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Found 50 Records with the keyword term of "Aluminum (chemical)"

2015  Feasibility Studies on Pd Removal from Molten BSG Containing Simulated Nuclear Waste Using Lead or Aluminum as a Solvent Metal

2014  Calorimeter Test for Aluminum Production Waste Reactivity

2014  Electrochemical Treatment of Textile Effluent Containing Acid Red 131 Dye

2013  Degree of Hazardous Reduction of Secondary Aluminum Dross Using Ferrous Chloride

2013  Detection of Aluminum Waste Reactions and Waste Fires

2013  Feasibility Study of As-Received and Modified (Dried/Baked) Water Treatment Plant Residuals for Use in Storm-Water Control Measures

2012  Aluminum Waste Reaction Indicators in a Municipal Solid Waste Landfill

2012  Hybrid Process Combining Electrocoagulation and Electro-Oxidation Processes for the Treatment of Restaurant Wastewaters

2011  Probability of Aluminum Toxicity from Bhandup Complex Water Treatment Plant, Mumbai: Case Study

2010  Aluminum Reactions and Problems in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

2010  Evaluation of Two Aluminum Powders for Soil-Cement Applications

2010  Feasibility Study and Conceptual Design for Using Coagulants to Treat Runoff in the Tahoe Basin

2009  Effect of Acid Mine Drainage on Aluminum Release from Clay Minerals

2009  Parametric Evaluation of Batch Equilibria for Storm-Water Phosphorus Adsorption on Aluminum Oxide Media

2009  Treatment of Aluminum Plant Hazardous Wastes Containing Fluorides and PAH

2007  Application of Biocoagulant on Drinking Water Treatment

2007  Evaluation of Newly Developed Aluminum, Lime, and Fly Ash Technology for Solidifaction/Stabilization of Mine Tailings

2006  Modeling the Sorption of Fluoride onto Alumina

2006  Oxidative and Reductive Degradation of Mixed Contaminants by Bifunctional Aluminum

2005  Effect of Sandblasting on Interfacial Contact Behavior of Carbon-Fiber-Reinforced Polymer-Metal Couples

2005  Manganese Amended Activated Alumina for Adsorption/Oxidation of Arsenic

2005  A Multi-Scale Assessment of As(V)-Aluminum Oxyhydroxide Interactions

2003  Experimental and Numerical Prediction of Collapse of Flatbar Stiffeners in Aluminum Panels

2003  Strength Curves for Metal Plates in Compression

2002  Novel Bifunctional Aluminum for Oxidation of MTBE and TAME

1999  Activated Al/Al2O3 for Transformation of Chlorinated Hydrocarbons

1998  Adsorption of Natural Organic Matter on Preformed Aluminum Hydroxide Flocs

1997  The Effects of Mixing Quality on the Densification of Heterogeneous Powder Mixtures

1997  Low-Cost Polymeric Aluminum Coagulant

1995  Acceleration of Shotcrete by Calcium Aluminates Using Portland Cements From Different Countries and Different Cement Extenders with Particular Reference to Canadian Needs: A Brief Survey

1995  Characterization of Aluminum-Uranium Core Fuels for Interim Dry Storage

1995  Evaluation of Degradation During Interim Dry Storage of Aluminum-Clad Fuels

1995  Uniform Surface Complexation Approaches to Radionuclide Sorption Modeling

1994  Effects of Temperature and pH on Residual Aluminum in Alkaline-Treated Waters

1992  Mechanical Response of Cellular Materials Used in Waste Shipping Containers

1992  Multi-Barrier, Copper-Base Containers for HLW Disposal

1990  The Effects of Acidic Runoff on Aluminum in Streams

1990  Immobilization of Cadmium in Sediment by Treatment with Aluminum Hydrolysis Products

1990  Use of Polyaluminum Sulfate

1988  Chemistry and Fate of Al(III) in Treated Drinking Water

1986  Decreasing Clay’s Permeability Using Aluminum Salts

1983  Segregated Neutralization of Aluminum-Finishing Wastes for Sludge-Volume Reduction

1979  Metal Removal from Coal Ashes and Wastes

1974  Metals in Wastewater Treatment

1971  Disposal Well Problems in Chicago and Bakersfield Areas

1970  Virus Inactivation during Phosphate Precipitation

1969  Aluminum Corrosion at Urban and Industrial Locations

1963  Galvanic Corrosion in Concrete Containing Calcium Chloride

1957  Fatigue Tests of Riveted or Bolted Aluminum Alloy Joints

1956  Moments in Flat Slabs