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2014  Report Details Ways to Halt Movement of Species Between Mississippi River, Great Lakes Basins

2013  Assessing Factors Affecting the Thermal Properties of a Passive Thermal Refuge Using Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Flow and Transport Modeling

2013  Balancing Engineering and Resource Agency Requirements to Create Shallow Water Habitat

2013  Building Effective Compensatory Marine Habitat for Arctic Ports

2013  Endangered Species Act and Marine Mammal Protection Act Permitting in the Pacific Northwest

2013  Flow and Turbulence Structure past a Cluster of Freshwater Mussels

2013  Habitat Development for Eco-Credit in Port Settings

2013  NewsBriefs: Oyster Reefs Protect Coasts as They Grow (Royal

2013  Place of Circling Waters - Industrial Land to Habitat Site

2013  Reducing Inwater Pile Driving Sound - What Are My Options?

2012  Identification of the Naegleria Species in Natural Watersheds Used for Drinking and Recreational Purposes in Taiwan

2012  Miami Science Museum Features Unusual Aquarium

2012  Toxicity Characteristics of Drilling Mud and Its Effect on Aquatic Fish Populations

2012  Use of Frequency and Duration Analysis for the Determination of Thermal Habitat Thresholds: Application for the Conservation of

2012  Water Management Adaptations to Prevent Loss of Spring-Run Chinook Salmon in California under Climate Change

2012  Water Resources and Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystems: A Vision for 2050

2011  Aquatic Organism Passage Design Guidelines for Culverts

2010  Aquatic Habitat Bottom Classification Using ADCP

2010  Attenuating Excessive Sediment and Loss of Biotic Habitat in an Intensively Managed Midwestern Agricultural Watershed

2010  A Comprehensive Solution to Aquatic Habitat Fragmentation in the Milwaukee River Watershed, Ozaukee County, Wisconsin

2010  Design of Marine Habitat Mitigation Structure

2010  Hydraulic Complexity Metrics for Evaluating In-Stream Brook Trout Habitat

2010  Impact of Climate and Land Use Changes on Aquatic Habitats

2010  Managing Dam Sediments: Rudimentary Sediment Budgets As a Practical Method for Assessing Risks to Aquatic Resources

2010  Pelagic Habitat Visualization: The Need for a Third (and Fourth) Dimension: HabitatSpace

2010  Restoring the Northern Everglades: A Systematic Approach to Lake Okeechobee Watershed Management

2010  Salt Pond SF2 Restoration, Wildlife, and Habitat Protection

2010  Winter Flounder Habitat Utilization and Environmental Windows in New York and New Jersey Harbor

2009  Bioretention Impact on Runoff Temperature in Trout Sensitive Waters

2009  Comparison of Enzyme Activities in Vegetated and Nonvegetated Sediments

2009  GIS-Based Landscape Parameters for Wetland Evaluation Related to Amphibian Health

2009  Habitat Restoration on the Middle Fork John Day River

2009  Image Analyses-Based Nondisruptive Method to Quantify Algal Growth on Concrete Surfaces

2009  Investigating Aquatic Ecosystems of Small Lakes in Khorezm, Uzbekistan

2009  Post Project Appraisal of Riparian, Wetland, and Aquatic Habitat Restoration at Best Slough, Beale Air Force Base, Marysville, CA

2009  River Bed Sediment Classification Using ADCP

2009  The Road to LID Plan Approval in Coastal North Carolina: Development of a Spreadsheet Modeling Tool for LID Based Designs

2009  Sediment Management for Shallow Water Habitat Creation on the Missouri River

2008  Connectivity in a Network-Scale Model of Aquatic Population Dynamics

2008  Flow Resistance Mechanism of Aquatic Macrophytes in a Simulated Channel

2008  Infiltration Best Management Practices for Stormwater for the Etowah Habitat Conservation Plan

2008  Kondolf Diagram for River Backwater Restoration

2008  Laboratory Investigation of Mean Drag in a Random Array of Rigid, Emergent Cylinders

2008  Review of the Performance of the Artificial Floating Island as a Restoration Tool for Aquatic Environments

2008  Spatial Knowledge-Based Decision Analysis System for Pond Site Assessment

2008  Thornton Creek Water Quality Channel, Urban Water Quality, and Environmental Benefits

2008  Using Telemetry and a Fish Behavioral Model to Assess Fish Habitat Changes Caused by Alteration of River Morphology

2007  Application of Several Depth-Averaged Turbulence Models to Simulate Flow in Vertical Slot Fishways

2007  Aquatic Assessment of the Chernobyl Nuclear Accident and Its Remediation

2007  Changes in Aquatic Habitat and Geomorphic Response to Urbanization, with Implications for Assessing Habitat Degradation

