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2015  Case Study of Ground-Source Heat Pump Applications in Hot and Humid Climates

2014  Developing Rainfall Intensity-Duration-Frequency Curves for Alabama under Future Climate Scenarios Using Artificial Neural Networks

2014  Modeling Retroreflectivity Performance of Thermoplastic Pavement Markings in Alabama

2014  Sensitivity of Flexible Pavement Thickness to Traffic Factors in Mechanistic-Empirical Pavement Design

2013  Factors Influencing the Severity of Crashes Caused by Motorcyclists: Analysis of Data from Alabama

2013  Role of Transit in Carless Evacuation Planning

2013  Stormwater Management in the Aftermath of Natural Disasters

2012  Application of WARMF Model to Study the Effect of Land Use Change and Climate Change in the Saugahatchee Creek Watershed

2012  April’s Fury: Alabama Power’s Transmission Organization Battles Historic Losses after April 27th Storms

2012  Building Damage Observations and EF Classifications from the Tuscaloosa, AL, and Joplin, MO, Tornadoes

2012  A Case History of Grouting at Logan Martin Dam

2012  GIS for the Geo-Referenced Analysis and Rapid Dissemination of Forensic Evidence Collected in the Aftermath of the Tuscaloosa Tornado

2012  High Resolution Imagery Collection Utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Post-Disaster Studies

2012  Observation and Testing of Diutan Gum in Grout Mixes

2012  Systematic Plan for Re-Constructing the TVA Transmission System, April 27, 2011

2012  Tracking Water Quality of the Flint River Watershed

2012  Unique Solution for 230kV Transmission Tower Grillage Foundation Corrosion

2012  A Wave, Water Level, and Structural Monitoring Plan for Dauphin Island, Alabama

2011  Application of Coastal Engineering Principles in Response to the Deepwater Horizon Disaster: Lessons Learned in Coastal Alabama

2011  Coast Guards

2011  Influence of the Guide Specifications for LRFD Seismic Bridge Design in Alabama

2011  Innovative Technology for Processing Plant

2011  Repair and Retrofit of a Failed Deep Underground Sewage Pump Station

2011  The Rivers of Madison County: Determination of Escherichia coli in the Flint River and Its Impact

2010  Comparison of Water Quality Data to Determine Effects of Urbanization on the Flint River, Madison County, Alabama

2010  Determinants of Industry Acceptance for Highway Warranty Contracts: Alabama Case Study

2010  Emergency Accelerated Construction

2010  Raising a Rattlesnake: Rattlesnake Hollow Ash Pond Dam Crest Raise

2010  Riverbank Instability from Imperfect Adherence to Instructions

2010  The Rivers of Madison County: Determination of Bacterial Contamination in the Flint River during Winter Flood Stage

2009  Alabama Power Increases Line Capacity Using 3M ACCR Conductor (On Existing Towers)

2009  Environmental Impacts on Surface Water and Groundwater for Expanding Urban Water Supply Capacity Using Stone Quarries

2009  Legal Environment for Warranty Contracting

2009  Lessons in Bridge Vulnerability from Hurricane Katrina: Reconnaissance Findings and Analysis of Empirical Data

2009  Sensitivity Analysis of HEC-HMS Hydrologic Model to the Number of Sub-Basins: Case Study

2009  Studying the Impact of Land Use/Cover Changes on the Water Quality of Weeks Bay, AL: Model vs. Regression

2008  Anatomy of Foundation Performance Involving Three Grain Silos Systematically Loaded to Impending Failure

2008  Hurricane Katrina Storm Surge Reconnaissance

2008  The Hydrogeology of Ebenezer Swamp and Vicinity — Preservation of a Ground-Water Dependant Ecosystem

2008  Karst Characterization of the Marshall Space Flight Center: Two Years Later

2008  Reducing Conduit Water Flow into a Quarry in North-Central Alabama: A Case Study

2007  Barrier Island Vulnerability to Breaching: A Case Study on Dauphin Island, Alabama

2007  A Comparison of Three Projects Utilizing Auger Cast Piles

2007  Front Matter

2007  Hurricane Katrina Damage Assessment, Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi Ports and Coasts

2007  Index

2007  Influence of Various Material and Traffic Inputs on Flexible Pavement Design Methods for Alabama Roadways

2007  Sedimentological Characteristics of Regional-Scale Washover Deposits Caused by Hurricane Ivan

2007  Team 3: Louisiana River

2007  Teams 1 and 2: Alabama and Mississippi Gulf Coast Assessment

2006  Development of a Methodology to Predict Through-Trip Rates for Small Communities

2006  HDD — Cartridge Method and 24-Inch (610mm) Ductile Iron Pipe Key to Minimizing Surface Disruption in Hillsborough County

