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2014  Diverging Kinematic Wave Flow

2012  Effect of Irrigation Methods on Groundwater Recharge in Alluvial Fan Area

2008  Design Considerations for Confining and Guiding Levees on Alluvial Fans

2008  Kinematic Wave Theory for Transient Bed Sediment Waves in Alluvial Rivers

2007  Consideration for Unsaturated Flow beneath a Streambed during Alluvial Well Depletion

2006  Breaking Antidunes: Cyclic Behavior due to Hysteresis

2006  Downstream Hydraulic Geometry of Alluvial Channels

2006  Evaluating Regional Solutions to Salinization and Waterlogging in an Irrigated River Valley

2006  Scale Independent Linear Behavior of Alluvial Channel Flow

2005  Agroecological Impacts from Salinization and Waterlogging in an Irrigated River Valley

2005  Case Study: Modeling the Lateral Mobility of the Rio Grande below Cochiti Dam, New Mexico

2005  Contaminant Transport Modeling in Alluvial Channels at Los Alamos National Laboratory, New Mexico, USA

2005  Management Alternatives for River-Alluvial Groundwater Supply Systems

2004  Bed-Material Load Computations for Nonuniform Sediments

2004  Classification ANNs to Support Modeling of Sediment Transport in Geomorphically Unstable Alluvial Channels

2004  Development and Validation of GSTARS-1D, A General Sediment Transport Model for Alluvial River Simulation - One Dimensional

2004  Hans Albert Einstein: Innovation and Compromise in Formulating Sediment Transport by Rivers

2004  Hazard Zone Delineation for Urbanized Alluvial Fans

2004  Ice Influences on Channel Stability: Insights from Missouri’s Fort Peck Reach

2004  Learning from River Restoration Projects

2004  Local Scour at Sloped-Wall Spur-Dike-Like Structures in Alluvial Rivers

2004  Numerical Modeling of Bed Deformation in Laboratory Channels

2004  Real Time Rainfall-Runoff Modeling on Alluvial Fans, Floodplains, and Watersheds

2004  Spatial Distribution of Ions in Groundwater under Agricultural Land

2003  Bedload Transport in Alluvial Channels

2003  Bedload Transport in Gravel-Bed Streams with Unimodal Sediment

2003  Fluvial Processes by M. S. Yalin and A. M. Ferreira Da Silva

2003  Modeling for Width Adjustment in Alluvial Rivers

2003  Role of Resistance Coefficient in Seasonal Adjustments in Alluvial Rivers

2003  Total Load Transport Formula for Flow in Alluvial Channels

2002  Assessment, Design, and Some Lessons Learned from Application of Natural Channel Design Principles in Conversion of a Multiple Thread to Single Thread Channel on an Alluvial Fan

2002  Coupled and Decoupled Numerical Modeling of Flow and Morphological Evolution in Alluvial Rivers

2002  Direct Measurement of Alluvial Channel Roughness

2002  Experimental Steep, Braided Flow: Application to Flooding Risk on Fans

2002  Modeling Nonuniform Suspended Sediment Transport in Alluvial Rivers

2002  Monitoring and Modeling Flow and Salt Transport in a Salinity-Threatened Irrigated Valley

2002  Numerical Modeling of Bed Evolution in Channel Bends

2002  Open Channel Flow Resistance

2002  Review of Alluvial-Channel Responses to River Ice

2002  Tracking Large Particle Movement with Passive Radio Transponders in Ephemeral, Alluvial Channels

2001  2-D Mobile-Bed Simulation on Unstructured Mesh

2001  Conversion of a Multiple Thread to Single Thread Channel on an Alluvial Fan

2001  Development and Geometric Similarity of Alluvial Deltas

2001  Estimating the Depth of Deposition (Erosion) at Slope Transitions on Alluvial Fans

2001  Hydraulic Analysis of Baseflow and Bank Storage in Alluvial Streams

2001  New Concepts for Alluvial River Response to Change in Regime

2001  River Response to Sediment Loads

2000  Alluvial Resistance and Sediment Transport for Flows over Dunes

2000  Design Considerations for the North Railroad Alluvial Fan Levee System in Boulder City, Nevada

2000  Experimental Application of Morphological Processes with High-Performance Computers (IIPUX-NT-PLATFORM) at Alluvial Flumes

