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2014  Ancient Stone Bridge Surveying by Ground-Penetrating Radar and Numerical Modeling Methods

2014  Chicago’s First Tied-Arch Bridge

2014  Comparative Study of the Proportions, Form, and Efficiency of Concrete Arch Bridges

2014  Determining Geometric Out-of-Plane Imperfections in Steel Tied-Arch Bridges Using Strain Measurements

2014  Direct Displacement-Based Seismic Design of Reinforced Concrete Arch Bridges

2014  Dynamic Performance Evaluation of Through Type Arch Bridge for Moving Loads

2014  Evaluation and Rating of Masonry Arch Bridges

2014  More than a Bridge

2014  Preserving a Landmark

2014  Study of Arch and Beam Rigidity of Long-Span V-Shaped Rigid Frame Composite Arch Bridges

2014  Time-Dependent Analysis of Long-Span, Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Arch Bridges

2014  Twin Arches Will Bolster Quad Cities’ Infrastructure

2013  Behavior of Self-Anchored Suspension Bridges in the Structural System Transformation

2013  Creep Effects on the Reliability of a Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Arch Bridge

2013  Main Street Bridge Project, Danville, VA Open Spandrel Concrete Arch Bridges: New and Old

2013  Nonlinear Seismic Analysis of Concrete Arch Bridge with Steel Webs

2013  Partial Elastic Scheme Method in Cantilever Construction of Concrete Arch Bridges

2013  Progressive-Collapse Simulation and Critical Region Identification of a Stone Arch Bridge

2013  Response Analysis of a Long-span Arch Bridge under the Seismic Traveling Excitation

2013  Safety Assessment of a Masonry Arch Bridge: Field Testing and Simulations

2013  Structural Analysis and Load Test of a Nineteenth-Century Iron Bowstring Arch-Truss Bridge

2013  Temperature Effect on Creep Behavior of CFST Arch Bridges

2013  Texas Arch Bridge To Be First of Its Kind

2013  Thermal Effects on Load Rating of Reinforced Concrete Arch Bridges

2012  Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Tied Arch Bridge System: Application to Columbus Viaduct

2012  Effects of Temperature Variations on the In-Plane Stability of Steel Arch Bridges

2012  Flutter, Galloping, and Vortex-Induced Vibrations of H-Section Hangers

2012  Influence Analysis on Dynamic Performance of Large Span Concrete-Filled Steel Tube Arch Bridge of Relative Deck Height

2012  Influence of Structural Damage on Dynamic Characteristics of Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Arch Bridge

2012  Integral Lifting Project of the Qifeng Bridge

2012  Monitoring Data Based Traffic-load Effect Model for Arch Bridge Suspender

2012  Network Arches: The World’s Lightest Arch Bridges

2012  Nevada Mountain Road Includes Expansive Concrete Arch Bridge

2012  Seismic Performance of Composite Beam Concrete Filled Tubular Tied Arch Bridge

2012  Structural Behavior of Inferior-Deck Spatial Arch Bridges with Imposed Curvature

2012  Study on the Optimization of Construction Cable Tensions for Multi-rib Butterfly-shape Arch Bridges

2012  Vehicle-Induced Vibration of Steel Deck Arch Bridges and Analytical Methodology

2011  Calculation and Study of Longitudinal Forces of Continuous Welded Rail Track on Deck Arch Bridge

2011  Calculation of Cable Force and Pre-Camber for Long-Span Rib Arch Bridge Construction by Unstressed State Control Method

2011  Flutter of an Arch Bridge via a Fully Nonlinear Continuum Formulation

2011  Health State Evaluation for Multi-Span Double-Curvature Arch Bridge Based on Static-Dynamic Load Testing

2011  Mitigating Epistemic Uncertainty in Structural Identification: Case Study for a Long-Span Steel Arch Bridge

2011  Nineteenth-Century Metal Arch Bridges

2011  Pedestrian Bridge Project in San Francisco Region Was No Easy Walk

2010  Cabin John Bridge: Role of Alfred L. Rives, C.E.

2010  Defying The Odds: The Stone Arch Bridge

2010  Finite-Element Analysis and Vibration Testing of a Two-Span Masonry Arch Bridge

2010  Optimum Analysis of Suspenders Tensioning through Skewed Arch Bridge with Curved Beam

2010  Rehabilitation of Masonry Arch Bridges

2010  Time-Dependent Behavior of Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Arch Bridge

2009  Coastal Connection

2009  Deterioration Analysis of Slab with Slightly Curved Bottom of Frame Arch Bridge

2009  Dynamic Analysis of Long Span Continuous Steel Truss Arch Bridge under High-Speed Train

2009  Dynamic Performance of Box Girder and CFST Arch Combination Bridge Considering Pile-Soil Interaction

2009  Observation and Theoretical Analysis of the Temperature Field on the Cross Section of Concrete Filled Steel Tubes Arch Bridge Rib

