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2015  Kinematically Coupled Relative Spacecraft Motion Control Using the State-Dependent Riccati Equation Method

2014  Empirical Model with Environmental Considerations in Highway Alignment Optimization

2014  Geocharacterization for State Highway 161, President George Bush Western Extension, Dallas, Texas

2014  Passenger Car and Truck Operating Speed Models on Multilane Highways with Combinations of Horizontal Curves and Steep Grades

2013  Collecting Horizontal Curve Data: Mobile Asset Vehicles and Other Techniques

2013  Comparison of Vertical Alignments for Rail Transit

2013  Development of Emergency Track Beam Alignment for Rapid Track Beam Replacement of Straddle Monorail Transit

2013  Development of the PHX Sky Train Guideway Alignment

2013  Reliability Analysis of Vehicle Stability on Combined Horizontal and Vertical Alignments: Driving Safety Perspective

2012  Analysis of the Higher-Order Partial Correlation between CII Best Practices and Performance of the Design Phase in Fast-Track Industrial Projects

2012  Drilling and Grouting of Water Bearing Rock Formations to Facilitate Tunnel Excavation

2012  Operational Effects of Drivers’ Misperception of Horizontal Curvature

2012  Optimizing Longitudinal Alignment in Railway with Regard to Construction and Operating Costs

2012  Speed Calming Using Vertical Deflections in Road Alignment

2012  Stabilization of Running Granular Soils in TBM Alignment with Sodium Silicate Grout

2012  Study on Road Safety Evaluation of Subjectivity and Objectivity Based on Cloud Theory

2011  Correlation Analysis between Driver’s Pupil Area Variance and Road Horizontal Alignment

2011  Design of Track Alignment Using Building Information Modeling

2011  Effect of Highway Horizontal Alignment on Driver Decision Behavior on Trajectory Path

2011  EH4 Double-Source Electromagnetic Prospecting Method and Its Application on the Road Alignment of Expressway Threatened by Mined-Out Area

2011  Fuzzy Similarity Consensus Model for Early Alignment of Construction Project Teams on the Extent of Their Roles and Responsibilities

2011  Influence of Traffic Safety on Road Alignment Design

2011  Pipeline Alignment Optimization: Automated GIS-Based Approach

2011  Study on the Evaluation Method for the Expressway Alignment Consistency Considering Visual Information

2011  Study on the Mountainous Freeway Vertical Alignment Safety Based on Typical Truck Climbing Characteristics in China

2011  Study on the Relationship between the Horizontal Alignment Indices and Traffic Safety in Mountainous Freeway

2011  An Urban Alignment for a Waterline Up to 156 Inches

2010  3D Visualization for Tunnel Boring Machine Steering and Alignment Control in Microtunneling

2010  Alignment Geohazard Evaluations Using Interactive GIS

2010  Development of Railway Track Geometry Indexes Based on Statistical Distribution of Geometry Data

2010  Operating Speed Prediction Model Based on Highway Alignment Spacial Geometric Properties

2010  Operation Environment Description Model Based on Alignment Comprehensive Index of Highway

2010  Relation between Railway Track Alignment Irregularity and Gross Passing Tonnage

2010  Research on Road Alignment Based on Cloud Model

2010  Study of Alternative Interchange Horizontal Alignments Optimizing Model Based on Genetic Algorithm

2009  Analysis on Usage Comfort of Highway Alignment Quality Based on ay and ay’s Change Rate

2009  Ant Colony Optimization Algorithm for Vertical Alignment of Highways

2009  Auto-Calibration of a Camera System Using Image-Alignment

2009  Calculation Method on Traffic Noise Pollution of Interchange Based on Geometric Alignment

2009  Choice of Reasonable Longitudinal Gradient at Alignments of Mountain Highways Based on Driver’s Physiological Reactions

2009  Computer-Aided Error Detection of Horizontal and Vertical Alignment in Highway Construction

2009  Discussion on Methods of Traffic Routes’ Alignment Survey and Application of Principle of Least Squares

2009  Drivers’ Heart-Rate Variability Effects of Horizontal Alignment of Expressway

2009  An Estimate Method for Accuracy of Fitting Horizontal Alignment in Old-Highway Based on Fitting Normal Error

2009  A Heuristic Algorithm for Optimal Alignment and Matching of Borehole Stratigraphy

2009  Modeling the Effects of Socioeconomic Factors in Highway Construction and Expansion

2009  Optimization Analysis of Cable Tensions for Suspension Erection of Long-Span CFST Arch Bridge

2009  Optimization Method for Highway Horizontal Alignment Design

2009  Tight-Fit Tunneling

2008  Airborne Laser Terrain Mapping for Expediting Highway Projects: Evaluation of Accuracy and Cost

2008  Consistency Evaluation of Interchange Alignments

2008  Design Safer Alignment at Tunnel Entrance and Exit Zone

2008  Evaluating Alternative Alignments and Maximizing Existing Sewer Capacities Results in Cost Savings for Sewer Improvements at the Design Level

