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2014  Engineering Architectural Creativity

2014  Leadership Styles in Architectural Design Offices in Turkey

2014  State of Integration: Investigation of Integration in the A/E/C Community

2014  Tort Liability Expands for Project Architects in California

2013  Architect and Engineer Collaboration: The Solar Decathlon As a Pedagogical Opportunity

2013  Engineers and Architects Get a Lesson in Site Challenges from University of Oxford Project

2013  Iconic Vision: John Parkinson, Architect of Los Angeles By Stephen Gee. Santa Monica, California: Angel City Press, 2013

2011  Court Allows Unsuccessful Bidder to Sue Architect for ’Malice’ in Bid Selection Process

2011  Leadership Behaviors in Project Design Offices

2011  NewsBriefs: Designers Volunteer to Revitalize Distressed Communities (DesignRevival 24)

2011  NewsBriefs: Portuguese Architect Named Pritzker Prize Winner (BDOnline)

2011  ...Retrofit three nearly 200-year-old landmark buildings in New York City...

2011  Town Argues Architect’s Approval Unnecessary For Default Termination

2009  Certificate of Merit Statute Not Applicable in Suit Against Architect

2008  The Life and Works of Eero Saarinen

2007  First Person: Reconsidering Value Engineering: The Rhode Island School of Design Library Project

2006  State’s Affidavit of Merit Statute May Not Apply to Architect Acting as Construction Manager

2005  Contractor’s License May Not be Required for Architect to Act as Construction Manager in Nevada

2005  Project Design/Delivery Systems

2004  The Latrobes: First Family of Baltimore Architecture and Engineering

2003  Innovation in Engaging Learning and Global Teamwork Experiences

2003  William Le Baron Jenney and Tung-Yen Lin

2002  Acoustic Design: New Findings Help Reduce Noise Levels in Classrooms

2001  Architect’s Role in Certifying Payments May Create Duty to Subcontractors

2001  Comprehensive Force Protection Symposium Is Set

2000  Construction Firms Form On-line Tool

2000  Fallingwater: Repairs to an Icon

2000  New York Times Chooses Renzo Piano Design for New Headquarters

2000  Subcontractor Cannot Collect from Architect

1999  Act Covers Any Copyrighted Architectural Work

1999  A Broader Perspective Is Needed

1999  Court Rules in Favor of Design Professionals

1999  Imposing ISO 9000 Quality Assurance System on Statutory Agents in Hong Kong

1999  In Memoriam. Paul Weidlinger

1999  Spotlighting Engineers

1998  Architects Are Accountable for Prelicense Actions

1998  The Capture and Use of Organizational Knowledge During Design & BCO Reviews

1998  CUH2A, Cooper-Lecky Join Forces

1998  Engineers Study Disaster Losses

1998  The Last Designer’s CAD-Database for Sourcing, Procurement, and Planning

1998  Licensing Laws and Design/Build Projects

1998  Realizing Engineer-Led Design/Build

1997  Architects Face the Next Century

1997  Calatrava Closer to Home

1997  Defunct Schoolhouse Gets a New Life

1997  Editorial

1997  Fox is Named First Builder of the City by Cooper Union

1997  Houston Permits On-Line Permits

1997  Interest Abroad

1997  Planning for Recreation at Wolford Mountain Reservoir

1997  Twin Peaks—The Oregon Convention Center, an Architect’s Perspective

1996  Architect Chooses Slenderwall for Gothic Church

1996  The Digital Architect: A Common-Sense Guide to Using Computer Technology in Design Practice by Ken Saunders

1996  Editor’s Note

1996  Interface Problems between Building Owners and Designers

1996  Partnering: Building a Stronger Design Team

1996  Seeking Structural Solutions

1996  TQM and ISO 9000 for Architects and Designers by Charles Nelson

1995  “Encyclopedia of American Architecture” by R.T. Packard with B. Korab as illustration ed.

1995  “Flight Mechanics of High Performance Aircraft” by Nguyen X. Vinh

1995  Foreign Design in the Japanese Construction Market

1995  A Knowledge-based Construction Claims Advisor

1995  Marketing Function in U.K. Construction Contracting and Professional Firms

1995  “The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice” edited by D. Haviland

1994  Architect is Liable to Owner Only

1994  Bridging the Gap Between Architecture and Engineering

1994  Building the Urban Environment

1994  Critique on Building Envelope Sessions

1994  Organizational Attitudes of Senior Professionals

1993  Relationships with Architects and Owners

1991  Architectural Lessons Learned From Hurricane Hugo

1991  Construction Inspection Responsibility from the Viewpoint of a General Contractor and Construction Manager on a GMP Project

1991  Historical Background

1991  Inspection of Damaged Buildings

1991  “Who Pays for the Unexpected in Construction”—An Architect’s Viewpoint

1990  Closing the Gap Between Water Resources Systems Education and Practice

1990  Design Competition Draws 450 Entries

1990  Lucrative Years for Architects

1990  Space for 21st Century Civilization

1990  State Limits Architect’s Role

1989  Comparison of the EJCDC Documents with the AIA Documents

1989  Constructors Blast March Forum

1989  Of Late Checks and Cookbook Consultants (LTR)

1989  Perceptions of Architects Regarding Use of Computers and Educational Requirements for Architectural Technicians

1988  Architect Not Responsible if Plans Not Followed

1988  Design Firms Grow 16%, Survey Says

1987  Computer Aided Drafting on Micro Computers

1987  N.Y. Law Prohibits Sub Suit vs. Architect

1987  PCI Appoints New President

1987  Startups

1987  Student-Level Software Scarce

1985  Aesthetics and Design of Prestressed High-Rise Buildings

1985  Architects Cited for Designing with Steel

1985  Structural Know-How

1985  Structural Safety: The Profession at a Crossroad

1981  ACADS - The Association for CAD - Australia

1981  Control of Consulting Services to Architects

1981  Is the Risk Insurable?

1980  A/E Use of Computer Aids on Federal Projects

1974  Architects and Nature: On the Primacy of Man