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2014  Inorganic Nitrogen Compounds in Water Mains in Northern Poland and Their Implication for Health Risk

2014  Role of Solids Retention Time on Complete Nitrification: Mechanistic Understanding and Modeling

2013  Degree of Hazardous Reduction of Secondary Aluminum Dross Using Ferrous Chloride

2013  Heterogeneous Nitrification in a Full-Scale Rapid Sand Filter Treating Groundwater

2013  Nutrient Dynamics in Flooded Wetlands. I: Model Development

2013  Nutrient Dynamics in Flooded Wetlands. II: Model Application

2013  Simulated Storm-Water Runoff Treatment by Duckweed and Algae Ponds

2012  Corrosion Damage Diagnosis of a 44-Year-Old Ammonium Nitrate Prill Tower in a Petrochemical Complex

2012  Laboratory Investigation of Ammonium and Nitrate Removal in Vertical-Flow Regimes in Planted and Unplanted Wetland Columns

2012  Preparation, Performance, and Cytotoxicity Evaluation of Nanoarchitectures CuO/ CeO2 Composite Catalysts for the Catalytic Decomposition of Ammonia

2011  Aeration, Media, and Flow Rate Effects on the Ammonia Removal Performance of a Pilot Scale Continuous Up-Flow Filter

2011  Application of Downflow-Upflow Biological Aerated Filter in the Pretreatment of Raw Water Containing High Ammonia Nitrogen

2011  Synthesis, Reactivity, and Cytotoxicity Effect of Pt-Pd-Rh Nanocomposite Cordierite Catalyst during Oxidation of Ammonia Processes

2010  Explanation for Anomalous Readings during Monitoring of a Best Management Practice

2009  Comparative Study between a Hybrid System and a Biofilm System for the Treatment of Ammonia and Organic Matter in Wastewaters

2009  High Rates of Ammonia Removal in Experimental Oxygen-Activated Nitrification Wetland Mesocosms

2009  Modeling Risk of Failure in Nitrification: Simple Model Incorporating Abundance and Diversity

2009  Retrofitting of an Industrial Chemical Scrubber into a Biotrickling Filter: Perfomance at a Gas Contact Time below 1 s

2008  Effect of Bromide and Ammonia on the Formation of Ozonation and Chlorination By-Products

2008  Geotechnical Issues for Closure of Ammonia Soda Ash Waste Ponds

2008  Kinetic Modeling of Inhibition of Ammonia Oxidation by Nitrite under Low Dissolved Oxygen Conditions

2008  Model Sensitivity Analysis for Biotrickling Filter Treatment of Graywater Simulant and Waste Gas. II

2008  Optimization of Internal Bypass Ratio for Complete Ammonium and Phosphate Removal in a Dephanox-Type Two-Sludge Denitrification System

2008  Small Footprint, Big Promise

2007  Ammonia Emissions from Poultry Houses and Its Fate - A Modeling Study

2007  Modeling Ammonia and Odor Emissions from Livestock and Poultry Facilities: A Review

2006  Abiotic Ammonia Mass Transfer in a Biotrickling Filter

2006  Aerated Rock Filters for Enhanced Ammonia and Fecal Coliform Removal from Facultative Pond Effluents

2006  Interactions between Halide Ions and Ammonia in Water under UV Light from Low Pressure Mercury Lamps

2006  Nutrient Removal in a Cold-Region Wastewater Stabilization Pond: Importance of Ammonia Volatilization

2005  Bioaugmentation with Nitrifying Bacteria Acclimated to Different Temperatures

2005  Engineered Struvite Precipitation: Impacts of Component-Ion Molar Ratios and pH

2005  Estimation of Annual Dissolved Ammonia Loads in an Urban Watershed

2005  Factors Affecting Hydrogen Production from Food Wastes by Clostridium-Rich Composts

2005  Treatment and Distribution System Effects on Chloramine Decay, pH, Nitrification, and Disinfection By-Products: Case Study

