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Found 57 Records with the keyword term of "Airlines"

2013  Effects of Mergers and Acquisitions on the Enhancement of International Competitiveness of Chinese Airlines—China Eastern Airlines’ Acquisition of Shanghai Airlines

2012  Control of Human Errors and Preventing Flight Accidents: Ten Measures

2011  Congress Must Act Quickly to Avoid Another FAA Shutdown

2011  Discussion of the Application of Six Sigma in Civil Aviation

2011  Evaluation of Airline Safety Based on Different Angles

2010  Airline Network Revenue Management Based on Simulated Annealing Genetic Algorithm

2010  Modeling of Cooperation between Airlines and Fuel Suppliers

2009  NewsBriefs: Aviation Safety Action Program Reinstated by Delta

2009  Robust Capacity Control Choice Based Behavior

2008  An Implementing Measure of Integrated Airline Fleet Dispatching

2008  NewsBriefs: Better Data Transfer Could Save Airlines Millions

2008  Operating Efficiency Analysis of Listed Companies of China’s Airlines Industry Based On the DEA Model

2007  Measuring the Operational Efficiency of the Six Airlines in China

2007  Policy Briefing: Aviation Reauthorization Begins in Earnest Following White House Proposal

2005  Modeling the Large Scale Disruptions of an Airline Network

2004  Optimized Schedules for Airline Routes

2001  Airports: Favoring Security, Mayor Halts LAX Expansion

2000  Influence of Capacity Constraints on Airline Fleet Mix

2000  Model for Determining Airline Fares for Meeting or Convention Demand

1999  Modeling of Airport Hub Operations

1998  Airport and Airline Competition in a Multiple Airport Region: An Analysis Based on the Nested Logit Model

1998  The Feasibility of Alternative Hubbing in the Case of a Major Schedule Disturbance: A Case Study Using Austin as a Reliever-Hub for Dallas/Ft. Worth International Airport

1997  Viewpoint

1996  Containing Spills and Fire

1996  Lessons Learned from Planning and Developing New Denver International Airport

1996  Sewer Crossing of Creek with Bridge Widening

1995  Future of Airline Hubbed Networks: Some Policy Implications

1995  Model to Reduce Airline Schedule Disturbances

1995  New Construction at Kennedy Airport

1993  Airline Safety Posture: Evidence from Service-Difficulty Reports

1993  Commercial Aviation Maintenance

1991  European Air Transport Infrastructure Planning: Present and Future Characteristics

1989  Give us a (Fare) Break

1989  Hubbing and Airline Costs

1989  The Jet Set

1987  Commuter Airlines Vie for Space with Majors

1986  Multiattribute Aircraft Choice for Airline Network

1985  Carrier Selection under the Airline Deregulation Act

1983  Flight Frequency Determination

1982  Aircraft Evaluation in Air Network Planning

1979  Airport Visual Approach, Guidance and Landing Systems Airline Pilots Viewpoint

1979  New Scheduling Developments at Federal Express

1979  Remarks on Airline Deregulation

1979  Thrust and Power Management-50° and Up?

1977  Impact of Airline Deregulation on Airports

1977  New Aircraft Technology and Its Impact on the Airport — An Airline Viewpoint

1975  Good Public Transportation And Environmental Protection—The Airlines See No Conflict

1973  Airports, Challenges of the Future

1973  Projections of the U.S. Airline Fleet in the Early 1980’s

1971  Improving Airport Gate Usage with Critical Path

1966  Bayesian Approach to Forecasting Loss of Airline Service

1963  Baggage Handling: Airline Baggage Handling Systems

1959  A Session on Aircraft Environment in the Future: Ground Transportation (Jet Age Conference 1957)

1959  A Session on Aircraft Environment in the Future: The Future of Airline Ground Transportation (Jet Age Conference 1957)

1959  A Session on Terminal Operation: Airline Experiences in Airport Operation with Jet Aircraft (Jet Age Conference 1957)

1957  Convair 880 Airport Operations

1956  A Pattern in Interstation Airline Travel