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2014  Approximation of the Friction Integral in Water Hammer Equations

2014  Using a Lumped Mass, Nonuniform Stiffness Beam Model to Obtain the Interstory Drift Spectra

2012  Analytical Solution of Nonlinear Diffusion Wave Model

2012  Application of Splines Supported by Kriging for Precise Shape Analysis of Incompletely Measured Structures

2012  New Approximation Method for Structural Optimization

2012  Practical Approximate Analysis of Beams and Frames

2012  Responses of Nonlinear Oscillators Excited by Nonzero-Mean Parametric Poisson Impulses on Displacement

2012  Simulation-Based Approach for Estimating Project Completion Time of Stochastic Resource-Constrained Project Networks

2011  Identifying Minimum Safe Distance between Adjacent Parallel Pipelines

2011  Sample Average Approximation Technique for Flexible Network Design Problem

2010  Estimating Reference Evapotranspiration with Minimum Data in Florida

2009  Optimization Method for Highway Horizontal Alignment Design

2009  Seismic History Analysis of Asymmetric Buildings with Soil – Structure Initeraction

2008  Analytical Approximations to Large Hygrothermal Buckling Deformation of a Beam

2008  Nonlinear Observer-Based Feedback for Open-Channel Level Control

2007  Assessment of Improved Nonlinear Static Procedures in FEMA-440

2007  Efficient Dynamic Reanalysis of Structures

2007  Project Delivery System Selection under Uncertainty: Multicriteria Multilevel Decision Aid Model

2006  Analytical Solution of the Burgers Equation for Simulating Translatory Waves in Conveyance Channels

2006  Approximate Analysis of Bridges for the Routing and Permitting Procedures of Overweight Vehicles

2006  Compilation of a Map of Recent Vertical Crustal Movements in Eastern Canada using Geographic Information System

2006  Generalized Interstory Drift Spectrum

2005  Approximate Floor Acceleration Demands in Multistory Buildings. I: Formulation

2005  Approximate Floor Acceleration Demands in Multistory Buildings. II: Applications

2005  Direct Estimation of Seismic Demand and Capacity of Multidegree-of-Freedom Systems through Incremental Dynamic Analysis of Single Degree of Freedom Approximation

2005  Statistical Evaluation of Approximate Methods for Estimating Maximum Deformation Demands on Existing Structures

2001  Approximate Analysis Method for Modular Tubular Falsework

2001  Estimation of Incident and Reflected Waves Using Simulated Annealing

2001  Extreme Value of Response to Nonstationary Excitation

2001  Refined Global Approximation Theory of Multilayered Plates and Shells

2000  Approximating Wetted Perimeter in Power-Law Cross Section

2000  Buckling of Long Orthotropic Plates Including Higher-Order Transverse Shear

2000  New Point Estimates for Probability Moments

2000  Portmanteau Procedure for Model-Fit Evaluation

2000  Response Prediction of Geometrically Nonlinear Structures

1999  Analytical Method for Designing and Analyzing 1D Search Programs

1999  Approximate Convection-Diffusion Equations

1999  Approximate Perspective Design of Roads

1999  Effective Reanalysis for Damaged Structures

1999  New Approximations for Reliability Integrals

1999  New Approximations for SORM—Part I

1999  New Approximations for SORM—Part II

1999  Nonlinear Kinematic-Wave Model for Predicting Open-Channel Flow Rate

1999  Point Estimate Method as Numerical Quadrature

1999  Probabilistic Solutions to Nonlinear Random Ship Roll Motion

1999  Recent Extensions to Local Polynomial Approximation Models

1999  Simple Approximations for Improving Second-Order Reliability Estimates

1999  Total Least Squares Spiral Curve Fitting

1998  Flood Peak Attenuation and Forecast

1998  Reliability of Transmission Structures Including Nonlinear Effects

1998  Smooth Surface Approximation for Computing Pit Excavation Volume

1998  Solutions of Unsaturated Seepage Problem by Power-Series Method

1998  Stochastic Traffic Assignment with a Simulation-Based Delay Model

1997  Approximate Analysis of Irregular Slab-on-Girder Bridges

1997  Effective Move Limits for Approximate Structural Optimization

1996  An Approximate Method for Assessment of Seismic Damage on Buildings

1996  Approximate Riemann Solvers in FVM for 2D Hydraulic Shock Wave Modeling

1996  Approximate Solutions to Nonlinear Random Vibration Problems and the Fokker-Planck-Kolmogorov Equation

1996  An Approximation Method for Estimating Extremes of Narrow-Band Non-Gaussian Random Vibration

1996  Dynamic Analysis of Tall Building Using Reduced-Order Continuum Model

1996  Error Estimates for FORM and SORM Computations of Failure Probability

1996  Fiber Orientation in Composite Structures for Optimal Resistance to Creep Failure

1996  A Multiperiod Approach for the Solution of Groundwater Management Problems using the Outer Approximation Method

1996  Nonlinear Dynamic Response of Frames Using Lanczos Modal Analysis

1996  Practical Formulas for Estimation of Cable Tension by Vibration Method

1996  Runoff Forecasting Using a Local Approximation Method

1996  Semianalytical Solutions to Griffith Fracture Under Variable Pressure

1996  Simplified Response-Spectrum Seismic Analysis of Nonlinear Structures

1996  Ultimate Compressive Strength of Orthogonally Stiffened Steel Plates

1996  Variational Principles Developed for and Applied to Analysis of Stochastic Beams

1995  Approximate Analysis of Building Frames for Vertical Loads

1995  An Assessment of Seismic Damage on Buildings

1995  Evaluation of Force-Restore Methods for the Prediction of Ground Surface Temperature

1995  First-Order Reliability Analysis of Wood Structural Systems

1995  Hybrid Approach to Uniform Flow Past Two Cylinders

1995  Implications of Using Approximate Expressions for Well Function

1995  Linear Approximation Model of the WM Canal for Controller Design

1995  Reliability of Polygonal Boundary of Land Parcel

1995  Routing Equations for Detention Reservoirs

1995  Simplified Design Method for Braced Double Skinned Structure in Lunar Application

1995  Survey of Discrete Variable Optimization for Structural Design

1994  Approximate Elastic-Plastic Solution for Axially Loaded Piles

1994  Approximate Form of Green-Ampt Infiltration Equation

1994  Approximate Formulas for Effective Length of Steel Columns

1994  Approximate Random Vibration Analysis of Classically Damped MDOF Systems

1994  Buckling Solutions of Rectangular Mindlin Plates under Uniform Shear

1994  Common Misconceptions about Neural Networks as Approximators

1994  Comparisons of Directional Wave Analysis Methods

1994  A Generalized Approach to the Local Stability of Stiffened Plates: Part II–Approximate Solution

1994  Multi-Reservoir Systems Optimization by the Aggregation/Decomposition Methodology

1994  Simple Method for Approximate Analysis of Framed Tube Structures

1993  Analysis of Multiple-Bay Frames Using Continuum Model

1993  Approximate Solutions for Cables Under Generalized Hydrodynamic Loadings

1993  Comparison of Simple Calculation Methods for the Fire Design of Composite Columns and Beams

1993  Estimation of Irregulatr Wave Kinematics from a Measured Record

1993  Lateral Load Distribution in Asymmetrical Tall Building Structures

1993  Minimum Lateral Stiffness for Equally Spaced Braces in Columns

1993  Pipelines and Laterally Loaded Piles in Elastoplastic Medium

1993  Prismatic and Nonprismatic Slender Columns and Bridge Piers

1993  Smooth Boundary Approximation for Directly Computing Irregular Area