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2015  Enabling Successful Aquifer Storage and Recovery of Freshwater Using Horizontal Directional Drilled Wells in Coastal Aquifers

2015  Setting Water Quality Trigger Levels for the Operation and Management of a MAR System in Parafield, South Australia

2015  Sprinkling and Well Infiltration in Managed Aquifer Recharge for Drinking Water Quality Improvement in Finland

2014  Approximate Solution for a Transient Hydraulic Head Distribution Induced by a Constant-Head Test at a Partially Penetrating Well in a Two-Zone Confined Aquifer

2014  Characterization of Parameters for a Spatially Heterogenous Aquifer from Pumping Test Data

2014  Comparison of Analytical Solutions to Evaluate Aquifer Response to Arbitrary Stream Stage

2014  Design of an Optimal Compliance Monitoring Network and Feedback Information for Adaptive Management of Saltwater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers

2014  Full-Range Solution for the Theis Well Function

2014  Genetic Programming in Groundwater Modeling

2014  GIS-Based Numerical Modeling of Aquifer Recharge and Saltwater Intrusion in Arid Southeastern Tunisia

2014  GIS-Based Water Budget Framework for High-Resolution Groundwater Recharge Estimation of Large-Scale Humid Regions

2014  Grid-Size Dependency of Evapotranspiration Simulations in Shallow Aquifers: An Optimal Approach

2014  Ground Movements from Aquifer Recharge and Recovery

2014  Groundwater Flow Modeling of a Hard Rock Aquifer: Case Study

2014  Hydraulic Conductivity Variation in a Confined Aquifer

2014  Migration of High-Pressure Air during Gas Well Drilling in the Appalachian Basin

2014  Quantitative and Qualitative Assessment of Seawater Intrusion in Wadi Ham under Different Pumping Scenarios

2014  Review of Stream Depletion Solutions, Behavior, and Calculations

2014  Saltwater Intrusion in Coastal Aquifers Subjected to Freshwater Pumping

2014  Second-Order Shallow-Flow Theory and Dupuit Approximation for Phreatic Aquifers

2014  Simulation of Distributed Base Flow Contributions to Streamflow Using a Hillslope-Based Catchment Model Coupled to a Regional-Scale Groundwater Model

2014  Using SWAT-VSA to Predict Diffuse Phosphorus Pollution in an Agricultural Catchment with Several Aquifers

2013  Aquifer Plume Study of Mixed Population Nitrate Data Using ArcGIS

2013  Characterization of Bulk Fluid and Transport Properties for Simulating Polymer-Improved Aquifer Remediation

2013  Climatic Characterization and Response of Water Resources to Climate Change in Limestone Areas: Considerations on the Importance of Geological Setting

2013  Conceptual Designing and Numerical Simulation of the ASR Technique Operations - Case Study Kuwait

2013  Consolidation Settlement in Aquifers Caused by Pumping

2013  A Coupled Poroelasticity Model by Mixed Finite Elements for Aquifer Recharge Simulations

2013  Distribution of Potentially Bioavailable Natural Organic Carbon in Aquifer Sediments at a Chloroethene-Contaminated Site

2013  Effects of Varying Stream Channel Conductance on Siting New Pumping Wells in an Aquifer

2013  Enhanced In-Situ Remediation of Sorbing Groundwater Contaminants using Engineered Injection and Extraction

2013  Extraction of Optimal Operation Rules in an Aquifer-Dam System: Genetic Programming Approach

2013  Freshwater Storage in Brackish Aquifers

2013  Groundwater Flow in Sloping Aquifer under Localized Transient Recharge: Analytical Study

2013  Hydraulics of a Drainage Well Fully Penetrating a Leaky Aquifer through a Multisection Screen

2013  Investigating the Effective Factors of Leaky Aquifers Using a Novel Approach

2013  A Modeling Study of Air Migration from a Drilling Well to the Surrounding Aquifer in Appalachia

2013  Performance of Water Extraction in an Endangered Aquifer when Management Is Not All-Powerful: A Theoretical Framework Based on a Viability Theory

2013  Saltwater Intrusion and Recirculation of Seawater at a Coastal Boundary

2013  Shallow Aquifer Recharge from Irrigation in a Semiarid Agricultural Valley in New Mexico

2013  Simulation of a Multilayer Leaky Aquifer with Stream Depletion

2013  Source Term Evaluation Model for Uranium Tailings Ponds

2013  Statistical Evaluation of Parameters in Heterogeneous Aquifers

2013  Time-Dependency of Nitrate and Phosphate Concentrations with Aquifer Vulnerability Indexes: A Case Study in Shahrekord Aquifer, Iran

2012  An Adjoint Algorithm for Computing Three-Dimensional Capture Functions for Management of Heterogeneous Regional Aquifer Systems

2012  Analysis of 1D Contaminant Migration through Saturated Soil Media Underlying Aquifer Using FDM

2012  Analytical Approach to Solute Dispersion along and against Transient Groundwater Flow in a Homogeneous Finite Aquifer: Pulse Type Boundary Conditions

2012  Analytical Solution for One-Dimensional Solute Dispersion with Time-Dependent Source Concentration along Uniform Groundwater Flow in a Homogeneous Porous Formation

2012  An Approximated Analytical Solution to the Problem of Single Well Pumping within an Irregular Boundary

2012  Areal Simulation of Seawater Intrusion in the Nile Delta Aquifer

2012  Engineered Well Injection-Extraction Schemes to Enhance Reaction for Improved In Situ Remediation of Contaminated Groundwater

