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2014  Modeling of a Transient Event in the Tunnel and Reservoir Plan System in Chicago, Illinois

2013  Phenomenon of White Mist in Pipelines Rapidly Filling with Water with Entrapped Air Pockets

2012  Emptying of Large-Scale Pipeline by Pressurized Air

2011  Geysering in Rapidly Filling Storm-Water Tunnels

2011  Inception Point and Air Entrainment on Flows under Macroroughness Condition

2011  Modeling Approaches for the Rapid Filling of Closed Conduits with Entrapped Air

2011  Physical Processes Resulting in Geysers in Rapidly Filling Storm-Water Tunnels

2011  Water Infiltration in Layered Soils with Air Entrapment: Modified Green-Ampt Model and Experimental Validation

2010  Modeling Oxygen Mass Transfer Rate through the Air-Water Surface in Stratified Flows

2010  Pelagic Habitat Visualization: The Need for a Third (and Fourth) Dimension: HabitatSpace

2009  Influence of Plunge Pool Geometry on High-Velocity Jet Impact Pressures and Pressure Propagation inside Fissured Rock Media

2006  Air/Water Oxygen Transfer in a Biological Aerated Filter

2006  Hydraulics of Plane Plunge Pool Scour

2005  Experimental Investigation of Surges in a Stormwater Storage Tunnel

2005  Influence of Wastewater Constituents on Hydrogen Sulfide Emission in Sewer Networks

2005  Mechanisms of Air-Sea Turbulent Interactions at Small Scales

2004  Incorporation of Wind Effects into Boussinesq Wave Models

2003  Effect of Jet Air Content on Plunge Pool Scour

2002  Air-Water Flow Measurements with Intrusive, Phase-Detection Probes: Can We Improve Their Interpretation?

2002  Energy Dissipation and Air Entrainment in Stepped Storm Waterway: Experimental Study

2002  Observations of Air-Water Interaction in a Rapidly Filling Horizontal Pipe

2002  Transient Flow in a Rapidly Filling Horizontal Pipe Containing Trapped Air

2001  Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer along Small Sewer Reaches

