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2014  Cruising Autopilot for a Flexible Aircraft with an Internal Loop of Model Following

2014  New Bird Model for Simulation of Bird Strike on Various Layups Used in Transparent Components of Rotorcrafts

2014  News2Note

2014  Static Stall Model in Aeroelastic Analysis of a Flexible Wing with Geometrical Nonlinearity

2013  Aeroelastic Modeling and Flutter Prediction of Swept Wings Carrying Twin Powered Engines

2013  Aircraft Icing Research at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  Aircraft Turbine Engine Control Research at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  ALSs with Conventional and Fuzzy Controllers Considering Wind Shear and Gyro Errors

2013  Analysis of Risk Factors and Safety Countermeasures of Collision between Seaplanes and Vessels Based on ISM Theory

2013  Automatic Landing System Design Using Multiobjective Robust Control

2013  Autonomous Hovering Proportional-Integral Sliding Mode Controller Design and Its Flight Test Validation for a Small-Scaled Unmanned Helicopter

2013  Generalized Probabilistic Framework for Optimum Inspection and Maintenance Planning

2013  Influence of Blade Geometric Parameters on Aeroelastic Response of a Helicopter Rotor System

2013  Measuring Grip and the Contact Patch

2013  Multi-Objective Optimization Design of An Airship’s Configuration

2013  NASA Glenn’s Contributions to Aircraft Engine Noise Research

2013  Network Layout Method of Helicopter Rescue on the Highway

2013  NewsBriefs: New Type of Aircraft Hauls More, Faster (

2013  Parameter Estimation from Flight Data of Hansa-3 Aircraft Using Quasi-Steady Stall Modeling

2013  Path-Parameterization Approach Using Trajectory Primitives for Three-Dimensional Motion Planning

2013  Predicting Aircraft Stopping Distances within an EMAS

2013  Seventy Years of Aeropropulsion Research at NASA Glenn Research Center

2013  Slot Equilibrium Allocation Algorithm Based on Airspace Status

2013  A Stellar Move

2013  Vehicle Trajectory Observation Based on Traffic Video Provided by Radio-Controlled Model Aircraft

2012  Acoustical Properties of Electrospun Fibers for Aircraft Interior Noise Reduction

2012  Adaptive Integrated Guidance and Control Design for Automatic Landing of a Fixed Wing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

2012  Air Cooling of a Two-Seater Fuel Cell-Powered Aircraft: Dynamic Modeling and Comparison with Experimental Data

2012  Aircraft Response in an Airfield Arrestor System during an Overrun

2012  Analytical Model for Deflection of the Runway Pavement at Touchdown Point Caused by an Aircraft during Landing

2012  Boundary-Layer Flow Effects on Aerodynamic Performance of Forward-Swept Wings

2012  Commissioning and Vibration Isolation of a Low Cost UAS for Industrial and Environmental Remote Sensing Applications

2012  Dye Visualization of the Vortical Flow Structure over a Double-Delta Wing

2012  Flying Bird Detection and Hazard Assessment for Avian Radar System

2012  Formal Modeling and Verification of Operational Flight Program in a Small-Scale Unmanned Helicopter

2012  GPS-Assisted EFIS Airspeed Calibration

2012  Heave-Pitch Motions of a Platform Flying in Extreme Ground Effect

2012  High Resolution Imagery Collection Utilizing Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) for Post-Disaster Studies

2012  H-Infinity Attitude Control System Design for a Small-Scale Autonomous Helicopter with Nonlinear Dynamics and Uncertainties