2000  Formation and Maintenance of San Bernardino Kangaroo Rat Habitat, Santa Ana River Alluvial Fan, California

2000  Formulating the Subsurface Flow from the Sloping Valley Bed Alluvium

2000  Investigation of Flood Protection from Alluvial Fan Flows and Minimizing Impacts to a Sensitive Habitat Preserve: Whitewater River Basin, Coachella Valley, California

2000  Method for Estimating Sediment Transport in Ice-Covered Channels

2000  Modification of Stream Flow Routing for Bank Storage

2000  On the Distribution of Sediments at Channel Bifurcation

2000  A Partnered Approach to Design of “Natural” Wash Corridors in an Urbanizing Pseudo-Alluvial Fan Area in Northeast Phoenix, Arizona

2000  Testing the Capabilities of the Sed2d Sediment Transport Routine

2000  Using Tracer Response Curves to Quantify Hydraulic and Channel Complexity of Prairie Creek, Northwestern California: Implications for Over Wintering Habitat for Juvenile Coho Salmon

2000  Watershed Modeling in a Pseudo Alluvial Fan Area in Northeast Phoenix and Scottsdale

1999  Alluvial Fan Dynamics-Hazards to Highways

1999  Bed-Form Geometry in Sand-Bed Flows

1999  BRI-STARS Model for Alluvial River Simulation

1999  Calculation of Bed Changes In Mountain Streams

1999  Control of Alluvial Fan Flooding Reata Pass Channel, City of Scottsdale, Arizona

1999  Earthquake Ground Motion and Structural Response in Alluvial Valleys

1999  Equilibrium Near-Bed Concentration of Suspended Sediment

1999  Ground-Water Quality in Basins with Minimal Urban Development, Arizona

1999  Liquefaction and Soil Failure during 1994 Northridge Earthquake

1999  Loose-Bed Issues in River-Ice Hydraulics

1999  Manual on Alluvial Canals by S. V. Chitale

1999  Modeling Sediment Transport Using Depth-Averaged and Moment Equations

1999  Movable Bed Roughness in Alluvial Rivers

1999  Reduction of Local Scour around Bridge Piers Using Slots and Collars

1999  Rising Water and Nitrate Levels within an Alluvial Aquifer near Phoenix, Arizona

1999  Stability and Mobility of Sand-Bed Channels Affected by Seepage

1999  Turbulence and Secondary Flow over Sediment Stripes in Weakly Bimodal Bed Material

1999  Velocity and Concentration Distributions in Sheet Flow above Plane Beds

1998  Adaptation of FEMA Alluvial Fan Flooding Methodology for N-Year Floods

1998  Alluvial Fan Dynamics—Hazards to Highways

1998  Alluvial Fans Formed by Channelized Fluvial and Sheet Flow. I: Theory

1998  Alluvial Fans Formed by Channelized Fluvial and Sheet Flow. II: Application

1998  Calculation of Channel and River Velocities

1998  Comparison of Coupled and Semicoupled Numerical Models for Alluvial Channels

1998  Cotton Herbicides in the Surface Waters of the Mississippi Alluvial Plain (the Delta)

1998  Design for Hydraulic Geometry of Alluvial Channels

1998  Dominant Discharge as a Design Criteria in River Restoration

1998  Hidden Hazard: Liquefaction Assessment for a Buried Glacial Stream Valley

1998  Levee Design for Flood Protection on Alluvial Fans

1998  Local Scour at Skewed Piers

1998  Occurrence of Pesticides in the Alluvial Aquifer of the Arkansas Delta

1998  Prediction of Live-Bed Scour at Bridge Abutments

1998  A Reminiscence of Carl Nordin, River Mechanician, 1929–1998

1998  River Width Adjustment. I: Processes and Mechanisms

1998  River Width Adjustment. II: Modeling

1998  Simulation of Alluvial Processes in Evolving Channel Networks

1998  Stable Width and Depth of Gravel-Bed Rivers with Cohesive Banks

1998  State of the Science in Cohesive Bed Sediment Behavior

1997  The Alluvial Progress of Piedmont Streams

1997  Appraisal of a Geometric Model for Self-Formed Channels in Uniform Sand