2006  A New Framework for Water Conflict Resolution

2006  People: Gibson to Direct New Program at Alabama

2006  Vibrations of Cable-Stayed Bridges

2005  Alabama Hurricanes and Their Effect on the Electrical Transmission System

2005  Effect of Canopy Cover on the Volume of Rain Throughfall

2005  Hurricane Ivan: Storm Impacts to Beach Nourishment Projects – Gulf Shores, AL to Pensacola Beach, FL

2005  In the Field: Field Manual Proves Timely in Wake of Ivan

2005  An Integrated Geophysical Approach for a Karst Characterization of the Marshall Space Flight Center

2005  Observations and Evaluations of Scour at Two Bridge Sites with Cohesive Soils

2005  On-Line Submission: US Postal Service Southeast Area Water Program Initiatives

2005  Prediction of Storm Surges and Wind Waves in Mobile Bay, AL

2005  Short Takes: Birmingham Branch’s Coloring Book Contest Teaches Fourth Graders about Civil Engineering

2005  Soil Stabilization of the Valley Creek Trunk Sewer Relief Tunnel

2005  Spatial and Temporal Variations in Axle Load Spectra and Impacts on Pavement Design

2004  Axial Shaft Response from Seismic Piezocone Tests

2004  Choctaw Point Terminal Conceptual Planning and Design

2003  A Better Barrier

2003  Chapman Mountain Dye Trace Investigations, City of Huntsville, Alabama

2003  Characterizing Potential Environmental Impacts to an Endangered Species Habitat in Karst Waters

2003  Effect of Bridge Deck Thickness on Properties and Behavior of Bridge Decks

2003  Kick in the Tail Saves HDD Shore Approaches

2003  Lessons from the Progressive Collapse of the Ronan Point Apartment Tower

2003  North Alabama Karst Issues and Problems: Field Trip Guide

2003  Performance of Bonded Bridge Deck Overlays in Alabama

2003  Prioritizing Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation with CCTV Inspection/Automated Rating/Ranking System

2003  A Review of the Mountain Slope Development Regulations for the City of Huntsville, Alabama

2003  A Speleogenetic Model for the Cumberland Plateau of Northeastern Alabama

2003  Water Quality and Biological Monitoring in Bobcat and Matthews Caves, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama: 1990–2002

2002  Measurements of Infiltration Rates in Compacted Urban Soils

2002  Performance of Single Internal Trip Purpose Methodology to Model Smaller Urban Area Traffic

2002  Revisiting Rivers of History: Another Look at Life on the Coosa, Tallapoosa, Cahaba, and Alabama Rivers

2001  The Alabama-Florida-Georgia Water Allocation Compact and the Public Trust Doctrine

2001  Great Future Seen For Concrete Mixture of Winning Canoe

2001  Relative Sea-Level Rise as Indicated by Gage Data along the Mississippi and Alabama Gulf Coasts

2001  The Role of Atlanta’s Geographic Location in the Alabama, Florida and Georgia Water Dispute

2001  The Southeastern Water Compacts

2001  University of Alabama at Huntsville Builds and Races to Fifth Win in National Concrete Canoe Competition

2000  Contaminant Transport of Atrazine in the Hester Creek Watershed

1999  Resolving the Water Wars: The Compacts Between Alabama, Florida, and Georgia

1998  Alabamans Build Best Concrete Canoe

1998  Federal Reserve Builds Over Abandoned Mine

1997  Bridge Deterioration Rates and Durability/Longevity Performance

1997  Court Affirms Rezoning Decision

1997  Grouting in a Karst Environment

1997  Monitoring of Timber Bridge Superstructures in Alabama

1997  NASA’s New Road Repair System

1997  Regional Cooperation: The ACT/ACF Basins Comprehensive Study-An Innovative Approach to Federal/Interstate Collaborative Planning

1997  Results of Bridge Durability/Longevity Survey