2004  Ammonia Emissions from Poultry Operations in the State of Delaware: A Critical Review, Estimation, and Fate

2004  Catalytic Wet Oxidation of Ammonia Solution: Activity of the Copper-Lanthanum-Cerium Composite Catalyst

2002  Nitrifying Biomass Acclimation to High Ammonia Concentration

2001  Probabilistic Model of Ammonia and Toxicity Status for Urban Lake

2001  SBR System for Phosphorus Removal: ASM2 and Simplified Linear Model

2001  SBR System for Phosphorus Removal: Linear Model Based Optimization

2000  Ammonium Transport Through Lagoon Liners: Modeling Studies

2000  Animal Waste Containment in Anaerobic Lagoons Lined with Compacted Clays

2000  Automated Separation and Conductimetric Determination of Inorganic Nitrogen

2000  Biosensor for Detecting Odorous Compounds

2000  Conceptual Model of Aquatic Plant Decay and Ammonia Toxicity for Shallow Lakes

2000  Environmental Technology Verification Report for Ammonia Recovery Process

2000  Postdigestion Struvite Precipitation Using a Fluidized Bed Reactor

2000  Scrape-and-Replace Method to Minimize Ammonium Transport from Animal Waste Lagoons

1999  Effect of Sole Nitrogen Sources and Temperature on Activated Sludge

1999  Evaluating a Model of Anaerobic Digestion of Organic Wastes through System Identification

1999  ThermoEnergy Under Evaluation

1998  Design Model for Selective Catalytic Reduction Process: Solution of Convective Diffusion and NOx Reaction

1998  Evaluating Molecular Ozone and Radical Pathways of Bromate Formation During Ozonation

1998  Pretreatment to Enhance Nutrient Removal with Constructed Wetlands

1998  Treatment of Anaerobic Digester Supernatant and Filter Press Filtrate Sidestreams with a Sequencing Batch Reactor

1998  Wastewater Lagoons for Cold Regions

1997  Water Quality in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Versus Intake Crib Location

1996  Alternative to CBOD5-Based Load Allocation Studies on Low-Dilution-Ratio Streams

1996  Gas-Phase Removal of H2S and NH3 with Dielectric Barrier Discharges

1995  Design and Construction of Refrigerated Facilities

1995  Effects of Whole Depth Aeration on Water Quality in Two Hypereutrophic Reservoirs

1995  In Situ Nitrification in Controlled Landfills

1995  Repairs to the Richard E. Knight Bulk Pier Tampa Port Authority

1995  Treatment of an Urban River by Sidestream Nitrification

1995  Water Quality Management of Ammonia Under Uncertainty

1994  Ozonization of Anaerobic Sludge Dewatering Centrate for Ammonia Removal

1993  Oxygen Transfer in Trickling Filters

1992  Nitrogen Removal from a High-Strength Ammonia Leachate

1992  Non-Traditional Water Quality Approaches

1992  Process Design for Bioremediation of Nitrogen-Species Contamination of Soils and Groundwater

1992  Thermodynamic Model of Nitrification Kinetics

1991  Effect of Ionizing Radiation on the Waste Package Environment

1991  Evolution (1980-1990) of Ammonia and Dissolved Oxygen in Guanabara Bay, RJ, Brazil

1991  Optimization Study of a Leachate Treatment System

1990  Effects of Ammonia on Anaerobic Digestion of Simple Organic Substrates

1990  Modeling of Nitrification Under Substrate-Inhibiting Conditions

1990  Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter Interactions in Biological Nitrification

1990  O2 Limitations in CH4 and NH4+ Utilizing Biofilms

1990  Sediment Oxygen Demand Model: Methane and Ammonia Oxidation

1989  Daily Average Value of Un-ionized Ammonia from Field Measurements

1989  Effect of Wastewater Application Device on Ammonia Volatilization

1988  Ammonia Nitrogen Removal in Attached-Growth Ponds

1987  Florida and Hawaii’s Renewable Energy Partnership

1986  Chloramines: A Better Way?

1986  Effect of the Fluid Velocity on the Biofilm Development

1986  Estimation of Urban Storm-Runoff Loads

1986  Experimental Verification of a Unified Chlorine-Ammonia Reaction Model

1986  Model of Ammonia and Carbon Oxidation in Biofilms

1984  Chloramine Disinfection for THM Control

1984  Effluent Ammonia Variability from Nitrification Plants

1984  Modeling Un-Ionized Ammonia with HSPF

1984  Water Disinfection Schemes for Reduced THN Production

1983  Effluent Limitations and Their Relationship to Ammonia Stream Standards for Aquatic Life

1983  Oxidative and Non Oxidative Ammonia Modeling

1980  Modeling Framework to Address AWT Decisions

1979  USGS Sharpening Water-Quality Management Tools

1978  Fixed-Growth Nitrification of Secondary Effluent

1977  Ozone Effect on Nitrogenous Matter in Effluents

1977  Variations in Nitrogen and Organics in Wastewaters