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2014  Field Evaluation of Crack Sealing of AC Pavements in Alaska

2014  A Photogrammetric Method to Evaluate the Erosiveness of Fairbanks Silt with Different Treatments

2014  Shake Table Modeling of Laterally Loaded Piles in Liquefiable Soils with a Frozen Crust

2013  The Adfreeze Strength Characteristics of Vibratory Driven Piles

2013  Campbell Lake Winter Construction Projects

2013  A Case Study on Thermal Foundation Design for the Goldstream Valley Bridge—Alaska Railroad MP 432.1, West of Fairbanks, Alaska

2013  Causeway Impacts on Sediment Transport in the Sagavanirktok River Delta, North Slope Alaska

2013  Coastal Engineering Analysis for Airport Improvements, False Pass, AK

2013  Controlling Icings on Small Streams

2013  Design and Construction Of Alaskan Recreation Area Overcome Difficult Site

2013  Electrical Resistivity of Soils Due to Cyclic Freezing and Thawing

2013  Estimation of Spatial Variation of Spectral Acceleration in Anchorage Basin, Alaska from Strong Motion Network Data

2013  First Assessment of Triazoles and Other Organic Contaminants in Snow and Snowmelt in Urban Waters, Anchorage, Alaska

2013  Geomatics Infrastructure Developments in Alaska by the National Geodetic Survey

2013  Geotechnical Characterizations for the Proposed Watana Dam Site on the Susitna River, Alaska

2013  GIS Compilation of Alaska North Slope Geotechnical Data

2013  The GRAV-D Project: Focus on Alaska

2013  Gravity, Geoids and Heights in the Alaskan Arctic

2013  Hatching Innovation

2013  Integration, Synthesis, and Assessment of Climate Change Health Impacts for Alaskan Native Communities

2013  ISCORD 2013, Planning for Sustainable Cold Regions

2013  Logistics: Critical for Remote Projects

2013  A Multi-Participant, Multi-Criteria Analysis of Energy Supply Sources for Fairbanks, Alaska

2013  Observations of Structurally Enhanced and Adjustable Foundations, Fairbanks Area, Alaska

2013  OPUS Use in Alaska: A Favored Positioning Tool from the North Slope to the Remote Aleutian Islands

2013  Permanent Deformation Behavior of Alaskan Granular Base Materials

2013  Pilot-Scale Study for Effective Removal of Arsenic, Iron, and Manganese from Groundwater Source in Alaska

2013  Role of freshwater in the persistence of the Exxon Valdez oil spill in a wave-exposed beach

2013  The SAFRR Tsunami Scenario

2013  Software to Help Surveying Engineers Deal with the Coordinate Changes Due to Crustal Motion in Alaska

2013  Two-Step Removal of DBP Precursors from Challenging Saxman (AK) Surface Water Using MIEX Pretreatment followed by Filtration

2013  Wastewater Treatment Improvements in Hooper Bay, Alaska

2013  Water Distribution Design and Construction in Alaska-Historic Perspectives and Current Practice

2012  Aufeis Formation and Remediation

2012  Calibration of Tides in an Operational Forecast System for the Shelikof Straits—Cook Inlet Region of Alaska

2012  Evaluating Automated MEMS-Based In-Place Inclinometers in Cold Regions

2012  Experimental Study on Carbon Fiber Tape–Based Deicing Technology

2012  Frozen and Unfrozen Shear Wave Velocity Seismic Site Classification of Fairbanks, Alaska

2012  Groundwater Flow in a Tidally Influenced Gravel Beach in Prince William Sound, Alaska

2012  The Performance of a Flat-Loop Evaporator Thermosyphon at Deadhorse, Alaska

2012  Performance of a Thermopile (Long Thermopile) Foundation—50 Years Later

2012  Process-Based Coastal Erosion Modeling for Drew Point, North Slope, Alaska

2012  Water Transmission Main Condition Assessment in the Last Frontier: A Magnanimous Endeavor for the Anchorage Water and Wastewater Utility

2011  Challenges of Coastal Engineering in Alaska

2011  Hubbard Glacier: A Unique Coastal Threat

2011  Hydraulic Effects of Proposed Knik Arm Crossing

2011  Implementation of Cyberinfrastructure and Multiple Technology Platforms for Water Resources Management: The North Slope Decision Support System

