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2014  Arbitration in Kuwait: Study of Current Practices and Suggestions for Improvements

2013  Alignment Partnering: A Bridge to ADR Processes?

2013  Arbitration Awards Are Seldom Overturned

2013  Arbitration Still Best Road to Binding Dispute Resolution

2013  Class Arbitration and the Construction Dispute: Analysis of Current Jurisprudence and Practical Tips for the Construction Practitioner

2013  Conflict: Philosophy and Culture

2013  Difficulties of Contracts without Provisional Language

2013  Engineering a Successful Negotiation

2013  Jury Sides with Public Owner in Fast-Track Project Dispute with Contractor

2013  Special Section on Alternative Dispute Resolution for the Engineering and Construction Industry—Part I

2013  Vacating Arbitration Awards for Manifest Disregard of the Law

2012  Civil Engineer Successfully Sues Owner For Tortious Interference with Contract

2012  Claim Accrual Bars Subcontractor Suit Against Government

2012  Commonwealth Coatings Corp. v. Continental Casualty Co.

2012  Contractor Predictably Loses Notice Argument

2012  Court Upholds Engineering Firm’s Limitation of Liability Clause

2012  Florida Jury Exonerates Design Engineering Firm

2011  Arizona Upholds Statue of Repose Defense for Construction Defect Claims

2011  Court Allows Unsuccessful Bidder to Sue Architect for ’Malice’ in Bid Selection Process

2011  Engineer’s Standard of Care Cannot Be Expanded by Opposing Expert’s Testimony

2011  Engineer’s Study Notes for Understanding the Arbitration Process

2011  A Fair Approach

2011  Large, Complex Construction Disputes: Dynamics of Multiparty Mediation

2011  Legal Impact and Dispute Resolution of Disaster in Taiwan: Lessons Learned from Typhoon Aere

2011  Litigation or Arbitration: View from the Trenches

2011  No Damage for Delay Clauses Enforced without Exception

2011  Owner Not Liable for Contractor’s ’Unilateral’ Bid Mistake

2011  Settlement Will Aid Work at Superfund Site in Idaho, Washington

2011  State Agency’s Use of Best Value Design/Build Struck Down

2011  To Be or Not to Be—That Is the Question: Is a DRB Right for Your Project?

2011  When Is a Termination for Convenience Improper?

2010  Appellate Court Reverses Judgment Based on Clear Intent of Change Orders and Claims

2010  Art of Mediation in the Engineering and Construction Industry

2010  Consistency and Reliability of Construction Arbitration Decisions: Empirical Study

2010  Contractor Default Termination Deemed Proper After 95 Percent Completion

2010  Contractor Penalized For Reducing Scope of Disadvantaged Subcontractors

2010  Contractor Sues Public Owner for Failing To Divulge Information

2010  Court Rules in Favor Of Subcontractor in ’Bid Shopping’ Termination Dispute

2010  Engineering Firm Obtains $1-Million Judgment for Increased Scope

2010  Government Loses Legal Challenge to Firm’s Teaming Agreement

2010  Historic Cases: Spearin v. United States

2010  Katrina Ruling Should Not Be Appealed, Members of Congress Urge Administration

2010  Lead Paint Is Not a Public Nuisance

2010  Mediation for Improved Conflict Resolution

2010  Mediation for Public Construction Contracts under the GPA in Taiwan

2010  Why Are Loss of Labor Efficiency Damages So Difficult to Recover?

2009  Appeals Court Weighs in On Credibility of Construction Expert’s Testimony

2009  Arbitral Tribunal Proceedings Case Study: Egyptian Large-Scale Construction Project

2009  Certificate of Merit Statute Not Applicable in Suit Against Architect

2009  Failure to Comply Negates Extra Work Claim

2009  Government Found Liable for Delays in Design/Build Project

2009  Is There an Implied Duty of Good Faith to Sequence Work Properly?

2009  Judicial Reviews of Public Administrators in Awarding Contracts

2009  Limitation of Liability Clause Violates Anti-Indemnity Statute

2009  Owner Held Liable For Erroneous Specification

2009  Right is Right

2009  Short Takes: Nevada Supreme Court Rules in Favor of ASCE Brief

2009  State Agency Decision on Contractor Claims Deemed ’Arbitrary and Capricious’

2009  What’s in a Name? Perhaps a large Judgment

2008  Construction Claims and Disputes and the Business Culture of Construction in Japan

2008  Contractor Sues Engineer for Interfering with Prime Contract

2008  Court Denies Subcontractor’s Constructive Acceleration Claim

2008  Court Finds Subcontractor Did Not Assume Risk of Differing Site Conditions

2008  Design Omission Does Not Create Contract Ambiguity

2008  Design Professional Unable to Prove Fees under .Quantum Meruit. Theory

2008  Dispute Resolution in the Construction Industry in Ireland: A Move to Adjudication?

2008  Enforceability of Limitations of Liability Provisions

2008  Government Avoids Liability on Contractor Pass-Through Claim

2008  Perspective from the United States: Tensions between “Getting It Done” and “Getting It Right”

2008  Substantial Completion: Submittal Requirements Count

2008  Which is the Prevailing Party in Arbitration?

2007  The Continuing Battle over Differing Site Conditions

2007  Court Considers Disqualifying Expert Witness and Firm from Testifying

2007  Court Ignores Engineer’s Contractual Disclaimer for Inspections

2007  Court Reviews Allowable Costs in Termination for Convenience Dispute

2007  Disclaimer Ruling Stands

2007  Insight into Resolving Construction Disputes by Mediation/Adjudication in Hong Kong

2007  The Law: Are Design Professional Services Lienable?

2007  Legal Considerations Apply to Projects with Multiple Prime Contractors

2007  Mistakes All Around

2007  Owner Found Liable for Bad Faith Termination

2007  The Owner is Responsible

2007  Public Contractor Establishes Lost Efficiency Caused by Differing Site Conditions

2007  Specially Drafted Terms Prevail over Those Preprinted

2007  Strict Compliance in Federal Contracts: How Good is ”Good Enough?”

2007  What is the Threshold for ’Pass-Through’ Liquidated Damages?

2006  ’Commercial Impracticability’ ”Difficult to Prove?”

2006  Conditions Precedent Nullify Contractor’s Claim

2006  Court Considers Conflicting Provisions

2006  Court Decisions: Arbitration Agreement not ’Unconscionable’

2006  Court Decisions: Contract Gives Arbitration Discretion to Primary Contractor

2006  Design/Builder Mistakenly Relies on Owner’s Preliminary Design

2006  The Duty to Preserve Evidence during Remediation Work

2006  Lack of Notice Nullifies Award of Delay Damages

2006  Logistic Likelihood Analysis of Mediation Outcomes

2006  Proving a ’Constructive Acceleration’ Claim

2006  Savings through Clarity

2006  State’s Affidavit of Merit Statute May Not Apply to Architect Acting as Construction Manager

2006  Subcontractor Forces Arbitration under ’Equitable Estoppel’

2006  Suit Against Design professionals Dismissed for Lack of Privity