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2014  Seasonal Thermal Cracking of Concrete Dams in Northern Regions

2014  Treatment of Solar Radiation by Spatial and Temporal Discretization for Modeling the Thermal Response of Arch Dams

2013  A Stability Analysis Method for Arbitrary Slip Block Based on Finite Element Method

2013  Study on Ultimate Anti-Seismic Capacity of High Arch Dam

2012  Earthquake Analysis of Arch Dams: Factors to Be Considered

2012  Earthquake Behavior of Berke Arch Dam Using Ambient Vibration Test Results

2012  Effects of Reservoir Models on Dynamic Characteristics and Dynamic Response of High Arch Dams

2012  Estimation of Elasticity Modulus of a Prototype Arch Dam Using Experimental Methods

2012  Strength Reduction Method on Dynamic Contact Problems for Abutment Stability Considering the Dynamic Interaction between Arch Dam and Abutment

2012  Study on Application Technique Standard of Spraying Polyurea As Anti-Seepage Layer for High Arch Dams

2012  Study on Regression Analysis and Simulation Feedback-Prediction Methods of Super High Arch Dam during Construction and First Impounding Process

2011  Hydrodynamic Pressures on Arch Dam during Earthquakes

2010  Analysis of Inducing Joints Behavior during Reservoir Filling in Xiaowan Arch Dam

2010  Analysis of Seismic Response for Arch Dam Based on Gradual Enlargement Mesh Method

2010  Analysis of Ultimate Bearing Capacity of High Concrete Arch Dam with Cracks in Service Using Natural Vibration Frequency

2010  Coupled Analysis of Arch Dam Using Trial Load Technique and Displacement Compatibility-Based Finite Element Method

2010  Deformation Prediction Model of Concrete Arch Dam Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

2010  Influence of Construction Method of Arch Dam Foundation Replacement Block on Dam Safety

2010  Research on Topology Optimization for 3-D Body Type of High Arch Dam

2010  Structural Health Monitoring of Arch Dam from Dynamic Measurements

2010  Study on Safety Evaluation Based on Nonlinear Finite Element Method for High Arch Dams

2009  A New Modal Technique for Seismic Analysis of Arch Dams Including Dam-Reservoir Interaction

2008  Boundary Finite-Element Method Coupling Finite-Element Method for Steady-State Analyses of Dam-Reservoir Systems

2008  The Development of the Low-Cost & High-Precision Displacement Measuring System and Application in the Study of Double-Curved Arch Dam Model Test

2008  Secondary Safety Monitoring Indexes for Displacement of Lijiaxia Arch Dam Based on Structural Calculation Method

2007  Plumb Line System for Double Arch Dams

2006  Deformation and Safety Analyses on a High Rock Slope at the Left Bank of Lijiaxia Arch Dam

2006  Effects of Environmental Action on Thermal Stress Analysis of Karaj Concrete Arch Dam

2005  Plunge Pool Pressures Due to a Falling Rectangular Jet

2004  Three Lessons on Engineering Geology

2003  Analysis of Arch Dams using Coupled Trial Load and Block Element Methods

2002  Dams: China Completes Tallest Roller-Compacted-Concrete Arch Dam

2002  Effects of Space Distribution of Excitation on Seismic Response of Arch Dams

2000  Experimental Investigations into Seismic Failure of High Arch Dams

2000  Nonlinear Cracking Process Analysis of Arch Dam

1998  Blasting In and Adjacent to Concrete at Buffalo Bill Dam

1998  Building the Ultimate Dam: John S. Eastwood and the Control of Water in the West (Development of Western Resources) by Donald C. Jackson