2011  Over Twenty-Five Years of Applied Coastal Engineering in Alaska

2011  Regional Shoreline Change and Coastal Erosion Hazards in Arctic Alaska

2011  Reliability and Efficiency of a Coupled Wind-Wave-Current Forecasting System for Cook Inlet, Alaska

2011  Researchers Test Materials to Stabilize Poor Soils, Lower Road Costs in Rural Alaska

2011  Safe Harbor

2011  Selection of Asphalt Stabilization Methods for Alaska Base Layers

2011  Skagway Small Boat Harbor—Vertical Wave Barrier

2011  Trains, Vehicles Will Share Alaska’s Longest Bridge

2011  Wave Climate and Trends Along the Eastern Chukchi Arctic Alaska Coast

2011  Weight Management Considerations for Onshore Modularized Petrochemical Facilities

2010  Adaptive Climate Response Cost Models for Infrastructure

2010  Analysis of Seawall Concepts Using Yielding Soil Anchors

2010  Application of the Multi-Dimensional Surface Water Modeling System at Bridge 339, Copper River Highway, Alaska

2010  Combined Effect of Loading and Cold Temperature on the Stiffness of Glass Fiber Composites

2010  Impulse Product Parameter in Landslide Generated Impulse Waves

2010  Laboratory Investigation of Seasonal Variations in Resilient Modulus of Alaskan Base Course Material

2010  Modeling and Monitoring Scour during Bridge Replacement with Multi-Dimensional Modeling and Repeated Multi-Beam Surveys at the Tanana River near Tok, Alaska

2010  Multi-Objective Planning for Ice Road Routes on Alaska’s North Slope: Algorithms and Technology Development

2010  NewsBriefs: Entrepreneur Invents Portable Power Machine

2010  Numerical Modeling Studies Supporting Port of Anchorage Deepening and Expansion: Part I; Physical Setting and Dredging Issues

2010  Numerical Modeling Studies Supporting Port of Anchorage Deepening and Expansion: Part II; Measuring Physical Processes

2010  Numerical Modeling Studies Supporting Port of Anchorage Deepening and Expansion: Part III; Numerical Hydrodynamic Modeling

2010  Numerical Modeling Studies Supporting Port of Anchorage Deepening and Expansion: Part IV; Numerical Sediment Transport Modeling

2010  Port of Anchorage Tidal Hydraulics Physical Model

2010  Reliability Assessment for Operational Wave Forecasting System in Prince William Sound, Alaska

2010  Spatial and Temporal Temperature Distributions in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills

2009  Active Layer and Frost Bulb Interaction for a Full-Scale, Buried Chilled Gas Pipeline

2009  A Decision Support System for Water Resources Planning and Management for the North Slope of Alaska

2009  Dust Measurement to Determine Effectiveness of Rural Dust Strategies

2009  Environmental Engineering Failures in Alaska

2009  Geochemistry of Yukon and Copper River Tributaries, Alaska

2009  Geophysical Investigations at Shishmaref, Alaska

2009  Geotechnics in Permafrost Regions in Alaska

2009  Resilient Modulus Characterization of Hot Asphalt Treated Alaskan Base Course Material

2009  Transmission Line Construction in Sub-Arctic Alaska Case Study: "Golden Valley Electric Association’s 230kV Northern Intertie"

2009  Trenchless in Anchorage — Case Studies

2008  Coastal Erosion Responses for Alaska

2008  Copper River Channel Migration and Its Effects on the Copper River Highway

2008  Distribution and Transport of Fecal Bacteria at Spring Thaw in a Rural Alaskan Community

2008  Going for the Gold: The White Pass and Yukon Route

2008  Hydroelectric Project Blasts into Alaskan Lake

2008  Hydrologic Effects of Climate Change in the Yukon River Basin

2008  Ice Forces on Inclined Bridge Piers

2008  Measurement and Analysis of Ice Forces on Cook Inlet Structures

2008  Planning for the Future of Erosion Risk Management in Remote Alaska

2008  Tsunami Impact Assessment for Unalaska, AK

2007  Analysis of Real-Time Streambed Scour Data from Bridges in Alaska

2007  Design and Construction of a Large Diameter Welded Steel Pipe Bridge Crossing for Potable Water Supply in Anchorage, Alaska

2007  Development of Replacement Concepts for the Alaskan Way Seawall, Seattle, Washington

2007  Mixed Sediment Beach Processes: Kachemak Bay, Alaska

2007  South Mitkof Island Ferry Terminal: New Routes for Southeast Alaska

2007  Spruce Mill Dock Replacement, Demolition, Design, and Construction

2007  Strategic Implementation of Cruise Facility Improvements in Ketchikan, Alaska