alfalfa-Reference Evapotranspiration Using the Penman-Monteith Equation in a Subhumid and Semiarid Climate

2011  Evaluating Urban Storm-Water Infrastructure Design in Response to Projected Climate Change

2011  Hydrodynamic Characterization of a Karst Aquifer in the Brazilian Semi-Arid Region with Time Series Analysis of Hydrology Data

2011  Local Calibration of the Hargreaves and Priestley-Taylor Equations for Estimating Reference Evapotranspiration in Arid and Cold Climates of Iran Based on the Penman-Monteith Model

2011  Optimum Design of a Watershed-Based Tank System for the Semiarid and Subhumid Tropics

2011  A Real-Time Interface for Railway Hydraulic Hazard Forecasting

2011  Use of HSPF for Design Storm Modeling in Semi-Arid Watersheds

2011  World Environmental and Water Resources Congress 2011, Bearing Knowledge for Sustainability

2010  Analysis and Synthesis of Transmission Loss Hydrographs

2010  Analytical Model of Surge Flow in Nonprismatic Permeable Channels and Its Application in Arid Regions

2010  Effect of Time Scale on the Performance of Different Sediment Transport Formulas in a Semiarid Region

2010  Forecasting Multiple Watershed-Level Benefits of Alternative Storm Water Management Approaches in the Semi-Arid Southwest: Required Tools for Investing Strategically

2010  Frequency Distribution of Extreme Hydrologic Drought of Southeastern Semiarid Region, Iran

2010  Hydrologic Analysis for a Hyper-Arid Region in the Middle East

2010  Interbasin Water Transfer: Economic Water Quality-Based Model

2010  Long-Term Effects of Graywater Irrigation on Soil Quality in Arid Regions

2010  Performance of a Combined Natural Wastewater Treatment System in West Texas

2010  Performance of Penman-Monteith FAO56 in a Semiarid Highland Environment

2010  Plant Selection for Bioretention in the Arid West

2010  Predicting and Verifying Physiological Performance of Plants in a Bioretention System in an Arid Climate

2010  Regional Estimation of Reference Evapotranspiration in Arid and Semiarid Regions

2010  Surface Aerodynamic Temperature Derived from Wind/Temperature Profile Measurements over Cotton and Alfalfa in a Semi-Arid Environment

2010  Use of Rigid Foundation System on Expansive Soils

2010  Vulnerability and Adaptation to Climate Change in an Irrigated Agricultural Basin in Semi Arid Chile

2010  Water Balance Covers for Waste Containment, Principles and Practice

2009  Controlled Drainage Effects on Crop Yield and Water Use Efficiency under Semi-Arid Condition of Iran

2009  Evaluation of Atriplx Shrubs Growth in Semi Arid Area

2009  Field Data and Water-Balance Predictions for a Monolithic Cover in a Semiarid Climate

2009  Graphical Sizing of Small Single-Outlet Detention Basins in the Semiarid Southwest

2009  Graywater Irrigation as a Means to Meet Water Demands in Arid Regions

2009  Mapping ET at High Resolution in an Advective Semi-Arid Environment with Airborne Multispectral Imagery

2009  New Methodology for the Risk Analysis and Economic Impact Assessment of Agricultural Droughts

2009  Operative Approach to Agricultural Drought Risk Management

2009  Runoffs of the Xiangride and Qaidum Rivers in the Arid Qaidum Basin, Northwest China

2009  Soil Moisture Dynamics Modeling Considering the Root Compensation Mechanism for Water Uptake by Plants

2009  Spatial Evolutionary Algorithms for Characterizing Large-Scale Spatial Groundwater-Vegetation Dynamics in Arid Region

2009  Water Table Management to Improve Drainage Water Quality in Semiarid Climatic Conditions of Iran

2008  BMPs as a Water Balance Asset in Arid Regions

2008  Comparing SEBAL ET with Lysimeter Data in the Semi-Arid Texas High Plains

2008  Comparison of Runoff Parameterization Schemes with Spatial Heterogeneity across Different Temporal Scales in Semihumid and Semiarid Regions

2008  Comparison of Simulation and Experimental Data of a Zero Energy Home in an Arid Climate

2008  Design Considerations for Confining and Guiding Levees on Alluvial Fans

2008  Groundwater Flow from Fractured Layer to Porous-Media Blind Variable Large Diameter Well

2008  Irrigation Management Considerations When Using Reuse Water on Golfcourses in the Arid Southwest

2008  Management of Dry Weather Flows in Semi Arid Climates Using Low Impact Development Technology

2008  Meeting Challenges of Stormwater Management in Semi Arid Climates with Low Impact Development