1998  Rapid Reservoir Sedimentation of Four Historic Thin Arch Dams in Australia

1998  Rock Dam Revitalization

1997  The Development of the Simulated Study on Structural Vibration Induced by Discharge Flow Energy

1997  Turbine Flow Measurement at Kariba Dam

1997  Updates to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Engineering Guidelines

1996  Cracking Analysis of Arch Dams by 3D Boundary Element Method

1996  Dynamic Response Analysis of High Arch Dam-Water-Foundation System

1996  Roosevelt Dam Reaches a New Height of Safety

1995  Comparisons Between Complete and Slice Finite Element Models of a Multiple Arch and Buttress Dam

1995  Railroad Canyon Dam Overtopping Protection

1995  Safety Evaluation of Arch Dam Stability

1995  Structural Safety Evaluation of Gerber Arch Dam

1994  Nonlinear Hydrodynamic Pressures on Arch Dam Faces

1994  RCC For Seismic Design

1993  Analysis of Arch Dams

1993  Analysis of Cabinet Gorge Dam

1993  The Application of Gauss Numerical Integration Method in Arch Dam Trial-load Method Program

1993  Cabinet Gorge Arch Dam Finite Element Analysis

1993  Dam Safety Modifications for Clear Creek Dam Manuscript for ASCE Hydraulics Division 1993 National Conference on Hydraulic Engineering

1993  Earthquake Analysis of Arch Dams. I: Dam-Foundation Interaction

1993  Earthquake Analysis of Arch Dams. II: Dam-Water-Foundation Interaction

1993  Intelligent Optimal CAD (IOCAD) for Arch Dams

1993  A Model and Realization of Intelligence CAD System

1993  Nonlinear Trial Load Method of Arch Dams

1993  Numerical and Centrifuge Modeling of an Arch Dam on Jointed Rock

1993  Plastic Limit Analysis of Arch Dams

1993  Rive, Rive-Grown and Burst Probability of Rolled Compressive Concrete Arch Dam

1992  Effect of Contraction Joints on Earthquake Response of Arch Dam

1992  Final Design and Construction of Gibraltar Dam Strengthening

1992  Roller Compacted Concrete Arch/Gravity Dams—South African Experience

1992  Santa Cruz Dam Modification

1992  Shape Optimization of Arch Dams for Static and Dynamic Loads

1991  Anchors in the Desert

1991  Cable Anchoring of Deteriorated Arch Dam

1991  Earthquake Stresses in Arch Dams. I: Theory and Antiplane Excitation

1991  Earthquake Stresses in Arch Dams. II: Excitation by SV, P, and Rayleigh Waves

1991  Effects of Uplift on a Gravity Arch Dam

1991  Fire, Drought and Turtles Delay Dam Rehab

1990  Arch Dam Response to Nonuniform Seismic Input

1990  Characteristics of the Flood Release-Induced Vibrations with Qianshui Thin-Arch Dam

1990  Hydrodynamic Pressure Analysis of Arch Dams with T-Complete Functions

1990  Stochastic Behavior of Concrete Arch Dam-Reservoir Fluid-Foundation Systems in Nonstationary Random Vibration

1989  China’s Ertan Hydroelectric Project

1989  Hydrodynamic Interaction Effects in Earthquake Response of Arch Dams

1989  Newfoundland’s First Arch Dam Construction Versus Climate

1989  Nonlinear Seismic Analysis of Arch Dams

1989  Paradise River, a Challenging Small Hydro Development

1989  Safety Evaluation of PG&E Dams

1989  Shape Optimal Design of Arch Dam

1989  Simulation of Cracking in Large Arch Dam: Part I

1989  Simulation of Cracking in Large Arch Dam: Part II

1988  Another First for RCC: Structural Dam Repairs

1988  Dongjiang Project and Development of Lei River

1988  The Rehabilitation of Lake Harriet Dam

1988  Strengthening and Raising Gibraltar Dam with RCC

1987  An Investigation on Stability of a Gravity-Arch Dam and its Abutments by Geomechanical Model Test

1987  Three-Dimensional Dynamic Analysis of Dam-Water-Sediment Systems

1987  Water Compressibility in Earthquake Response of Arch Dams

1986  Arch Dams for Small Hydroelectric Sites

1986  Construction of Yellowtail Dam & Power Plant 63-65

1986  Hoover Dam Plus Fifty Years Equals El Cajon Dam

1986  Hydrodynamic and Foundation Flexibility Effects in Earthquake Response of Arch Dams

1985  Geology of the Strontia Springs Arch Dam