2012  Influence of Geometric Coupling on the Whirl Flutter Stability in Tiltrotor Aircraft with Unsteady Aerodynamics

2012  Measurement of Controller Workloads Based on Air Traffic Complexity Factors

2012  Multi-Aircraft Inertial Navigation Data Fusion Method Aided by One Pseudolite

2012  New Trends in Designing Markets, Configurations, and Materials for Very Light Jet Aircrafts

2012  Nonlinear Flight Dynamics of a Flexible Aircraft Subjected to Aeroelastic and Gust Loads

2012  Observation of the Vortical Flow over a Yawed Delta Wing

2012  Performance Analysis of a Flapping-Wing Vehicle Based on Experimental Aerodynamic Data

2012  Performance Prediction for Innovative Crushable Material Used in Aircraft Arrestor Beds

2012  Reduced-Order Modeling of Three-Dimensional External Aerodynamic Flows

2012  Unsteady Wake Characteristics of a Flapping Wing through 3D TR-PIV

2012  Vision-Based SLAM System for Small UAVs in GPS-Denied Environments

2011  Adaptive Control of Aircraft Wing Flutter by Stress-Induced Stiffness Modification

2011  Aircraft Sensor and Actuator Fault Detection, Isolation, and Accommodation

2011  Analysis of A320/319/321 and B737NG Aircraft Pilot Operation Procedure Based on Accidents/Incidents

2011  Analysis of Use Reliability on Electrical Power System of Civil Aviation Training Planes

2011  Autonomous Hovering of an Experimental Unmanned Helicopter System with Proportional-Integral Sliding Mode Control

2011  Braking Performance of Towbarless Towing Vehicles during Maintenance Tows

2011  Civil Aircraft’s Dynamics Simulation for Detailed Trajectory Estimation

2011  Engineering Method for Air-Cooling Design of Two-Seat Propeller-Driven Aircraft Powered by Fuel Cells

2011  A Fault Tree Analysis of a Typical Lightning Strike on Aircraft

2011  Impact of Non-Uniform Aircraft Tire Pressure on Airfield Pavement Responses

2011  Information Communication Problem in Aircraft Maintenance

2011  NewsBriefs: Astrophysicist’s Airplane Boarding Method Tested, Proven Efficient (BBC News)

2011  Robust MIMO H∞ Integral-Backstepping PID Controller for Hovering Control of Unmanned Model Helicopter

2011  SMA Actuated Mechanism for an Adaptive Wing

2011  Spatial Allocation of Transportation Greenhouse Gas Emissions at the City Scale

2011  UAS Collision Avoidance Algorithm Based on an Aggregate Collision Cone Approach

2011  Wilbur Wright, Hockey, and the History of Flight

2010  Aircraft’s Assignment on Multi-Runway Airport Based on PSO

2010  Autopilot Supported by Nonlinear Model Following Reconfigurable Flight Control System

2010  A Comprehensive Evaluation Method of Aircraft Selection for Commuter Airlines Based on IEDEA Model

2010  Feasibility Study of Rotorcraft Fire Fighting for High-Rise Buildings

2010  Flight Mechanics Analysis of a Motorized Trike with Composite Wing

2010  Flutter Control of Smart Composite Structures in Hygrothermal Environment

2010  Flutter of a Swept Aircraft Wing with a Powered Engine

2010  Identification and Monitoring of Modal Parameters in Aircraft Structures Using the Natural Excitation Technique (NExT) Combined with the Eigensystem Realization Algorithm (ERA)

2010  LAX Terminal Expanded to Accommodate ’Superjumbo’ Jets

2010  LPV Modeling and Gain Scheduled Bank-to-Turn Autopilot Design

2010  A New Robust Fault-Tolerant Controller for Self-Repairing Flight Control System

2010  NewsBriefs: Mechanical Falcons Designed to Prevent Bird Strikes (The Wall Street Journal)

2010  NewsBriefs: Sun-Powered Plane Makes Maiden Voyage

2010  Planform and Flexibility on Lift Characteristics for Flow over Low-Aspect Ratio Wings

2010  Robust Control of PVTOL Aircraft with a Nonlinear Optimal Control Solution

2010  Study on Pavement Superposition Effects under Multiple Aircraft Tires

2010  Subgrade Stress Measurements under Heavy Aircraft Gear Loading at FAA National Airport Pavement Test Facility

2010  Target Clustering Based on Integrated Discrepancy-Degree for Mixed-Type Attributes

2010  Temperature Effects on Material Behavior of Aerospace Aluminum Alloys for Subsonic and Supersonic Aircraft

2010  Thermal Scale Modeling by FEM and Test

2009  Air Arm Transferring Airlift Loading Plan Optimization

2009  Autopilot for Reconfigurable Flight Control System

2009  Ballistic Impact Response of Kevlar 49 and Zylon under Conditions Representing Jet Engine Fan Containment

2009  Evaluation and Control of Aircraft Noises. Influence on the Sensitive District around Airfield

2009  Explicit Finite-Element Analysis of 2024-T3/T351 Aluminum Material under Impact Loading for Airplane Engine Containment and Fragment Shielding

2009  Investigation of the Performance of Flexible Airport Pavements under Moving Aircraft Wheel Loads with Wander Using Finite Element Analysis

2009  NewsBriefs: Sun-Powered Aircraft Unveiled

2009  Optimization Model and Algorithm of Unbalanced Aircraft Recovery

2009  Real-Time Optimized Trajectory Planning for a Fixed-Wing Vehicle Flying in a Dynamic Environment

2009  Restoration of Life Star Rooftop Heliport at Hartford Hospital

2009  Restraint Efficacy Analysis and Structure Optimization for the Design of Airplane Metal Chocks

2009  Semianalytical Solution of Wave-Controlled Impact on Composite Laminates

2008  Airbag Landing Impact Performance Optimization for the Orion Crew Module