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2011  Multidisciplinary Teaching: Engineering Course in Advanced Building Design

2008  Personality Study of Construction Professionals in the Turkish Construction Industry

2006  Design Errors: Inefficiency or Carelessness of Designer?

2006  Evolution of Bricks and Brick Masonry in the Early History of its Use in the Region of Today’s Serbia

2006  Geotechnical Issues for Seismic-Resistant Design -- What Architects and Structural Engineers Should Know

2004  Consultancy Fees: Dichotomy between A/E’s Need to Maximize Profit and Employers’ Need to Minimize Cost

2003  The Bowers Program: Effects of Cross-Disciplinary Design Activities on Architectural Engineering Student Performance

2003  Here Comes the Judge—Duties and Responsibilities of Design Proffessionals When Deciding Disputes

2003  Individuals’ Resistance to Technological Change in the AEC Industry

2003  Joint Ventures in the A/E/C Industry - Use and Success Factors

2003  Process-Parameter-Interface Model for Design Management

2003  Proven Practices in Design-Build and Fast-Track

2003  Structures: Boston Art Museum Born from Collaboration

2002  Editor’s Note

2002  Met Section Hosts Architects and Engineers from Italy

2002  Model for Predicting Performance of Architects and Engineers

2002  Relationship between Personality Traits and Performance for Engineering and Architectural Professionals Providing Design Services

2001  Court Finds No Evidence for Claim of Unfair Interference

2001  Infrastructure: Engineers Warned to Guard Plans

2001  Relevance of the Network Factor in the Selection of Consultants

2001  Strategic Management in Design Firms

2000  Blueline, Merge

2000  Bricsnet Offers One-Stop Industry Portal

2000  On the Web

1999  A/E/C Systems Adjusts Annual Show

1999  A/E/C Systems Show Yields Small Turnout

1999  In Memoriam. John Jarvis Burgess

1999  Ithiel Town and the Design of the North Carolina State Capitol: 1831–1835

1999  Microsoft Enters A/E/C Software Market

1999  Sprint Headquarters Designers Build Small City

1998  AIA Contract Revisions: A User’s Guide—Part 1

1998  CUH2A, Cooper-Lecky Join Forces

1998  Engineer Displays Artistic Talents at Museum

1998  Native American Culture Meets Modern Design

1998  On the Web

1998  Quality Based Selection in Design-Build Environment: How Can QBS Work for You?

1998  Simpson Joins HDR

1997  A/E Liability and Design/Build

1997  The Architect/Engineer’s Role in Rehabilitation Work

1996  A/E Firms See Future in the Web

1996  Architectural Office Standards and Practices: A Practical Users Guide by Larry D. Jenkins et al.

1996  ASCE Publishes Guide to Federal A/E Contracts

1996  Congress Approves New Design-Build Law

1996  Cooperation Can End Bid Evils

1996  The Design of Building Structures by Wolfgang Schueller

1996  Design-Build Joint Venture Liability

1996  Engineers Seek Better Way to Market New Building Technology

1996  Frequent “Failure Modes” an A/E/C Might Expect in Their Business

1996  Front Matter

1996  How Strategies Happen: A Decision-Making Framework

1996  In Defense of Design Engineers

1996  Index

1996  Introduction

1996  Join the EMPN

1996  Let the Buyer (and Seller) Beware

1996  Marketing and Selling A/E and Other Engineering Services, An Essential Guide to Creating Your Own Program

1996  Myron Goldsmith, Structural Engineer, Architect, Dies at 77

1996  A User’s Guide to Federal Architect, Engineer Contracts

1995  Arbitrator Chosen Has Final Word

1995  Architectural Engineering - Engineering Education for the 21st Century

1995  Architecture and Engineering at Princeton University

1995  Court Holds Contractors to Indemnity Contract

1995  Design-Build Doesn’t Necessarily Have to be What You Thought It Was: A Case Study in which the Naval Facilities Engineering Command Explores Alternatives to ‘Conventional Wisdom’ on Issues Associated with Design-Build

1995  Documenting Design-Build

1995  Educational Paper

1995  “Encyclopedia of American Architecture” by R.T. Packard with B. Korab as illustration ed.

1995  “Flight Mechanics of High Performance Aircraft” by Nguyen X. Vinh

1995  New Program May be Design Reviewer’s Best Friend

1995  Pittsburgh International Airport: The Design Process

1995  Seeing the Light at Houston Gallery

1995  Seminar Set in October on QBS for A/E Services

1995  ‘Star’ Power Grows as Firms Seek Joint Ventures

1995  “The Architect’s Handbook of Professional Practice” edited by D. Haviland

1995  The Urge to Merge

1995  Vision for ASCE’s Architectural Engineering Division

1994  Bridging a Gap to the Yankee Past

1994  Congress to Debate Procurement Reform

1994  The Declaration of Codependence

1994  For Design-Build, It’s All in the Perception

1994  New ASCE Journal to Address A/E Practice

1994  Portfolio Approach to Strategic Management of A/E Firms

1994  Software Expands User’s Financial Data

1994  Third Party Not Liable for Negligence

1994  Top Design Firms Try New Strategies as Recovery Takes Hold, Survey Finds

1994  Value of Concurrent Engineering for A/E/C Industry

1994  Where are the Shear Resistors?

1994  Wright was Wrong?

1993  A/E Firms Continue to Carve Out Niches

1993  Architect/Engineers May Have Contractual Obligations to Third Parties

1993  ASCE Continues Efforts to Protect Brooks Procurement Act

1993  For A/E Firms, Last Year Was ‘Dismal’

1993  ICED Adopts Statement on Sustainable Development

1993  New AE Division Sets Up Shop

1993  Raises for 1993 Estimated at 4.55%

1993  Taliesin Rehab Would Make Wright Proud

1992  A Contractor, Acting as an A/E, Can Lose Coverage

1991  Confusion Reigns on Liability for Economic Loss

1991  New Standard is Best-Seller

1991  Redefining Marketing Activity

1990  A/E Selection Process for Public-School Districts