2007  Predicting Interfacial Diffusion Coefficients for Fluxes across the Sediment-Water Interface

2007  South Platte River Segment 15 Aquatic Life/Habitat Assessment Study

2007  Uptake of Haolgenated Phenols by Aquatic Plants

2007  The Use of Geospatial Hydraulic Analysis for the Characterization of Habitat Impacts on Wide, Braided Rivers

2007  Using Bathymetric LiDAR and a 2-D Hydraulic Model to Identify Aquatic River Habitat

2006  Agent-Based Approach Enhances Conventional Aquatic Habitat Description and Species Utilization Methods

2006  Buildings: Georgia Aquarium Incorporates Numerous Habitats

2006  A Depth-Averaged 2-D Analysis of Fish Habitat Suitability Impacted by Vegetation and Sediment

2006  HDD Shore Approaches in the Biscayne Bay Marine Sanctuary

2006  Lodging Velocity for an Emergent Aquatic Plant in Open Channels

2006  Mean Flow and Turbulence Structure in Vertical Slot Fishways

2006  Phoenix Rises

2006  Valuing Fisheries and Wetlands using Integrated Economic-Hydrologic Modeling — Mekong River Basin

2005  Biological Response of Aquatic Communities to Streambank Fencing in Selected streams Impacted by Agricultural Grazing

2005  Calculating Compensatory Restoration in Natural Resource Damage Assessments: Recent Experience in California

2005  The Channel Islands Marine Reserve Process: The Role of the Social Science

2005  Comparison of Chemical Bioaccumulation Models to Assist in Model Selection for Ecological Assessments and TMDL Development

2005  Coordinating Marine Reserves Management – From Process to Implementation in the Channel Island National Marine Sanctuary

2005  Coupling of Engineering and Biological Models for Ecosystem Analysis

2005  Development and Evaluation of a New Helical Fish-Friendly Hydroturbine

2005  Distribution of Squid Paralarvae, Loligo Opalescens (Cephalopoda: Myopsida), in the Southern California Bight in the Four Years Following the 1997 El Niño

2005  Ecological Effects of Grooming on Exposed Sandy Beaches in Southern California

2005  Emerging Issues in California’s National Marine Sanctuaries

2005  Emerging Threats in California’s Central Coast National Marine Sanctuaries

2005  Energy Model to Predict Suspended Load Deposition Induced by Woody Debris: Case Study

2005  Flow Pattern of Fish Habitats in Engineered Stream

2005  Hydraulic and Biological Aspects of Fish Passes for Atlantic Salmon

2005  Hydrodynamic Investigation of Upper Mississippi River Freshwater Mussel Habitats

2005  Integrating Marine Reserves With Fishery Management

2005  Kelp Bed Restoration Techniques: Insights into Kelp Biology and Ecology

2005  Linking Stream Geomorphology, Watershed Condition and Aquatic Ecosystem Health

2005  Managing Flows to Protect Cold-Water Fisheries in the Delaware River Basin

2005  Model for Wind-Driven Vertical Mixing in a Shallow Lake with Submersed Macrophytes

2005  Monitoring Rocky Intertidal Shorelines: A Role for the Public in Resource Management

2005  Moving Beyond Paper Parks: Improving Compliance and Enforcement: Measuring and Improving Marine Protected Area Effectiveness

2005  Overview of a Biogeographic Assessment for the Cordell Bank, Gulf of Farallones, and Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuaries

2005  Pelagic Predators, Prey and Processes (P4): A Multi-species Approach to the Conservation of Offshore Organisms and Habitats in the California Current System

2005  Predicting Local Responses to Marine Reserves from Global Evidence

2005  A Proposed State Process for Establishing Marine Reserves in Oregon

2005  A Regional Approach to Kelp Restoration and Monitoring in the Southern California Bight

2005  Response to Infestations of Caulerpa taxifolia in California

2005  Riparian Forest Impacts on Aquatic Habitat Variability

2005  River Ice Ecology

2005  Science and Fisheries Management Plans: Early Experiences with Peer Review under the Marine Life Management Act

2005  Seafloor Habitat Mapping Nearshore San Diego County

2005  Shelf Groundfish Closures and Impacts on Other Fisheries: A Panel

2005  Shipwrecks as Environmental Threats to California’s National Marine Sanctuaries

2005  Structure of Flow Upstream of Vertical Angled Screens in Open Channels

2005  The Synthesis of Biology and GIS Technology for the Management of San Diego’s Nearshore Coastal Resources, Part I: Habitat Classification and Mapping

2005  The Taku River: Cooperative Transboundary Fisheries Research