2001  Numerical Simulation of Turbulent Air-Water Mixing Layer within Surf-Zone

2000  Hurricane Wind Field Model for Use in Hurricane Simulations

1999  Air-Water Gas Transfer in Uniform Channel Flow

1999  Bacterial Transport in Gas-Sparged Porous Medium

1998  Sulfur Hexafluoride Gas Tracer Studies in Streams

1998  Water Distribution in Very High Velocity Water Jets in Air

1997  Air Bubble Entrainment in Free Surface Turbulent Shear Flow by Hurbert Chanson

1997  Air-Water Interaction, Spectral Analysis of Storm Waves and Marine Weather Forecasts. The Case of the Parsifal

1997  Prediction of Effective Saturation Concentration at Spillway Plunge Pools

1997  Progress and Recent Developments in Storm Surge Modeling

1995  Fully Coupled Analysis of Heat, Moisture, and Air Transfer in Unsaturated Soil

1994  Air Entrainment and Bubble Behavior in Plunge Pools

1994  Application of a Needle Probe in Measuring Local Parameters in Air-Water Flow

1994  Coupled Lake Erie Air-Sea, Storm Resolving Forecasts and Predictions, the Viento Project

1994  Estimating Air Conductivity and Porosity from Vadose-Zone Pumping Tests

1994  Measuring Air Concentration in Flowing Air-Water Mixtures

1993  Effect of Wetted Floating Fins on Water-Atmosphere Heat Exchange

1993  Energy Dissipation and Air Bubbles Mixing Inside Surf Zone

1993  Measurement of Air-Water Oxygen Transfer at Hydraulic Structures

1992  Behaviour of Used CANDU Fuel Stored in 150°C Moisture-Saturated Air

1992  Influence of Liquid Length Variation in Hydraulic Transients

1992  The Influence of Moisture on Air Oxidation of UO2: Calculations and Observations

1991  Airborne Remote Sensing of Breaking Waves with Implications for Gas Exchange

1991  Air-Water Mass Transfer

1991  Air-Water Transfer: The Role of Partitioning

1991  Analysis of Waterbody Surface Heat Exchange

1991  Carbon Dioxide Pressure in Surface Waters of Canadian Lakes

1991  Characteristics of Low-Slope Streams that Affect O2 Transfer Rates

1991  Correlation of Fractional Foam Coverage with Gas Transport Rates

1991  The Effect of Surface Films on Concentration Fluctuations Close to a Gas/Liquid Interface

1991  Effect of Temperature on Gas Transfer at Low Surface Renewal Rates

1991  The Enhancement of Air-Sea Gas Exchange by Oceanic Whitecapping

1991  Experimental Difficulties Encountered in Testing Air/Water Mixtures

1991  A Fluorescence Technique to Measure Concentration Gradients near an Interface

1991  Formation of Droplets from Bursting Bubbles at an Air-Water Interface

1991  From Mean Fluxes to a Detailed Experimental Investigation of the Gas Transfer Process

1991  Gas Transfer at Hydraulic Structures

1991  Gas Transfer Measurements on an Ice-Covered River

1991  Gas Transfer Velocities and Radar Backscatter from the Water Surface

1991  Gas Transfer Velocities on Lakes Measured with Sulfur Hexafluoride

1991  Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer in a Jet-Agitated Vessel

1991  Hydrodynamics and Mass Transfer on a Moving Drop of Water

1991  Influence of Waves on Air-Water Gas Transfer

1991  Introduction to Air-Water Mass Transfer

1991  Isotropic Fractionation During Air-Water Transfer of Oxygen and Nitrogen

1991  Measurement of Reaeration Coefficient with the Soluble Solids Probe

1991  Measurement of Wave-Induced Turbulent Flow Structures Using Digital Image Sequence Analysis

1991  Methane Tracer Technique for Gas Transfer at Hydraulic Structures

1991  New Experimental Results on the Parameters Influencing Air-Sea Gas Exchange

1991  Numerical Modeling of Air/Water Mixtures for Internal Flows

1991  Oceanic CO2 Uptake and Future Atmospheric CO2 Concentrations

1991  Oxygen Transfer at Spillways

1991  Oxygen Transfer in Turbulent Shear Flows

1991  Parameterization of Air-Ocean Gas Transfer

1991  Properties of Small-Scale Waves in Sheared Gas-Liquid Flows

1991  Regional Estimates of Gas Transfer Using an Airborne System

1991  A Simple Empirical Model of Aeration at Navigation Dams

1991  Steady Turbulent Gas Desorption in Surface Condenser Tubes

1991  Structure of the Drift Current Observed Below Capillary-Gravity Waves

1991  Technology Development for Auto-Venting Turbines

1991  Theoretical Investigation of Oxygenating Bubble Plumes

1991  Tracer Gas Transfer Technique for Shallow Bays

1991  Turbulence Level Below the Waves and Its Relation to Absorption

1991  Turbulent Velocity and Gas Concentration Measurements in the Near-Surface Layer

1991  Turbulent Water Aeration: Analytical Approach and Experimental Data

1991  Volatilization of PCBs From the Great Lakes

1991  Water Surface Flow and Exchange Induced by a Bubble Plume

1991  Wavelets and Air-Sea Transfer

1989  Predicting Gas-Phase Adsorption Equilibria of Volatile Organics and Humidity

1989  Simulation of Wind-Induced Water Currents

1988  Air Transport in Vortex-Flow Drop-shafts

1988  Development of a Numerical Model to Predict the Behavior of Air/Water Mixtures in Open Channels

1988  Gas Transfer at the Water Surface: Measurements of Gas Concentration Fluctuations

1988  Temperature Dependence of Liquid Film Coefficient for Gas Transfer

1986  Gas Transfer and Secondary Currents in Open Channels

1986  Wind Function for a Sheltered Stream

1984  Examination of Recent Field Data on Stream Reaeration