2012  Evaluating Alternative Hydraulic Solutions to Limit Nutrient Contamination of an Aquifer in Southern California

2012  Hydrogeological Characterization of the Plateaus Region of the Quito Aquifer System Using Remote Sensing, Digital Geomorphology, and Geophysics

2012  Identification of Aquifer Parameters from Pumping Test Data with Regard for Uncertainty

2012  Interpretation of Pumping Test with Radial Collector Well Using a Reservoir Model

2012  Low-Rank Kalman Filtering for Efficient State Estimation of Subsurface Advective Contaminant Transport Models

2012  Numerical Simulation of Groundwater Table Falling in Horizontal and Sloping Aquifers by Differential Quadrature Method (DQM)

2012  Parameter Estimation and Vulnerability Assessment of Coastal Unconfined Aquifer to Saltwater Intrusion

2012  Quantification of Stream Depletion Due to Aquifer Pumping Using Adjoint Methodology: A Case Study

2012  Remediation of Gasoline Contaminated Soil Using Surfactant Enhanced Aquifer Remediation (SEAR)

2012  Storm-Water Management through Infiltration Trenches

2012  Straight-Line Method Generalization for Aquifer Parameter Estimations

2012  Three-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of Saltwater Extraction Schemes to Mitigate Seawater Intrusion due to Groundwater Pumping in a Coastal Aquifer System

2012  Water Budget Considerations Regarding Groundwater Extraction Targets in the Calera Aquifer Watershed, Mexico

2011  Acid-Gas Storage in a Deep Saline Aquifer: Numerical Sensitivity Study to Evaluate Parameter and Model Uncertainty

2011  Analytic Modeling for Aquifer Radial Movement Caused by Artificial Discharge

2011  Approximate Engineering Solution for Predicting Groundwater Table Variation During Reservoir Drawdown on the Basis of the Boussinesq Equation

2011  Assessment of the Effectiveness of Dams on the Recharge of the Shallow Aquifer in the Northern Area of UAE

2011  Characterization of Petroleum-Hydrocarbon Fate and Transport in Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Aquifers Using a Generalized Uncertainty Estimation Method

2011  Contrasting Advective Spreading and Dispersive Mixing

2011  Coupled Reactive Transport Model for Heat and Density Driven Flow in CO2 Storage in Saline Aquifers

2011  Evaluation of Well Heads by Using Different Approaches: Well Package, Multi-Node Well Package, and Analytical Solution

2011  Groundwater Modeling of the Calera Aquifer Region in Central Mexico

2011  A Hierarchical Bayesian Model Averaging Approach to Cope with Sources of Uncertainty in Conceptual Ground Water Models

2011  Hydrochemical Characterization of Aquifers Using Sequential Multivariate Analyses and Geographic Information Systems in a Tropical Setting

2011  Hydrodynamic Characterization of a Karst Aquifer in the Brazilian Semi-Arid Region with Time Series Analysis of Hydrology Data

2011  The Impact of Artificial Recharge Plans on Aquifer and Demand Management Techniques in Shahrekord, Iran

2011  An Innovative Technology to Control Groundwater during Excavation over Confined Aquifer

2011  Kinetics and Seepage Forces in Steady-State Ground-Water Flow

2011  One Technique for Shield Tail Brushes’ Repair Using Liquid Nitrogen Freezing Method in the Artesian Aquifer

2011  Prediction of Land Subsidence Using a Proposed Consolidation-Seepage-Creep Coupling Model

2011  Spatial Decline Distribution of Groundwater Levels of Confined Aquifer in the Whole Red River Delta, Vietnam

2011  Stream Depletion from Pumping a Semiconfined Aquifer in a Two-Layer Leaky Aquifer System

2011  Transient Flow into a Partially Penetrating Well during the Constant-Head Test in Unconfined Aquifers

2011  Trend Detection in Groundwater Levels of Holocene Unconfined Aquifer in Hanoi, Vietnam, by Non-Parametric Approaches

2011  Tropical, Seasonal River Basin Development through a Series of Vented Dams

2011  Wavelet and Cross-Wavelet Analysis of Groundwater Quality Signals of Saltwater Intruded Coastal Aquifers

2010  Analysis of Saltwater Intrusion Driven by Areal-Recharge

2010  Analytical Solution for Two-Dimensional Solute Transport in Finite Aquifer with Time-Dependent Source Concentration

2010  Analytical Study of Water Table Fluctuation in Unconfined Aquifers due to Varying Bed Slopes and Spatial Location of the Recharge Basin

2010  An Aquifer Analogue Study of High Resolution Aquifer Characterization Based on Hydraulic Tomography

2010  Aquifer Storage and Recovery as a Viable Climate Change Adaptation Technique: Sustainable Development under the Current Regulatory Framework

2010  Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Improving the Modeling of Chlorinated Solvent Natural Attenuation in Bedrock Aquifers

2010  Biodegradation of Aqueous Organic Matter over Seasonal Changes: Bioreactor Experiments with Indigenous Lake Water Bacteria

2010  Boundary Condition of Groundwater Flow through Sloping Seepage Face

2010  Characterization of On-Site Wastewater Nitrogen Plumes in Shallow Coastal Aquifers, North Carolina

2010  Comparative Study of SVMs and ANNs in Aquifer Water Level Prediction

2010  Diagnostic Curves for Identifying Leaky Aquifer Parameters with or without Aquitard Storage

2010  Effects of Primary Substrate Concentration on NDMA Transport during Simulated Aquifer Recharge

2010  Engineered Well Injection and Extraction to Enhance Mixing in Aquifers