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2014  Ambient and Episodic Levels of Metals in PM10 Aerosols and Their Source Apportionment in Central Delhi, India

2014  Characterization of the Morphology of Particulate Matter inside Farm Houses Located near Biosolids-Applied Agricultural Fields

2014  Commuter Exposure to Air Pollution in Newcastle, U.K., and Mumbai, India

2014  Empirical Model with Environmental Considerations in Highway Alignment Optimization

2014  Modeling Concentrations of Air Toxics near Intersections and Freeways in Florida

2013  3D Visualization of Traffic-Induced Air Pollution Impacts of Urban Transport Schemes

2013  Analysis of Fuel Economy of Autonomous Vehicle Platoon

2013  Analyzing the Contribution of Vehicles to Air Pollution

2013  Carbon Footprint Estimation Tool for Transportation Construction Projects

2013  Engine and Duty Cycle Variability in Diesel Construction Equipment Emissions

2013  Factors Affecting Vehicular Emissions and Emission Models

2013  House Passes Bill to Authorize State Permitting Programs for Coal Ash Facilities

2013  Importance of Operational Efficiency to Achieve Energy Efficiency and Exhaust Emission Reduction of Construction Operations

2013  Influence of Ultraviolet Light on Photocatalytic TiO2 Materials

2013  Integrated Framework for Estimating, Benchmarking, and Monitoring Pollutant Emissions of Construction Operations

2013  Integrated Regional Renewable and Nonrenewable Energy Policies Identified through Interval Stochastic Semi-Infinite Programming

2013  Life-Cycle Costs and Emissions of Pareto-Optimal Residential Roof-Mounted Photovoltaic Systems

2013  Mechanical Behavior of a New Base Material Containing High Volumes of Limestone Waste Dust, PFA, and APC Residues

2013  Modeling Framework for Alleviating and Managing Air Pollutant Emissions for Urban Taxi Vehicles

2013  Silica-Titania-Coated Packing: Novel Solution Capable of 90% Hg Capture with Low Operation and Maintenance Costs

2012  Accurate Truck Activity Estimate for Roadway Link PM2.5 Emissions

2012  Chemical Characterization of PM10 for Metals in Ambient Air of Chennai, India

2012  Developing Regional Map-Based Platform for Spatial and Temporal Assessment of Traffic Emission Inventory

2012  Evaluation of On-Site Fuel Use and Emissions over the Duration of a Commercial Building Project

2012  Laboratory Evaluation of Environmental Performance of Photocatalytic Titanium Dioxide Warm-Mix Asphalt Pavements

2012  Methodology for Estimating Emissions Inventories for Commercial Building Projects

2012  PM10 and Heavy Metals in Suburban and Rural Atmospheric Environments of Northern India

2012  Role of Brownfield Developments in Reducing Household Vehicle Travel

2011  Capture and Recovery of Methyl Ethyl Ketone with Electrothermal-Swing Adsorption Systems

2011  Could Impact Fees Be Used for CO2 Mitigation?

2011  Geopolymers from DC Plasma–Treated Air Pollution Control Residues, Metakaolin, and Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

2011  Investigation of Traffic Emissions in the Vicinity of an Inner City Elementary School

2011  Spatial Allocation of Transportation Greenhouse Gas Emissions at the City Scale

2011  Synergistic Effect of N and Ni2+ on Nanotitania in Photocatalytic Reduction of CO2

2011  Vacuum Ultraviolet-Irradiated Photocatalysis: Advanced Process for Toluene Abatement

2011  Valuation of the Economic Impact of the Initial Allocation of Tradable Emission Permits in Air Pollution Control

2010  Analysis and Simulation of Air Pollution in Expressway Toll Station Area

2010  Contribution of Traffic-Generated Nonexhaust PAHs, Elemental Carbon, and Organic Carbon Emission to Air and Urban Runoff Pollution

2010  Diesel Particulate Matter Number Emissions: Evaluation of Existing Modal Emission Modeling Approaches

2010  Electron Beam Irradiation for Mercury Oxidation and Mercury Emissions Control

2010  Field Procedures for Real-World Measurements of Emissions from Diesel Construction Vehicles

2010  Generalized Impedance Model Based on Health Impacts

2010  Modeling Impact of Traffic Operations on Carbon Monoxide Dispersion

2010  Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Highway-Generated Air Pollution in a Residential Urban Neighborhood: Comparison of Monitoring and Dispersion Modeling Results

