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2015  Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Beams with Recycled Concrete Coarse Aggregates

2015  Bond of Reinforcement in Concrete Incorporating Recycled Concrete Aggregates

2015  Development of Processing Methods to Improve Strength of Concrete with 100% Recycled Coarse Aggregate

2015  Effects of Aggregate Properties and Concrete Rheology on Stability Robustness of Self-Consolidating Concrete

2015  Experimental Study on the Influence of Water Absorption of Recycled Coarse Aggregates on Properties of the Resulting Concretes

2015  Influence of Treatment Methods on the Strength and Performance Characteristics of Recycled Aggregate Concrete

2015  Intensifying the Road Performance of Asphalt Concrete by Matching the Size Distribution of Short-Thin Straw Pieces and Aggregate Framework

2015  Laboratory and In Situ Investigation of Chip Seal Surface Condition Improvement

2015  Large Diameter Triaxial Tests on Geosynthetic-Reinforced Granular Subbases

2015  Numerical Modeling of the RAP Construction Process and Its Effects on RAP Behavior

2015  Permanent Strain of Unsaturated Unbound Granular Materials from Construction and Demolition Waste

2015  Recycling of Brick Aggregate Concrete as Coarse Aggregate

2015  Shear Resistance of Tire-Derived Aggregate Using Large-Scale Direct Shear Tests

2014  Assessment of a Sessile Drop Device and a New Testing Approach Measuring Contact Angles on Aggregates and Asphalt Binders

2014  Assessment of Crumb Rubber Concrete for Flexural Structural Members

2014  Characterization and Utilization of Recycled Concrete Aggregate from Illinois as a Construction Material

2014  Comparative Analysis of Idaho and Micro-Deval Aggregate Degradation Test Methods

2014  Comparing Results between the Repeated Load Triaxial Test and Accelerated Pavement Test on Unbound Aggregate

2014  DEM Approach for Engineering Aggregate Gradation and Shape Properties Influencing Mechanical Behavior of Unbound Aggregate Materials

2014  Dependence of Volumetric Parameters of Hot-Mix Asphalts on Testing Methods

2014  Development of the Road Aggregate Test Specifications for the Modified Ethylene Glycol Durability Index for Basic Crystalline Materials

2014  Displacement of Spread Footings on Aggregate Pier Reinforced Clay

2014  Drainage and Mechanical Behavior of Highway Base Materials

2014  Durability of Concrete with Recycled Coarse Aggregates: Influence of Superplasticizers

2014  Effect of Shape Parameters and Gradation on Laboratory-Measured Permeability of Aggregate Bases

2014  Effect of Test Temperature on Hamburg Wheel-Tracking Device Testing

2014  Effects of Aggregate and Specimen Sizes on Lightweight Concrete Fracture Energy

2014  Effects of Water-Binder Ratio and Coarse Aggregate Content on Interior Humidity, Autogenous Shrinkage, and Drying Shrinkage of Concrete

2014  Estimation Challenges of Lateral Pressures in Retaining Structures Using Granular Recycled Tire Aggregates as Backfill

2014  Evaluation and Characterization of Aggregates for Sustainable Use in Pavement Engineering

2014  Evaluation of Compacted Aggregate Base Course Layers

2014  Evaluation of the Mechanical Performance of Recycled Concrete Aggregates Used in Highway Base Layers

2014  Existence of Dividing Strength in Concrete Containing Recycled Coarse Aggregate

2014  Experiment and Modeling of the Effect of Aggregate Shape on the Chloride Diffusivity of Concrete

2014  Flow and Strength Characteristics of CLSM Using Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag

2014  High-Strength Lightweight SCC Matrix with Partial Normal-Weight Coarse-Aggregate Replacement: Strength and Durability Evaluations

2014  Improving Hot Mix Asphalt Production Using Computer Simulation and Real Time Optimization

2014  Influence of Aggregate Gradation on Clogging Characteristics of Porous Asphalt Mixtures

2014  Influence of Natural Coarse Aggregate Type on the Transport Properties of Recycled Concrete

2014  Internal Curing Efficiency of Prewetted LWFAs on Concrete Humidity and Autogenous Shrinkage Development

2014  Large-Scale Direct Shear Testing of Common Open-Graded Aggregates

2014  Large-Scale Shear Testing of Tire-Derived Aggregates (TDA)

2014  Mechanical Performance of Structural Concrete with the Incorporation of Coarse Recycled Concrete and Ceramic Aggregates

2014  Mechanical Properties of Structural Concrete Containing Fine Aggregates from Waste Generated by the Marble Quarrying Industry

2014  Mechanistic Characterization and Performance Evaluation of Recycled Aggregate Systems

2014  Mitigation of Detrimental Effects of Alkali-Silica Reaction in Cement-Based Composites by Combination of Steel Microfibers and Ground-Granulated Blast-Furnace Slag

2014  Monitoring the Soil Freeze-Thaw Process Using Piezoceramic-Based Smart Aggregate

2014  Novel Testing Procedure for Assessment of Quality of Foamed Warm Mix Asphalt Binders

2014  Performance of Granitic, Shale, and Limestone Forest Road Aggregates Subjected to Repeated Loading

2014  Production of Lightweight Aggregate from Sewage Sludge and Reservoir Sediment for High-Flowing Concrete

2014  Rational Procedure for Composition of Screed Mortar with Recycled Sand at a Construction Site

2014  Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement and Recycled Concrete Aggregate Blends in Pavement Subbases: Laboratory and Field Evaluation

