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2015  Clients’ Perceptions of Architect Performance on Building Projects in Ghana

2015  Corps of Engineers Helping to Build Hospitals in Ebola-Stricken Liberia

2015  Outlook for a Power Generation Fuel Transition in the MENA Region

2015  Stochastic Programming for Improved Multiuse Reservoir Operation in Burkina Faso, West Africa

2014  GIS-Based Numerical Modeling of Aquifer Recharge and Saltwater Intrusion in Arid Southeastern Tunisia

2014  Managing Hydrological Risks with Extreme Modeling: Application of Peaks over Threshold Model to the Loukkos Watershed, Morocco

2014  Mechanisms and Rates of Groundwater Recharge at Timbuktu, Republic of Mali

2014  News2Note

2014  Solar Photovoltaic Potential in Nigeria

2014  White sails inspired the design of a hospital and spa that will form part of Tunisia Economic City, a commercial zone that is being developed in that north African country...

2013  Analysis of Strategic Issues Underpinning the Innovative Financing of Infrastructure within Developing Countries

2013  Assessing Sustainability of Public Transport in a Developing Country-Case Study of Accra, Ghana

2013  Cooperation in Transboundary Water Sharing with Issue Linkage: Game-Theoretical Case Study in the Volta Basin

2013  Effect of Climate Change on Runoff Generation: Application to Rift Valley Lakes Basin of Ethiopia

2013  Entrepreneurial Characteristics of Architecture and Building Students in Nigeria: A Case of Covenant University

2013  Factors Impeding the Access of Low-Income Earners to Loans for Housing in Nigeria

2013  Hydrologic Modeling, Uncertainty, and Sensitivity in the Okavango Basin: Insights for Scenario Assessment

2013  Improved Intelligent Pavement Performance (IIPP) Modeling for Botswana District Gravel Road Networks

2013  Integrating Water and Community: A Case Study in Rural Cameroon

2013  Modeling Ground Deformations and Potential for Induced Micro-Seismicity at the In Salah CO2 Storage Operation, Algeria

2013  Planning and Design of a Regional Delivery Hub for the Next Generation of Bulk Carrier Vessels in West Africa

2013  Project Evaluation: Accomplishments, Shortfalls, and Lessons Learned in Housing Development Projects in Ethiopia

2013  Track Selection for Light Rail Transit (LRT) Projects by Applying Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) Decision-Making Method — Case Study: Evaluation of Addis Ababa Light Rail Transit (AALRT) Project’s Track Selection

2012  Assessing the Vulnerability of the Sector of Water Resources in Swaziland Due to Climate Change

2012  Assessment of Household Energy Utilization in Ibadan, Southwestern Nigeria

2012  Comparison of Methods for Estimation of Regional Actual Evapotranspiration in Data Scarce Regions: Blue Nile Region, Eastern Sudan

2012  Design and Testing of Piles on a Telecommunications Project in Morocco

2012  Developing a Cluster-Based Water Harvesting Project in Ddegeya, Uganda

2012  Environmental Profiling As an Approach for Quantifying the Environmental Sustainability of Residential Buildings in Nigeria

2012  Experience of Radio Taxis in Algeria

2012  Framework to Determine the Optimal Spatial Location and Number of Municipal Solid Waste Bins in a Developing World Urban Neighborhood

2012  Grouting Experience in Variable Geological Conditions in Southern Africa

2012  Impact of Transportation Infrastructure on Development in East Africa and the Indian Ocean Region

2012  Statistical and Dynamical Climate Predictions to Guide Water Resources in Ethiopia

2012  Sustainability Issues in Urban Streetscapes: A Case Study of Abeokuta, Nigeria

2012  Sustainable Road Construction Practice in a Developing Country: A South African perspective

2012  A Tale of Hydrological Extremes from the West Coast United States to East Africa

2012  The Use of South African Fe-Mn, Si-Mn, Pt-Converter and Matte-Smelting Furnace Slags in Composite Portland Cement - First Results

2011  Chinese Ports Experience for African Ports Development

2011  Inspired by the movement of water in the nearby Bouregreg River, the design of a new theater for Rabat, the capital of Morocco, features sweeping curves that begin with the landscape architecture and continue to build throughout the structure...

2011  Massive U.K. ’Biodome’ to Enclose African Rain Forest Habitat

2011  Mechanical-Cement Stabilization of Laterite for Use as Flexible Pavement Material

2011  Mercer on Mission to Malawi, Africa

2011  NewsBriefs: Pirates Impede Weather Research Near Somali Coast (Nature)

2011  Rainfall and Water Resources of a Coastal Basin of Ghana

2011  Water Point Mapping for the Analysis of Rural Water Supply Plans: Case Study from Tanzania

2010  Application of Three-Dimensional Hydrodynamic and Water Quality Models to Study Water Hyacinth Infestation in Lake Nokoué, Benin

2010  Design of Port@Lekki

2010  The Future of Interdisciplinary Policy Research in Africa: A Case Study of the Transport Sector

2010  Geotechnical Characterization of Dredging Sediments for Valorization in Road Embankments: Case of the Cheurfas Dam (Algeria)