2010  Study on Passenger Car Equivalents Based on the Emissions

2009  Analytical Methods for Environmental Samples

2009  Antimicrobials and Antibiotics

2009  Back Matter

2009  Brominated Fire Retardants

2009  Contaminants of Emerging Environmental Concern

2009  Front Matter

2009  The Future of Energy

2009  Hormones

2009  Index

2009  Intelligent Speed Adaptation Impact of Fuel Consumption and Emission

2009  Introduction

2009  Molecular Biology Techniques for CoEEC Degrading Organisms

2009  Nanoparticles

2009  Personal Care Products

2009  Pesticides

2009  Pharmaceuticals

2009  Phthalate Plasticizers and Degradation Products

2009  Requirements and Incentives for Reducing Construction Vehicle Emissions and Comparison of Nonroad Diesel Engine Emissions Data Sources

2009  Simulation of Tehran Air Pollution Using Artificial Neural Networks

2009  Surfactants

2009  Using Regional Climate Center Data to Predict Small Wind Turbine Performance

2008  Analysis and Numerical Simulation on Airflow Field of Expressway Toll Station Area

2008  Creating an Evidence Toolbox to Assist Qualitative PM2.5 and PM10 (Particulate Matter) Hot-Spot Analyses

2008  Estimation of Engine Emissions from Commercial Aircraft at a Midsized Turkish Airport

2008  Experiment on Efficiency of Nano Titanium Dioxide Photocatalytic Materials Degrading Factors of Automotive Emission

2008  Greenhouse Gas Emission Permit Trading with Different Uncertainties in Emission Sources

2008  Hazardous Air Pollutants Benefits Assessment: Houston-Galveston Case Study

2008  Integrated Impacts of Regional Development, Land Use Strategies, and Transportation Planning on Future Air Pollution Emissions

2008  Intersection Air Pollution Emission Prediction Using Software Hyroad: A Case Study Fatemi-Valiasr Intersection from Iran

2008  MACT Update and the Often Overlooked General Provisions

2008  NewsBriefs: Straightening Air Routes Will Cut Carbon Emissions

2008  Sampling Will Explore Smog Constituents in China River Delta

2007  Air Permitting of IGCC Plants

2007  Comparative Fractional Efficiency Predictions by Selected Cyclone Simulation Models

2007  Comprehensive One-DImensional Mathematical Model for Heat, Gas, and Moisture Transport in Methane Biofilters

2007  Control Efficiency of Submicron Particles by an Efficient Venturi Scrubber System

2007  Electrochemical Desulfurization of Waste Gases in a Batch Reactor

2007  Impact of Federally-Mandated Emission Controls on Ambient Air SO2 and NOx Concentrations in Tampa, FL, USA

2007  Integrating Air Emission Management into Port Planning, Engineering and Construction

2007  Large-Eddy Simulations on Indoor/Outdoor Air Quality Relationship in an Isolated Urban Building

2007  A Method of Forecasting Air Pollution Induced by Vehicle Exhaust with Traffic Simulation Technology

2007  NewsBriefs: Device Extracts Carbon Dioxide from Air (The Christian Science Monitor)

2007  NewsBriefs: General Motors to Reduce Carbon Dioxide Emissions (Environmental Business Journal)

2007  NewsBriefs: Genetically Engineered Poplar Plants Disarm Toxic Pollutant (University of Washington)

2007  PEMS-Based Comparative Study on Real-Road Emissions from Hybrid Electric and Gasoline Vehicles

2007  Recent Trends of Energy Consumption and Air Pollution in China

2007  Water and Solute Movement in Air Pollution Control Residues Measured by Time-Domain Reflectometry

2006  Analytical Study of Turbulent Pollutant Dispersion near a Low Hill

2006  Assessment of the Impact of Improvement Measures on Air Quality: Case Study of Delhi

2006  The Challenges of Air Pollution and Residual Risk Assessment

2006  Collecting Driving Data to Support Mobile Source Emissions Estimation

2006  Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of Concentration Distributions from a Point Source in the Urban Street Canyons

2006  Determination and Correlation of Binary Gas Adsorption Equilibria of VOCs

2006  Highway Route Optimization Based on Accessibility, Proximity, and Land-Use Changes

2006  Life-Cycle Assessment of Office Buildings in Europe and the United States