2014  Resilient Moduli of a Naturally Aged RAP and Aggregate Blend

2014  Simulation of Rockfill Materials Using Aggregates of Cement Ellipsoids

2014  Test Technology Study on Mesoscopic Shear Strength of Mineral Aggregate Contact Surface

2014  X-Ray Microcomputed Tomography for the Durability Characterization of Limestone Aggregate

2013  Active Debonding Detection for Large Rectangular CFSTs Based on Wavelet Packet Energy Spectrum with Piezoceramics

2013  Aggregate Size Distribution and Hydraulic Permeability of HMA: A Full Simulation Study

2013  Algorithms for Generating Three-Dimensional Aggregates and Asphalt Mixture Samples by the Discrete-Element Method

2013  Artificial Neural Network Modeling for Dynamic Modulus of Hot Mix Asphalt Using Aggregate Shape Properties

2013  Assessment of Toughness Performance of Recycled Aggregates for Use in Highway Pavement

2013  CLSM as a Pipe Bedding: Computing Predicted Load using the Modified Marston Equation

2013  Comparison of Morphological Properties of Different Types of Coarse Aggregates

2013  Compression Behavior of Large-Sized Tire-Derived Aggregate for Embankment Application

2013  Development of Carbon Nanofiber Aggregate

2013  Effect of Compaction Temperature on Rutting and Moisture Resistance of Foamed Warm-Mix-Asphalt Mixtures

2013  Effect of Presoaked Expanded Perlite Aggregate on the Dimensional Stability and Mechanical Properties of Engineered Cementitious Composites

2013  Effect of the Combined Traffic Load and Weathering on the Skid Resistance of the Aggregates for Road Surface

2013  Effects of the Parent Concrete Properties and Crushing Procedure on the Properties of Coarse Recycled Concrete Aggregates

2013  Efficient Utilization of Recycled Concrete Aggregate in Structural Concrete

2013  Geotechnical Properties of Blends of Recycled Clay Masonry and Recycled Concrete Aggregates in Unbound Pavement Construction

2013  Green Concrete Made with RCA and FRP Scrap Aggregate: Fresh and Hardened Properties

2013  How do Porous Interfacial Transition Zones (ITZ) Trigger Elastic Limits of Concrete? - Micromechanics of ITZ Failure and ITZ-Aggregate Separation

2013  Hygro-Mechanical Properties of Wood-Aggregate Concrete: Experimental Study and Modeling

2013  Impact of Alkali Silica Reaction on Fly Ash-Based Geopolymer Concrete

2013  Improved Mechanical Properties and Early-Age Shrinkage Resistance of Recycled Aggregate Concrete with Atomic Polymer Technology

2013  Improved Resistance of Long-Term Aged Warm-Mix Asphalt to Moisture Damage Containing Moist Aggregates

2013  Influence of Aggregate Gradation on the Performance Properties of Porous Asphalt Mixtures

2013  Influence of Fly Ash on Slump Loss and Strength of Concrete Fully Incorporating Recycled Concrete Aggregates

2013  Influence of the Initial Water Saturation of Aggregates on Concrete Shrinkage

2013  In-Situ Hydraulic Properties of Unbound Aggregate Layers Measured Using Gas Permeameter Test (GPT) Device

2013  Investigation of Moisture Content-Induced Variations in Unbound Aggregates’ Resilient Modulous Through Suction Stress Concept

2013  Laboratory Evaluation of the Workability and Compactability of Asphaltic Materials prior to Road Construction

2013  Laboratory Evaluation of Using Recycled Marble Aggregates on the Mechanical Properties of Hot Mix Asphalt

2013  Laboratory-Scale Investigation on Band Gradations of Aggregate for Concrete

2013  Landslide Stabilization Using High Strength Aggregate-Cement Slurry

2013  Load Capacity of Concrete Slabs with Recycled Aggregates

2013  Mechanistic Empirical Pavement Design Guide Input Parameters for Unbound Aggregates in Oklahoma

2013  Mechanistic Performance of Asphalt-Concrete Mixture Incorporating Coarse Recycled Concrete Aggregate

2013  Method to Quantify Realistic Particle Shape Angularity and Texture of High-Speed Railway Ballast Aggregate

2013  Mixing in an Aggregate/Fine-Grained Soil System Subjected to Cyclic Loading with a Geotextile Separator

2013  Mortars Made with Fine Granulate from Shredded Tires

2013  Nanomechanical Investigation of Internal Curing Effects on Sustainable Concretes with Absorbent Aggregates

2013  New Method for Detecting Asphalt Contamination within Fine Aggregate Medium through Chemical Testing

2013  New Unreacted-Core Model to Predict Pyrrhotite Oxidation in Concrete Dams

2013  Nitrogen Removal in Vertical-Flow Filters Filled with Lightweight Aggregate Made of Fly Ashes and Gravel

2013  Numerical Analysis of Cracking Induced by Drying Shrinkage in Concrete using a Mesoscopic Approach: Influence of Aggregates Restraint and Skin Effect

2013  Numerical Simulation of Aggregate Shapes of Three-Dimensional Concrete and Its Applications

2013  Optimizing the COTE of Concrete by Blending High and Low COTE Aggregates to Meet TxDOT Limit

2013  Pavement Design and Construction Technique using High Strength Stone Interlock Cemented Aggregate Matrix