2009  Optimization Analysis of Cable Tensions for Suspension Erection of Long-Span CFST Arch Bridge

2009  Overview of Concrete Filled Steel Tube Arch Bridges in China

2009  Performance of a Tied-Arch Reinforced Concrete Railway Bridge: Rating, Safety Assessment, and Bond Length Evaluation

2009  Single Arch Pays Homage to Four-Arch River Crossing

2009  Stability Analysis for CFST Basket Handle Arch Bridge

2009  Structure Analysis of Continuous Composite Arch Bridge for Rehabilitation

2009  Structure Mechanical Study on Overlay of the Tied Arch Concrete Bridge Deck

2009  Ultimate Capacity Analysis of Concrete-Filled Steel Tubular Structure under Eccentric Compression

2009  Vietnamese River Crossing Assumes Form of Dragon

2008  Application of Wireless Sensing System for the Wuyuan Steel Arch Bridge

2008  Arches, water, and reflection — these are the themes that inspired the design of the new bridge in Minneapolis that carries Interstate 35 West over the Mississippi

2008  Bayonne Bridge: The Work of Othmar Ammann, Master Builder

2008  Bridges: Dubayy Proposes World.s Longest Arch Span

2008  Design of Stiffened Plate Lifting Beams

2008  Effects of Arch Rib Crossbars on Dynamic and Stabilization Characteristics of Concrete Filled Steel Tubular Arch Bridge

2008  Floor System Evaluation of a Riveted Steel Arch Bridge

2008  Intelligent Monitoring of Erbian Dadu River Arch Bridge Using Fiber Bragg Grating Sensors

2008  Optimal Deck Systems of Through Steel Tied Arch Bridge on High Speed Railways

2007  Analytical Load Rating of an Open-Spandrel Arch Bridge: Case Study

2007  ANSYS Based Numerical Simulation Study of Stone Arch Bridge Construction

2007  Assessment of Stone Arch Bridges under Static Loading Using Analytical Techniques

2007  Autoparametric Resonance in a Pedestrian Steel Arch Bridge: Solferino Bridge, Paris

2007  Bridges: Swedish Road Bridge Features Airtight Steel Box Design

2007  Numerical Simulation Research of Stone Arch Bridges under Moving Load

2007  Seismic Retrofit of an Historic Steel Arch Bridge: Lessons Learned

2007  Short Takes: Landmark Status Conferred on Scottish Bridge

2007  Stability Analysis of Long-span Deck-type CFST Arch Bridge

2006  Bridges: Pedestrian Walkway Will Hang from Tied-Arch Bridge in Pittsburgh

2006  Computation and Analysis of the Creep Effect of Long-span Concrete-filled Steel Tubular Arch Bridge

2006  Performance Assessment of a Precast-Concrete, Buried, Small Arch Bridge

2006  Placed in Context

2006  Study of Turkish Bridge Standards Involving a Reinforced Concrete Arch Bridge

2006  Sun, Moon, and Stars

2005  Bridges: Ohio River Span a Variation on Conventional Tied Arch

2005  Dynamic and Impact Behavior of Half-Through Arch Bridges

2004  Assessment of Multispan Masonry Arch Bridges. I: Simplified Approach

2004  Assessment of Multispan Masonry Arch Bridges. II: Examples and Applications

2004  Collapse of Masonry Buttresses

2004  Earthquake Ground Motion for Design of Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge (US Highway 93)

2004  Experimental and Analytical Modal Analysis of Steel Arch Bridge

2004  Load Rating of Masonry Arch Bridges: Refinements

2004  Performance Evaluation of Short Span Reinforced Concrete Arch Bridges

2004  Research on Visual Implementation of the Simulation of Rib-Assembling in Long-span Arch Bridge

2004  Structural Analysis of an ’Ancient Arch Bridge’ using Modern Technology

2003  Construction Control of Reinforced Concrete Arch Bridges