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2015  AEI 2015, Birth and Life of the Integrated Building

2015  Change to Competence-Based Education in Structural Engineering

2015  Front Matter

2015  Information and Communication Technology Applications in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Organizations: A 15-Year Review

2014  Acoustics and Lighting Education in Architectural Engineering: Experience of WPI

2014  Iterating Structures: Teaching Engineering as Design

2014  Use of Professional Industry Interaction to Enhance Engineering Education

2013  AEI 2013, Building Solutions for Architectural Engineering

2013  Student and Practitioner Collaboration in an Online Knowledge Community: Best Practices from a Capstone Course Implementation

2012  Editor’s Note

2012  Industry-Experienced Graduate Student Program: Innovative Collaboration in Architectural Engineering at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln

2011  Accreditation-The New Architectural Engineering Program Criteria

2011  AEI 2011, Building Integration Solutions

2011  Back Matter

2011  Carnegie Mellon University Facilities as an Educational Laboratory

2011  Drawing and Modeling: Analog Tools in the Age of BIM

2011  Evaluation of the Development of Student Skills in Visual and Computer-Aided Structural Modeling in Architecture

2011  Front Matter

2011  The Golden Gate Bridge Outdoor Exhibition: Public Works for Public Learning

2011  Hands-On Green Building Activities for Beginning Students

2011  Integrating Sustainable Design into Architectural Engineering Education: UNL-AE Program

2011  Interdisciplinary Design Experience for the Masses

2011  Participation of Women in Architectural Engineering: What Causes It?

2011  The Retention of Women in the Architectural Engineering Workforce

2011  Structural Integration Solution for the Texas A&M 2007 Solar Decathlon "GroHome"

2011  The Temple of Antioch: A Study Abroad Internship for Architectural Engineering Students

2011  Using Case Studies to Characterize the Broader Meaning of Engineering Design for Today’s Student

2010  Architectural Engineering Curriculum at Missouri University of Science and Technology

2010  Learning Applications in the Architectural Engineering Educational Setting

2010  Questioning the Stucco Lath Fastening Requirements of ASTM C1063

2009  Editor’s Note

2009  Editor’s Note

2009  Front Matter and Errata

2009  HDR History

2009  Principles and Practice of Engineering, Architectural Engineering Sample Questions and Solutions

2009  References

2008  Design: The End Justifies the Means

2008  Editor’s Note

2008  Editor’s Note

2008  Photo and Caption: A Crescent Moon

2008  Structural Concept, Design, and Experimental Verification of a Glass Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Sandwich Roof Structure

2008  Ten Years of the Architectural Engineering Institute

2007  Architectural Engineering Approach to Building Facade Design, Construction, and Evaluation

2007  Editor’s Note

2007  Editor’s Note

2007  Editor’s Note

2007  In the Field: FEMA Course on Building Security Deemed a Success

2006  Contingent-Payment Provision Puzzle — Safeguarding against an Unintended Outcome

2006  Editor’s Note

2006  Editor’s Note (Includes Announcement of September Corrected Edition)

2006  Enhancing Architectural Engineering Capstone Design Courses Through Web-Based Technologies

2006  The Miraflores Bridge Over the River Guadalquivir in Córdoba (Spain)

2006  Review of Structural Condition Assessment by Robert T. Ratay

2006  Short Takes: Architectural Engineering Institute forms New Committee

2006  Structural Design of Architectural Glazing: A State-of-the-Practice Summary

2005  Applying Context to Systems Integration in AEC

2005  Architectural Engineering: Art Museum Addition Features ’Flying Carpet’ Canopy

2005  Architectural Engineering: Terminal Construction Brings Signature Building to Western China

2005  Buildings: New Pompidou Museum Inspired by Chinese Hat

2005  Comparison of Student and Practitioner Viewpoints Relative to First Employment Opportunities for Architectural Engineering Students

2005  Editor’s Note

2005  Specification for Mapping Mixed Reality Visualization Technology to AEC Tasks

2005  Synchronicity

2004  Architectural Engineering: Architects, Engineers, and Educators Work in Tandem on Temple Design

2004  Architectural Engineering: Lincoln Center Will Be Renovated to Provide Better Access, More Interaction

2004  Architectural Engineering: Olympic Swimming Center Mimics Bubble Structure

2004  Architectural Engineering: Pelli-Designed Library Moves Forward

2004  Creating a Forum on the Contribution of Architectural Engineering Education to the Profession

2004  Editor’s Note

2004  Education: Tribute to Swiss Structural Engineers Moves to MIT

2004  Point-Cloud-Based Comparison between Construction Schedule and As-Built Progress: Long-Range Three-Dimensional Laser Scanner’s Approach

2004  Practitioner’s Forum: Partnering: Tool for Construction Claims Reduction

2004  Qualifications-Based Selection of Professional A/E Services

2003  Achieving Innovation in Facades

2003  Acoustic and Illumination Design of Conference Rooms

2003  Analysis and Calculation of Heat Transfer from Low-Temperature Hot Water Floor Radiant-Heating System

2003  Architectural Engineering 2003, Building Integration Solutions

2003  Architectural Engineering: Two Finalists Emerge for World Trade Center Redevelopment

2003  Benchmarking of a Building Performance Assessment Toolkit

2003  The Bowers Program: Effects of Cross-Disciplinary Design Activities on Architectural Engineering Student Performance

2003  The Capturing of POE Data in Semantic Building Models

2003  Codes and Standards Resource Tool for Advanced Technology Facilities

2003  Commissioning a Dual-Duct Constant Volume System to Operate like a VAV System

2003  Computer-Assisted Learning of Energy Implication of Architectural Design

2003  Condition Assessment, Re-Commissioning, and Measurement & Verification: A Multi-Year Study of Army Buildings

2003  Design Methodology for Airport Traffic Control Tower Cab Glass

2003  The Design of Airport Traffic Control Towers as They Relate to Model Codes

2003  Design of Vibration-Sensitive Laboratory Floors: Vibration Criteria and Prediction Methods Compared with Measured Vibrations

2003  A Design Paradigm for Integrated Building Systems

2003  Development of an Expert System for the Calculation of Building’s Design Cooling Load

2003  Earthquake Damage Resistant Architectural Glass Panels

2003  Evaluation of Ceiling Heat Fluxes in Residential Buildings with Attic Radiant Barriers in Prevalent Climates across the United States

2003  Evaluation of Tensile and Bearing Capacities of Cold-Formed Steel Connections Attached with Pneumatically Driven Pins

2003  FIAPP-Based System for Architectural Project Planning

2003  Fully Integrated and Automated Project Processes (FIAPP) in Building Construction and Renovation - Brick at a Time

2003  In Pursuit of Catalysts for New Technology - Case for Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) of Professional A/E Services

2003  Integrated Computer-Based Approach for Conceptual Structural Design

2003  Integrated Design in the Work of Foster and Partners / Ove Arup Partnership — A Case Study in Connecting the Two Cultures of Building Design

2003  Integrated Whole Facility System Optimization through Continuous Commissioning: A Case Study

2003  Integrating Ducts into the Conditioned Space: Successes and Challenges