2008  Evaluation of Alternative Alignments and Maximizing Existing Sewer Capacities at the Master Plan Level: Cost Savings for Sewer Improvements Are Achieved

2008  Optimizing Highway Alignments Based on Improved Particle Swarm Optimization and ArcGIS

2008  A Simulation Approach to Evaluate the Rationality of the Spaces between Chevron Alignment Signs

2007  Conceptual Model of Partnering and Alliancing

2007  Highway Alignment Optimization Incorporating Bridges and Tunnels

2007  How Modern Headlamp Performance Impacts Sag Vertical Curve Design

2007  Introducing Alignment Based Risk Indices into the Highway Traffic Accident Analysis

2007  An Optimization Method for Designing the Highway Horizontal Alignment

2007  Simulation of Shield Tunneling Behavior along a Curved Alignment in a Multilayered Ground

2007  Use of Satellite Imagery for Establishing Road Horizontal Alignments

2006  Addressing Security in Early Stages of Project Life Cycle

2006  ARRC Rail Alignment Improvements Birchwood, Alaska Railroad Design — Construction in Marginally Frozen Relic Ice and Soil

2006  Highway Route Optimization Based on Accessibility, Proximity, and Land-Use Changes

2006  Model for Three-Dimensional Highway Alignment

2006  Modeling Driver Visual Demand on Three-Dimensional HIghway Alignments

2005  Geographic Information System-Based Pipeline Route Selection Process

2005  Geophysical Identification of Evaporite Dissolution Structures Beneath a Highway Alignment

2005  Modeling Driver Visual Demand on Complex Horizontal Alignments

2005  Planning the Oakland Airport Connector Alignment to Enhance Passenger Service

2005  Three Dimensional Highway Modeling System By Parametric Path Model

2005  The Use of Exploratory Tunnels as a Tool for Scheduling and Cost Estimation

2004  A Guideline Checklist for Assessment of Dewatering Issues Along Large Interceptor Alignments

2004  Intersection Construction Cost Functions for Alignment Optimization

2004  Radius Requirements for Reverse Horizontal Curves on Three-Dimensional Alignments

2003  Analytical Model to Determine the Influence of Horizontal Alignment of Two-Axle Heavy Vehicles on Upgrades

2003  Criteria-Based Decision Support System for Selecting Highway Alignments

2003  Effect of Vertical Alignment on Driver Perception of Horizontal Curves

2002  Dynamic Parallel Roll Alignment

2002  Incentive Mechanisms for Project Success

2002  Optimal Vertical Alignment Analysis for Highway Design

2002  Relationship between Speed Distribution and Horizontal Alignment on Rural Four-Lane Highways

2002  Use of Computer Animation in Quantifying Driver Perception of Three-Dimensional Road Alignments

2001  Alignment during Preproject Planning

2001  Influence of Shoreline Alignment on Offshore Sediment Transport

2001  Optimizing Highway Grades to Minimize Cost and Maintain Traffic Speed

2001  Re-Alignment of an Inlet Entrance Channel by Ebb-Tidal Eddies

2000  GPS Alignment Surveys and Meridian Convergence

2000  Modeling of Required Preview Sight Distance

2000  Overcoming Taxiway Realignment Constraints at LAX

2000  Sound Transit Unveils Alignment of Light-Rail System

2000  Three-Dimensional Highway Alignment Design System Using Stereoscopy of Aerial Photographs and Computer Graphics

2000  Use of Vehicle-Collected Data to Calculate Existing Roadway Geometry

1999  Approximate Perspective Design of Roads

1999  GIS Platform for Multicriteria Evaluation of Route Alignments

1999  Optimum Vertical Curves for Highway Profiles

1999  State of the Art of Highway Geometric Design Consistency

1998  Balancing Environment and Reliability: East Mission Gorge Trunk Sewer Rehabilitation Project Cast Study