2010  Groundwater Classification Using Multivariate Statistical Methods: Birimian Basin, Ghana

2010  The Impact of First Flush Removal on Rainwater Quality and Rainwater Harvesting Systems’ Reliability in Rural Rwanda

2010  Improved Method to Calculate a Water Poverty Index at Local Scale

2010  In the Field: ASCE and EWB-USA Improves Lives of African Children

2010  Integrating Wavelet Empirical Orthogonal Functions and Statistical Disaggregation for Predicting Weekly Runoff for the Upper Kafue Basin in Zambia, Africa

2010  Opportunities for Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Energy Systems: BMC Case Study in Lobatse, Botswana

2010  Port of Ehoala—Planning of a Multi-Use Facility

2010  Professionals’ Ambivalence toward Ethics in the Nigerian Construction Industry

2010  Promotion of Sustainable Oil and Gas Operations in Africa

2010  Water Pump Scheduling System Using Scatter Search, Tabu Search and Neural Networks—The Case of Bouregreg Water System in Morocco

2009  Agricultural Risk Decision Support System for Resource-Poor Farmers in Burkina Faso, West Africa

2009  Case Study: Hydraulic Modeling of Runoff Processes in Ghanaian Inland Valleys

2009  Characterization of Groundwater Contamination Using Factor Analysis in the Niger Delta (Nigeria)

2009  Chinese Contractors in Africa: Home Government Support, Coordination Mechanisms, and Market Entry Strategies

2009  The Conceptual Master Plans for a Hotel off Tunisia’s Coast...

2009  Cost Comparison between Horizontal Directional Drilling and Open-Cut Construction Methods in Nairobi, Kenya

2009  A Decision Support System for Beneficial Use of National Dam Water Resources in Swaziland

2009  Designing Effective Rainfall Harvesting Systems in Developing Areas of Sub-Saharan Africa

2009  The Hydrology of the Congo River Basin: A GIS-Based Hydrological Water Balance Model

2009  Impacts of Mining in the Upper Zambezi River Basin: An Overview of the Zambian Copperbelt

2009  Lithostratigraphy of Nigeria — An Overview

2009  Managing Water Supply Systems Using Lateral Thinking Techniques: Practical Applications in East Africa

2009  The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the University of Zambia and the University of Michigan: Conception and Subsequent Implementation Goals

2009  Simulating Water Management and Supply Effects at the Office du Niger Collective Canal Irrigation Scheme

2009  Statistical — Dynamical Approach for Streamflow Modeling at Malakal, Sudan, on the White Nile River

2009  Unethical Practices in Nigerian Engineering Industries: Complications for Project Management

2009  Water Sustainability Index: Application of CWSI for Ahwaz County

2008  An Analysis of Impact of TDM Measures on Traffic Operations in Beijing

2008  Application of the Analytical Hierarchy Process to the Design of a Water Distribution System in Malawi

2008  Best Management Practices (BMPs) for Surface Water Pollution in Developing Countries

2008  The Culture of Civil Engineering — Impacting and Influencing Africa and the Critical Profession for South Africa beyond 2010: A Study of the History and Heritage of the Gauteng Water Supply System

2008  Dam Operations and Malaria Transmission in Ethiopia: Evidence from Koka

2008  Educational Partnership to Establish Engineering/Construction Management Graduate Programs in Algeria

2008  Effective Rainwater Harvesting Schemes for Sub-Saharan West Africa

2008  Hydrometeorological Analysis of the Mara River Basin, Kenya/Tanzania

2008  An Integrated Dynamic Approach to the Management of Large Diameter Pre-Stressed Concrete Pipelines

2008  Modeling the Impact of Land-Cover and Rainfall Regime Change Scenarios on the Flow of Mara River, Kenya

2008  National Costs to Meet Future Water Supply Production Needs in Africa under Climate and Demographic Changes

2008  Rehabilitation Strategy for Water Supply Systems in Developing Countries Case Study: IWRM Oasis Béni Abbès, Algeria

2008  Stochastic Linear Programming for Improved Reservoir Operations for Multiple Objectives in Burkina Faso, West Africa

2007  Bridges: Record-Breaking Suspension Span to Link Two Continents

2007  Consideration of Climate Variability and Change in Agricultural Water Resources Planning

2007  Managing Drought Impacts: Case Study of Mali, Africa

2007  Port of Kamsar Expansion: Development of a Greenfield Bulk Terminal in Guinea, West Africa

2007  Short Takes: Engineers Needed for Millennium Goals Project

2007  Wavelet Empirical Orthogonal Functions of Space-Time-Frequency Regimes and Predictability of Southern Africa Summer Rainfall

2007  West Central Africa’s Transshipment Terminal: São Tomé e Príncipe

2006  Characterization of the Clay of Sikkak Earth Dam Core (West of Algeria)

2006  Dams, Health, and Livelihoods in Africa: Lessons from the Senegal, Suggestions for Ethiopia

2006  Domestic Rainwater Harvesting Assessment to Improve Water Supply and Health in Africa’s Urban Slums